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I have learned many things over the years of being involved in politics. One of the truest statements is to always view the “flavor of the month” candidates with suspicion. If someone pops out of seeming anonymity and decides to run a suicide mission against a well-known dem (or Rep for that matter) you should exercise extreme caution. It took me about three hours to locate a bunch of stuff that paints the portrait of Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero). (see also Nutmeg St…)

From 3-25-2008.

Singles in San Diego Can Now Maximize Their Love Lives and Dating Success with the Aid of the San Diego Dating Coach

Professional Dating Coach DeAnna Lorraine offers new hope to thousands of romantically-challenged singles in San Diego by announcing the opening of her new business, The San Diego Dating Coach. She gives singles the life-long skills and knowledge that dating and matchmaking services neglect to provide so that they can not only get more quality dates but learn how to successfully date to find lasting love. Her creative services include one-on-one dating skills coaching, image and home makeovers, field trips and ‘wing-women’ services.

I am wondering if the photo of Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero and Omar Navarro together was an example of “Wing-Women” services?

From my research, it appears that Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero has never been married (as there is an absence of any sort of public records related to it). It also appears that she has never owned a piece of real property in her life. (again, there are no public title records indicating her name on title of real estate) I am not sure if that is the sort of resume that suggests “Making Love Great Again”…

Yet, here she is telling people how to have success in life.

When I needed spiritual energy healing, I quit drinking and started praying. That said, imagine this stuff on a national stage as this bizarre disaster has told thousands of people she is running for CA-12 against Nancy Pelosi. She even managed to get a leading trump blog to promote her candidacy.

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“Well if it isn’t obvious already”… Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero started a dating service, relationship coaching service back in 2008 and has not been married that we are aware of and her highest profile relationship was an affair with a married man who turned out to be nuts.

But she’s “Red-Pilled” don’t you know.

Deanna Lorraine – the relationship coach, ended up having to make restraining orders great again against Omar Navarro:

The restraining order was issued on behalf of DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero, a conservative commentator and author of the self-published book “Making Love Great Again!: The New Road to Reviving Romance and Winning at Relationships.”

Tesoriero was issued a temporary restraining order last month. But, Tesoriero said, she has had “endless threats” via text and in person from Navarro since attempting to end their romantic relationship.

I am not making light of Omar Navarro going bonkers on her, what I am making light of is her lack of judgement with regard to having an affair with a married man who was already exhibiting unstable behavior at the time of said affair. Omar will need years of therapy to deal with his issues, but Ms. Relationship Coach should have made the obvious great again and stayed away.

It is my opinion that Omar’s fame at the time as he was in the process of raising an ungodly sum of money and getting national media attention was the nexus for her interest. I am going to back this opinion up in future posts.

Now, add in her outburst against your intrepid blogger over an indirect reference to her majesty at the 2019 CRP Convention, then mix in her unsuccessful business venture from 2008, we are now getting a pattern. No media outlet should give this woman the right time of day as she is marginal at best.

As it regards Deanna herself – she should practice some of the principles her website purports to teach. As we say in AA, if you practice these principles in all your affairs, chances are you won’t have any affairs… to be continued…

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  4 Responses to “CA-12 Update: Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero’s “Business” and Background are a Disaster – Just Imagine This on a National Stage”

  1. If she has this “6th sense” like she claims to have, how did she end up with that nut bucket Navarro? And to get a TRO against her love interest is just down right embarrassing for her especially when she is making all these claims to be a relationship expert. I can’t stand Pelosi, but we need someone with a solid background, even if they are the new kid on the block to replace Pelosi.

  2. Is that all u have to say? A failed business, ok a lot of businesses fail. Getting involved with a married man, not good but what is the rest of the story. I got involved with a married woman. I didn’t know it in the beginning. Shit happens sometimes.

    Blogger’s Note: What the hell are you trying to say!? Take your time, please…

  3. I think he’s trying to say she human. That people make mistakes. Why are you so blog mad? Stop and think about what your Master Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the rest of the delegates from California haven’t done thats all of them from both sides. Change can be good, bad or indifferent. The point is things need to change in a state with one of the highest tax base and homeless population in the US.

  4. Omar Navarro is a guy who has never succeeded at anything but for the last 6 years has supported himself with donations to his failed political campaigns. Deanna Lorraine wanted to learn that scam so she hooked up with him, despite the fact he was married. It didn’t work out and he is now awaiting trial without bond for stalking Deanna. Nowhere will you find another pair of such talent less low-lifes.

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