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At least I think she is a scam artist and by the time I am done writing about her, everyone reading this blog will also.

Pictured is Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero, with Omar Navarro, who is a candidate for Congress against Maxine Watters. They were an item while Navarro was in the process of raising an astounding $1,000,000+ against Maxine Waters. Navarro got smoked in the D+40 district. I do think her pose (note the closed posture) in the photo is a little odd given that Navarro and her were at the time quite the item. (Photo Credit: Reddit) Also note Navarro still has his wedding ring on in the photo as well.

Deanna Lorraine, as she calls herself holds herself out as a relationship coach. This apparently includes pursuing married men like Omar Navarro (who is now divorced).

I made an indirect reference to the nascent Candidate for Congress and relationship guru in a previous post. She was being paraded around at the California Republican Party Convention by former CAGOP Chairman Tom Del Bacardi. While I did not mention her by name, I received the following comment:

Hi, this is DeAnna Lorraine. I am mentioned in this article. I need this author, Aaron Park to contact me immediately and retract your statements that are defamation. You did not bother to contact me and ask me to verify any information that you printed here, which is irresponsible journalism. I am NOT Tom Del Beccaro’s “girlfriend.” I have never been his girlfriend. Tom is a friend of mine, nothing more. He has been a good friend to me especially while Omar Navarro has been constantly harassing me. He wanted to introduce me to some people at the conference and make me feel comfortable as a platonic friend as it was my first time attending this conference. Please get your facts straight. Also the reason why Omar was removed from the conference is because he continued to violate his restraining order and was also apparently harassing other people at the conference and they had had enough. Please get your facts straight, do honest journalism and contact the sources. Revise this statement or retract the article immediately, I already have my legal team ready.

I responded to Deanna and basically told her to go to hell. She replied with some sort of apology, I suppose the above and the apology are part of the services she offers as a relationship coach. Given the way Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero was behaving at convention, basically everyone there thought she and Del Bacardi were an item.

I have several eyewitness accounts that indicate other issues contrary to the above screed and was told about some sort of press release she sent alleging that Omar had 5 warrants for his arrest. Unfortunately for Deanna, Omar Navarro is a delegate to the CAGOP and for as much is I have grown weary of Navarro, he had a legitimate right to be at the CAGOP Convention. What Navarro does not have a legitimate right to is to act out or be a nutbag. In fact, Omar, if you’re reading this – go somewhere far far away from politics and get help for your issues.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

It seems that Omar Navarro and Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero were quite the pair. Perhaps a revision to “Make Love Great Again” (her book, don’t you know) will be forthcoming, maybe something about “how to recognize a nutbag” and “Why Dating Married Men is a Bad Idea” would be great titles for chapters in version 2 of said book.

It appears that Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero is also attempting to smear other people with Navarro’s behavior at the convention. (I’ve only been told about the smears I have not seen them yet) Perhaps this sort of projection or straw man tactic is another service she offers. From her website:


  • I am fully “Red-Pilled” and give you only the 100% no-fluff truth that gets you RESULTS

  • I give my clients the knowledge, breakthroughs, strategies & skills that have them seriously WINNING in their love lives and achieving Great Love

  • My vast levels of expertise and certifications include:

    • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

    • Energy / ThetaHealin

    • Success Coaching

    • Timeline Therapy

    • Law of Attraction

    • Psychology, Communication, Relationship, Dating & Attraction 

    •  I am also a naturally gifted Intuitive, with what I can only describe as a God-given “6th sense” that I use on all my clients

Missing in the list of services: affairs with married men causing or contributing to divorces.

Here at RightonDaily we offer one service: bulls–t remediation. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero , Welcome to Right on Daily.

P.S. for only $6,000 Ms. Lorraine-Tesoriero can find YOU, yes YOU a wifey. Oh, and you can have an enormously personalized experience too… #FACEPALM

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  549 Responses to “CA-12 Update: (Pelosi) Meet Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero) The Latest Scam Artist Candidate”

  1. Courtney Ryan did an interesting video on 45% of women will be single and childless. As expected it’s full of mgtow men commenting. I think the number would be more.

  2. Saw her latest pics on her FB, she does not look too well…

  3. She’s back on the “pursue women -be a simp” material again..

  4. Arica will have a new video tomorrow about narcissism. CB had a video two days ago, where he criticized Marni, and Sarah Dawn Moore had one just today, criticizing feminism.

  5. Ah this is her upcoming:

    I did see that video on Narcissism. There’s a comment from penguin which absolutely screams shill.. “Arica amazing how these steps change your world.. Gotta Love Arica, she sets boundaries with us to learn, now apply …” I see someone else has said something on it.

    I’ve noticed more and more female coaches suddenly are “shifting” over from the usual simp grooming to appealing more to men. I remember when Deanna tried this; she got caught out pretty quick as a fake.

  6. I left a comment on Arica’s newest video, today. At the end, I asked for her to check out Courtney Ryan’s last few videos. I said that Courtney goes into places others fear to tread. Most of the commenters on Ryan’s video agreed with her. I don’t think many were MGTOW, yet her comment section lit up like a Christmas tree. I went to Arica’s FB post, and you’re right, she doesn’t look good at all. I think the shift with these coaches is happening, because more and more men are leaving the game.

  7. Courtney does go into other topics, but I do tread carefully with her. Deanna tried to come across as red pilled, “suddenly”…and we know how that ended up.

    I saw Arica’s latest live chat, and she was constantly pedaling all her courses, she was hinting to get that stupid compliments bible, and then the emotional warriors course, lol sales mustn’t be too good.

  8. I’ve noticed several coaches doing the “boundaries” thing in the last few months, Deborah Cooper did it, Courtney Ryan did it, Joyanima and even that Celina Bond twit, and now Arica. It’s almost as if they all have the same scripts or copy each other from whatever is trending.

  9. They probably watch each other’s videos. Maybe they give each other tips and tricks to fleece men out of money. Arica had another boundaries live chat today. I wonder how long she will be going down this road. Didn’t see that concept on Celina Bond’s channel, but she has some strange concepts.

  10. and yes, she has some strange concepts, which I guess is why hardly anyone comments on her. She’s heavy on the simp-grooming and some have said she is on some narcs.

    Out of nowhere Arica put up a video, it was LOL: “If you want women to like you”…has some interesting points.

  11. Her next upcoming video is “stop being nice”, wow we haven’t heard that one before from other coaches lol (jk).Still, I guess it’s a valid point.

  12. Courtney Ryan is deleting comments. I posted 2 on her videos, both are gone.

  13. Arica is still pushing the boundaries thing. Her next video will be “No boundaries, no sex.” should be interesting. Found another creator named Remnant Princess, who criticizes the choices women make. Which of Courtney’s videos were you kicked off of ?

  14. “45% of women will be single and childless by 2030” was the video. LOL half the ppl on Arica’s videos have no idea what she is talking about and just agree.

    Going to look into Remant now.

  15. I just saw Aricas latest live stream. WTF was that even “99% of guys respect women who know this”…she literally rambled on about…idk

  16. Lol, nice title/topic

  17. So, who copied whom, here? Bet it was Arica doing the copying.

  18. Yep, Arica’s video was recent, while Matt’s video was a few months ago.”Chode” pointed that out in the comments of Arica’s version, no heart or reply from Arica.

    There’s a RedPill guy with some interesting videos, see he made an interesting one about that crazy coach Celina Bond

  19. I saw that post, and some commenters recommended he do exposes on other coaches. I left a lengthy comment about Arica and Deanna. I went to Mat’s channel, and he appears to be a coach for women.

  20. Need I say more.

    Yep, Matt is a coach for women, I’ve noticed Arica doing a few videos for women as of late for some reason.

  21. Maybe Arica is coming around to the truth, that men aren’t interested anymore. On her last video, I actually got a heart after my comment. I said something to the effect that men have boundaries, and that’s why they are walking away from women. I slipped a reference to MGTOW there. I noticed that screen shot you posted. Notice that she placed emphasis on the word “HOOKED.” I haven’t seen videos of hers for women, although she did coach women in the beginning.

  22. On her 99 Percent of Guys Respect Women Who Know This! video, someone asked, “Why are you doing a video for women? They don’t need dating advice”. with her replying that women need advice too. I’m guessing her courses aren’t selling too well. Problem there is that a lot of her stuff that she’s trying to pedal people have already covered for free, more so since she is ripping their stuff. Again, on her “99% of guys Respect women who know this”, that is also here:

    Another coach that should vanish is Joyanima. Half of her vids are just advertising, and the rest is just the same thing just worded differently.

  23. I saw Arica’s “How to Get Him Hooked” video today, and it was directed to women.

  24. Yep, she is doing videos for women intermittently. I’ve looked into a couple of her videos and a few are rips of other people’s video. She seems to be really grasping at this point.

  25. Two channels to check out. Strong Successful Male and Mediocre Tutorials and Reviews. Both show the state of women, today, and the men who took the red pill after messy breakups.

  26. Strong successful Male I’ve seen, but the Mediocre Tutorials I haven’t. I’ll look into that one.. Casual Bachelor is pretty decent. I don’t watch as many channels as I used to but I’ll look at the Mediocre one.

  27. LOL she must really like Matthew Hussey, that’s like the 3rd or 4th one in 2 months.

  28. Looks like she’s copying again. Is she running out of topics, maybe?

  29. I think she is both out of topics as well as looking for more views/attention.

  30. Arica’s latest video “3 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Men Don’t Commit,” I thought was off from the version I put in the comment section. I got a heart and a question from her asking, “Was this from personal experience?” I said no but I have known or heard about men getting the shaft from the court system.

  31. I did read that, I think I gave it a like.I saw also that reply from Tyrone

    LOL at Arica defending her copying others.”I love his video and sometimes I share my thoughts about certain topic that he discussed on his channel.” Oh like she does with all the others she’s copied?

    I think these coaches ARE running out of ideas.

  32. As far as I know, Marni hasn’t copied anyone, but she did praise Andrew Tate on her latest video. I won’t be surprised if she uses Tate’s material for future videos.

  33. You know that big project that Arica was working on, about a year ago? Well, here it is. She will host a TV show called “Love Without Borders” on the Bravo Channel, premiering November 30th. This was announced on one of her shorts, today.

  34. I did see that, and the simps pouring in as usual. Haha I saw your comment about Obsession.Seems like she is trying to tie everything to “boundaries” to pedal her course. The moment Arica copies a video from Joyanima, I’m out LOL.

  35. Arica is again copying from others. Her scheduled video “He’s NOT MEETING YOUR NEEDS? (How to Tell Him What You Want)” is a rip of Matt Boggs, that’s the second or third Matt Boggs video she has done.

  36. “Popp Responds to a Female Dating Coach/Live From the Lair,” is Popp’s latest video exposing the “emotional” argument women put out there. I discovered a coach for women named Coach Paula Grooms. Arica’s new show will be on a streaming platform called Peacock, which maybe is a premium service that one will pay extra for. Joyanima seems to be getting desperate. Her shorts are about sexual attraction, lately.

  37. I think Joyanima, and her shill Dimple Dimple, have run out of ways to say “Just ask out every woman you see”. That’s the issue with these “coaches”, they run out of content ideas.
    Paula Grooms is vile. A lot of her stuff is the same message as Joyanima’s.

    Just watched the video you shared of Popp.

  38. I see she trying to push the “Boundaries bible” for $55..

  39. I see she’s now trying the “believe in God” thing. Oddd that she’s been a “coach” for 14 yrs and never brought it up before.

  40. I saw her new show on Wednesday evening. It was the premiere, so it was two hours long. She sent four people overseas to meet their new matches. The show may be one hour per week, but don’t know yet. There is to be a fifth person, so I’ll find out. The previews from next week shows the matched folks getting into arguments. Should be fun. I saw that believe in God video, but in past videos, she has said that she cuddles with God. Oh, and Joyanima keeps pushing out the touchy feely stuff, and the sexual stuff.

  41. I found another coach I think is vile, and that is Anna Bey.

  42. Ah Anna Bey, she was on one of the Australian morning shows. I’m peeking at Aricas live chat, she going on with more dribble and pushing her course every couple minutes as usual.

    I did see a few Joyanima’s latest videos, my goodness, any man that does her advice is going to get into more trouble than anything.

  43. Arica needs to stop copying other’s content. If you look at most her recent videos a lot of them are either from Matt Boggs or Matthew Hussey. Also, there’s some odd commenters floating about on her videos.

  44. Look for the Wednesday commenter, she? is really challenging Arica.

  45. Who is that? Found another coach named Soulbooklet, and she seems decent so far.

  46. Wednesday
    1 day ago
    You know, some of the things about dating you could cover, some o f the issues with dating++

    People have all these unrealistic demands, and expect someone of such demanded calibre to just materialize out of nowhere and present themselves begging to comply with the demander. Mainstream media plays a big factor, like insted of trying to teach others to improve themselves..
    Not directed to you miss, some of your vids are good and I agree with..but the amount of dating coaches and PUA both milking the dating scene dry to make a quick dollar as well as give terrible advice (obvi to keep dudes in the loop) is f’n ridiculous. “expert” told men to “lick and touch their lips to make a girl think about kissing you” wtf is that even? Is she trying to make men look creepy?
    You know..rather than date, many people would rather just receive attention and acknowledgment online. Look at Twitch and Onlyfans for examps. People will use generic praise, probs not even meaning it, and sometimes even grovel in order for an online compliment. Sheesh.
    One more thing on MSM. Way too much exaggerated hype and attention on dating and “romance”. And bloody dictation. Don’t get me wrong, if ppl wanna date, that’s all well and good (I do myself) but damn the oversaturated portrayal of it all can repel some ppl-once again I date (am doing so) but – not hearing about it every 5 minutes. Dating this, dating that.Songs, movies, fantasy shows, books, talk shows.. Damn. No, this isn’t directed at you.



    I’m watching Soulbooklet’s “Do not be a simp” video.

  47. I saw Wednesday’s comment on Arica’s video about being dumped. She commented about Arica being a little dramatic.

  48. Once again Arica is copying other’s videos, yet another from Stephan Speaks this time. Yes her videos are dramatic and also make everything an ordeal. DO this, now this, now that, now this, and there’s always more.

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