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Since I don’t go to cocktail parties and I don’t care who’s A-List I am on, sometimes I miss the significance of various groups. (Or I just lump them in to the swamp) OC Tax is one such group.

Now that every single member of Congress in Orange County is part of the lynch Trump Mob, (And some butthurt holdout #nevertrumpers from Orange County are with them) groups like OC Tax are waning in their influence. However, William “Bill” Brough, once crowed about and coveted their support. It appears that OC Tax is still an effective issue advocacy group and to that end, they do an annual Radishes and Roses award. Below are the nominees for the Radish Award. IN order to qualify for a Radish you have to be a tax and spend liberal and a porker or a combination of all of the above.

The City of Stanton is running multiple tax increases after running multiple tax increases in 2016 and 2018. Stanton is the home of “Conservative” David Shawver who has voted to put every last one of the tax increases on the ballot. I don’t know the situation in Santa Ana, but it is a communist enclave.

The third nominee, the California Legislative Irish Caucus was founded by William “Bill” Brough. Brough receives thousands of dollars in behested contributions for this caucus. What the Irish Caucus does is anyone’s guess. It is the opinion of this blogger that it was founded as a way for Bill Brough to bilk his donors for family vacations and copious amounts of alcohol.

It appears that the fine folks at OC Tax have figured out that Bill Brough is a fraud. Normally, Bill Brough attends their annual event, but this time he was likely drinking at Brio with the few friends he has left.

Your intrepid blogger is unsure of what earned Bill Brough a coveted spot atop the list of Radish nominees…

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Was it the Humidor? Bourbon Barrel? The family trip to a RedSox Game? Dozens of “strategy meetings”? The Verizon Bills? Or was it simply the 25,000 a piece trip to Ireland every year?

Bill Brough’s California Legislative Irish Caucus won the 2019 Radish Award from the Orange County Taxpayers Association.

He can add this to his 2019 hit list that includes losing the support of his former boss Diane Harkey, the OCGOP, the OC Lincoln Club, Mimi Walters and a host of local electeds.

Meantime, Marie Waldron and Shannon Grove are holed up in a bunker somewhere.

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  1. And the feds are not looking into Bill and Stephanie Brough’s malfeasance.. Unbelievable. And the government wonders why the public has no confidence in the justice system.

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