Sep 162019

Bill Brough is tracking the Chad Mayes Pattern. In his narcissistic rage, he is pulling out all the stops. He had supporters come who yelled at the Central Committee, an older women confronted Jenniffer Rodriguez physically in an attempt to intimidate her.

In Brough’s alcohol-drenched mind, the talking points are if they had anything they’d sue me. Like real people have the financial resources to sustain a lawsuit against someone who owns no real property known to be living off of his campaign account?  (Bottom line – spend hundreds of thousands on a lawsuit with no hope to gain a penny from Brough who has little if any means). These were the absurd talking points of the rabid dogs Brough brought with him.

Like Mayes – Brough is beating his chest in the face of the weakness of Republican Leadership.

Like Mayes – Brough has enablers in the legislature, including Stephen Choi, who spoke on Brough’s behalf in executive session. Choi lied on behalf of Brough with a deceptive claim that the women’s complaints were not in the Assembly Ethics committee. This was a deceptive sleight of semantics to make them not seem real. As confirmed in public by our  CAGOP Chair and repeatedly written on this blog, as many as 7 complaints exist with the Assembly working group on workplace issues. They are handling #METOO issues, not the ethics committee. Choi knew this when he lied.

Choi is a man who I lambasted for having $400,000 in the bank (like Kiley) who gave none of it to his colleagues, 5 of whom lost their seats in 2018. Now, he is closing ranks around a colleague with documented issues. (update: Choi had no more than $150K at any time after carried over debt. Choi did write a check for $36,500 in mid October 2018 to the Assembly GOP)

Despite Stephen Choi lying, a resolution calling on Bill Brough to retire easily reached 2/3 in the OCGOP. There were no more than 4 no votes according to sources in the room.

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The resolution reads: Be It Resolved, that based on the totality of the circumstances surrounding the Assemblyman, the Republican Party of Orange County calls on Bill Brough not to file for Re-Election to the State Assembly and to retire at the end of his current term. 

As I predicted, Bill Brough defiantly told everyone he is running no matter what. Because he is right don’t you know…

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  1. I’ll definitely stand up for them – especially since one of them told me her story way back in Dec 2017. (I’ll be publishing something later today.) She was going to come forward then, but she saw the renewed retaliation I faced after filing my Rules Committee complaint.Someone should really look into what happened there…

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