Aug 262019

Let me start by saying, I am NOT a fan of Duncan Hunter Jr. I have issues with the choices Hunter made. I believe that Hunter will beat most or all of the criminal (but not civil campaign finance) charges against him in the politically motivated prosecution against him. (How many dems have done the same thing and have never been touched?) This does not mean I believe Hunter is innocent, similar to Bill Brough, I believe he lived off of his campaign account and unlike Bill Brough, his wife decided to stop playing along.

The maladies of Duncan Hunter Jr have created a feeding frenzy of opportunists. Carl DeMaio is one such opportunist, complete with a carpet bag, an out-sized ego and pious self-righteous sense of entitlement.

I have always believed Carl DeMaio is a fraud and I have come to believe that he is also mentally unstable. His self-implosion when he ran for CA-52 several years ago showed me his mental state clearly.

He can’t even come up with his own slogan. Take Back California is the name of former Assembly-Member Travis Allen’s Political Action Committee. DeMaio even copied Join Travis with Join Carl. Go away Carl.

However, Carl DeMaio’s decision for a campaign slogan gives us important context to understand why he used CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson to make a name for himself. DeMaio injected himself in to the CAGOP Chair’s race in order to get a platform to attack Travis Allen. It is the opinion of this blogger that Carl DeMaio never cared about Patterson’s Chair race at all.

We can look forward to more self-worship at the expense of all of us should DeMaio gain election.

Apparently, when you are running a political action committee there is no honor among thieves. I remember telling Emanuel and Travis Allen during the Chairman’s Race that Carl DeMaio had “PAC Envy”. Carl DeMaio has failed in more campaigns than he has won and usually when that record of failure is combined with an ego problem, it breeds all sorts of societal problems.

It appears that Carl DeMaio is obsessed with Travis Allen. He has copied Mr. Allen’s talking points and 5 point plan to a tee. Narcissism manifests itself in jealous rages, mimicry and disregard for others. Once a Narcissist is crossed, they will usually stop at nothing to exact revenge. They are also skilled at mimicking other people including taking over their causes and taking on their personality attributes. Narcissists also are notorious for using and discarding people habitually.

Carl DeMaio has hated Travis Allen for several years due to a list of grievances only he knows. DeMaio has mimicked everything Travis Allen did in 2018 campaign wise. DeMaio has used several people over the years  (including Jessica Patterson) and then discarded them when no longer needed.

Your intrepid blogger has had many people over the years that have dealt with Carl DeMaio tell me that he is crazy and extremely “Diva-Ish” to deal with. I’ve always held that knowledge and until this recent episode had maintained that information as other people’s opinion.

Since I am in the unique position of having worked for BOTH John Cox and Travis Allen, I believe I can be balanced about anything pertaining to either one of them. I can certainly tell you that what DeMaio is doing is beyond unethical, it appears psychotic (perhaps Narcissism or some other related form of insanity).

There is a third candidate Larry Wilske. He has yet to demonstrate he is anything other than a retired Navy SEAL. If Larry Wilske could demonstrate he has access to significant resources I would take him seriously. Otherwise, I am sincerely hoping that if convicted Duncan Hunter Drops out and someone like a Darrell Issa steps in to take out the trash.

Right Now, if picking between the Grandson of a 1972 Munich Terrorist who hates America in his own right, Carl DeMaio, and Duncan Hunter Jr… I will take Hunter.

Aug 212019


September 13th is a critical deadline. All GOP Central Committees need to notify their county registrar of their intention to appear on the ballot. Remember, due to rules changes Cent Com elections have to be on the ballot or that county committee loses all of their CAGOP delegates.

Remember, in 2016, knowing they were going to spend millions on County Central Committee races some consultants got the CAGOP rules changed to strip GOP Cent Coms of delegates that did not apper on the ballot. This affected 8 Northern California Counties – even though the rules change was passed by Bay Area and LA liberals. The rules change was designed to force all counties on to the ballot so their millions could dictate the composition of party leadership.

I am not alleging any malfeasance nor am I alleging that they are trying purposely to not tell people so more counties lose their delegates.. I am taking an opportunity to rail on the people that engineered this rules change, and your intrepid blogger will rail on them and tell the story until the rule is repealed from the CAGOP ByLaws. ( This is 100% because I know the intent of the rule and how they intended to use it when they got it passed)

However, I’ve been informed that at least two regional vice chairs (Wilder and Heath) have notified the committees in their regions of the deadline. Your intrepid blogger is joining in to get the word out. I’ve also been told that some of the Bay Area liberal puppet-masters (for obvious reasons) have been telling their Central Committees to notify their registrars.

Aug 212019

Welcome to Thunderdome Michelle Brough. Your intrepid blogger is using your name for the first time as you joined in the festivities!

For those of you living under a rock – the Assembly District 73 political landscape is ablaze. William “Bill” Brough is in serious trouble as revelations of his year’s long pattern of misconduct are coming to light. With Bill Brough imperiled, Michelle Brough has decided to sortie out of her bunker with a Letter to the Editor that was printed in the Dana Point paper.

Frankly, I am wondering how many times Bill Brough has come home at 2AM or later wasted. (If he even came home at all) I am also wondering if the Junkets to Ireland and Hawaii were so awesome that Mrs. Brough is blissfully ignoring her husband’s morally reprehensible conduct?

Perhaps Michelle did not write this “Letter to the Editor” herself? (Harvey, anyone???)

Nevertheless, the truth about a lot of these questions may never be known. But the truth is that people with severe behavioral disorders (narcissism, addiction, philandering, etc) require maintenance and this is usually in the form of a codependent enabler.

So – let’s dive in to this literary masterpiece with a few editorial comments from your intrepid blogger, shall we?

Michelle Brough, Dana PointFor months, I stood by and watched my husband, Assemblyman Bill Brough, be dragged through the mud by his own political party because he dared to challenge the mighty Transportation Corridor Agencies (the Toll Roads). But now, my children have been negatively impacted by the negligent actions of some in the name of political retribution against my husband. How dare they?

Blogger’s Note: I don’t even know the names of the children as they are not the subject. However, a women who attempts to hide behind her children to invoke sympathy needs therapy. 

To promote good governance, my husband proposed a bill merely asking for an audit of the Toll Roads (that have spent and collected billions of our dollars) to ensure that his constituents’ hard-earned money was not being squandered by this unaccountable quasi-governmental powerhouse. Now one would think that any elected individual, regardless of party, would encourage legislation that reviewed how an agency with the power to mandate fees spends that money. (I am not talking about the toll one pays to drive on the roads; I am talking about the fees assessed by the toll roads on developers and businesses attempting to build or expand in our communities that increase every year and then get passed on to us.) This is not the case here. In fact, when my husband began discussing this legislation, he was told by his then-district director, Jennifer Beall (whose husband is Rancho Santa Margarita Councilman L. Anthony Beall and receives compensation for serving as a director on the Toll Road board and whose law firm has represented toll road and transportation authority issues throughout the country), that “he would be destroyed.” This was stated to my husband in front of another elected official.

Blogger’s Note: Was there an audit in that assembly bill somewhere? It calls for the disbandment of the Joint Powers Authority, effectively ending the Toll Road Authority (aka OCTCA) Did Harvey forget his own bill or was it gutted and amended when your husband was blacked out drunk?

My school-aged children are being severely and callously harmed by the false allegations being levied against their father for petty politics and money, albeit a lot of money, which apparently is more important to some than the welfare of a child.

Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, who recently told the press that she is experiencing nightmares because of my husband’s alleged actions that occurred 11 years ago, has done quite well by the Toll Roads. Her campaign consultant, president of Venture Strategic, on a motion made by Ms. Bartlett as a board member of the Toll Roads ended up with a $1.8 million-dollar consulting contract. Apparently, conflict of interest is not relevant with the Toll Roads. The motion to hire her consultant was originally made when Ms. Bartlett still owed money to this consultant.

Blogger’s Note: Um, Michelle – the incident was in 2011 (the first one that is). There have been three other women since, some with more than one run-in with your husband (including Mrs. Bartlett)… yikes. Have you ever wondered what the hell he was doing before he staggered in the front door at 2am all those nights? You might also ask Harvey Englander about former campaign clients voting on other government projects he’s consulted on after their election… 

Now, maybe there is nothing wrong with any of this (an audit should show any misconduct). But, the response against my husband makes me think that certain folks are afraid of what may be unearthed by such an audit. A few of the current and former Toll Road board members, including Ms. Bartlett, Anthony Beall, Ed Sachs and Michael Munzing, who claim to be good governance Republicans, have thrown fits, personally bashing my husband, while other board members focus on the legislation and welcome an audit. What are certain board members so afraid of?

Blogger’s Note: GASP! Your Husband is an Assemblyman and people are bashing him? Say it ain’t so… or are you just now figuring out that there is actual work involved in that job? 

I am in no way suggesting that credible sexual harassment claims should be casually dismissed; but, neither should the possibility of false allegations that are politically or financially motivated be overlooked. False allegations should be taken equally seriously, as they severely undermine those hundreds of thousands of legitimate claims that are out there.

Lisa Bartlett has changed her story repeatedly about the event that she alleges occurred 11 years ago.  Also, she seems to want to publicize her allegations at a time that would benefit her politically.  Additionally, I have credible reason to believe she has promised a job to the other woman that alleged my husband harassed her in return for her talking to the press.

We were told that this would all go away if my husband does not seek re-election, in which case his Toll Road bill would die. These facts should at least raise questions about the legitimacy of the allegations.

Blogger’s Note – If you’d prefer, I am willing to continue railing on Mr. Brough for years after he is unseated in 2020? Let me know, I’m here to help… 

That said, if what they say about my husband is true, they absolutely should file a complaint against him in a court of law—clearly, they are not worried about discussing the allegations (they had no problem talking to the press and others in closed and open door meetings). Please, I implore you, rather than call my husband a “sexual predator” in your constituent meetings and at social events, file a lawsuit, let’s get the facts out. A lawsuit would also grant my husband his right to due process. Unfortunately, even if my husband were to prevail, the damage that they have caused cannot be undone.

Blogger’s Note – What law school did you attend? Have you ever heard of discovery? If this request for a lawsuit is sincere, then you are worse off than I first believed… 

This mom has had enough! If there is wrongdoing, one should absolutely file a complaint; but it is not OK to intentionally ruin anyone’s reputation and harm their children solely for personal or political gain.  I am utterly disgusted with what politics has become—rather than logical arguments to support their political positions, candidates and politicians sling mud and tell lies in an attempt to damage those with whom they disagree.

Blogger’s Note – If you’d had enough, you’d have dumped this loser years ago. Anything less is codependency or complicity. 

Politics has become a game where politicians profit off of the backs of the citizens whose interests they are supposed to be protecting and serving.  Ask your elected officials about their position on auditing the toll road to see how the money was spent; their answer says it all!

It is clear that this hay-maker from Mrs. Brough is proof that the scrutiny of William “Bill” Brough’s actions is having an impact. It is also clear that Michelle Brough is as much a codependent as I believe Bill is addicted to alcohol. It defies logic that she could be blissfully unaware of Bill’s behavior. It is equally as likely that Mrs. Brough has long since made peace with this stuff because she likes the perks of his campaign account. Perhaps she likes the Bourbon Barrel or has a thing for expensive cigars? She has been known for years to be sharply critical and derisive of her husband that she is now virulently defending. The patterns are classic and anyone with basic background in psychology can discern them.

Another key note: this letter was submitted and published several days after my first post blasting Harvey Englander. Its’ focus on the Toll Road issue and some of the selected bits of data suggest strongly that Harvey Englander wrote the letter or influenced its’ content.

Whatever the motivation, this is quite sad and politically stupid.

Aug 192019

Well – the City of San Clemente paid Major Dem Donor Harvey Englander $97,000 to execute Sun Tzu’s Art of War in Southern Orange County. Speaking of Sun Tzu, your intrepid blogger would have never found this had neither Bryan Maryott nor Bill Brough sold out Republican Values for NIMBYism.

Research shows in April of 2017, Bill Brough took $1000 from Business for a Better San Clemente – was this the down payment for Mr. Brough’s sudden reversal on the Toll Road Project?

There is a famous saying in Politics – “If you don’t pay me to do a job for you, I will do a job ON you”. This is also known as racketeering (albeit a soft form that may or may not be illegal – but surely unethical) It sure looks pretty close to what Harvey Englander is doing! It appears that the jilted senior Englander went to the City of San Clemente after his son got sent packing in little pieces by OC TCA.

So, Harvey, Just Why Did You Solicit San Clemente? Inquiring Bloggers Want to Know

I am not sure if Sun Tzu was in to racketeering, (which I think Harvey is doing) but Harvey seems to see himself as some sort of apostle of the guy.

Remember, CA-49 Candidate Bryan Maryott and the scandal-riddled William “Bill” Brough have signed on with the City of San Clemente in their virulent opposition to the Proposed Toll Road. How Virulent you ask? Read on.

Click here to see the “Contract” San Clemente Took Out on the OC TCA.

“the path to success is to increase public antagonism towards the agency; its board of Directors within their home cities, taxpayers and even some environmental groups.” (Page 2)

The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.  At EKA, this mean that having a well thought out timetable enables us to be offensive in our activities and be prepared to take a “kill-shot” when the opportunity is presented.”  (Page 1 – Italics quote Tsun Tzu’s Art of War)

This apparently includes filing a ton of Public Records Requests from each city where TCA members reside. Research shows that a small group of extreme left-wing and/or NIMBY radicals are attending local government meetings specifically to harass people in their City Council Meetings that sit on the OC TCA.

Given the fact that physical violence and mass shootings have invaded the body politic (See Also Antifa, the Violent Separatist Movements or supremacy movements), Harvey’s comments and approach are in poor taste at best and at worst may well be part of a national strategy on the left. 

Public antagonism is also sure to include the Hit Piece Harvey Englander is sure to have helped get in to the LA Times. Given that he has donated to a slew of people like Xavier Becerra, Howard Berman and Wendy Greuel – he is sure to have all kinds of connections in LA County. Given that the LA Times is usually a disreputable left-wing rag, it makes perfect sense.

Given the cowardice that usually rules Republican Politics anywhere, I could understand how a hardened democrat donor like Harvey Englander would adopt Saul Alinsky style bully tactics. Sun Tzu was honorable and did not engage in deceit or threatening innocent people like it appears Harvey Englander is organizing. Sun Tzu, if he were alive today would reject Harvey Englander and would be disgusted by Saul Alinsky.

“We envision running this engagement like a ‘campaign,’ designed specifically at moving stakeholder sentiment against the TCA’s plans . . . so that projects are studied and litigated for decades in the same type of campaign that was utilized to kill the 710 North freeway.” (Page 3)

Too bad for Englander, the current consultant for the TCA got the enviro lawsuits remedied and the enviro groups are now neutral or supporting the toll road!

“Investment in research is essential to understand stakeholder sentiment and tailor messaging.” (Page 4)

“EKA also proposes that the City engage a law firm separate and apart from the City Attorney firm . . . it is important to have a firm who is prepared to litigate immediately. EKA will provide recommendations…” (Page 4)

“Probolsky Research specializes in opinion research on public policy.” (Page 4)

It appears that San Clemente Used Taxpayer Dollars to fund the Polling Adam Problosky did. This is key as the poll has never been shared publicly…

Harvey went to the City of San Clemente on June 9th 2017.

Then Harvey got the Contract on July 19, 2017 With NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It is as if the San Clemente City Council knew what they were doing and did not want to clutter their conscience. Shortly after this, William “Bill” Brough joined the opposition to the TCA, telling few of his change of heart until the bill he introduced in early 2019 became public. What did Harvey Englander promise or give Bill Brough? What did the City of San Clemente promise or give Bill Brough? Bryan Maryott is in the opinion of this blogger not smart enough to extract a price for his stupidity. 

Very interesting find indeed.

It appears that Harvey Englander and crew had themselves a social media project as part of their bully campaign. 

Back to the article in the Los Cerritos News:

…Entry in Englander’s proposal shockingly wrote, “increase public antagonism toward the TCA’s Board of Directors within their own cities.”

Got it? Harass Councilmembers in their own cities.

After learning of the antagonism campaign, one local councilperson, who wanted to remain anonymous because they had already received threats, told HMG-LCCN, “this was blatant, I would think twice hiring a firm who called for antagonizing people, it’s outrageous.”

Some of the more egregious steps Englander outlined in its antagonism campaign included:

1. A San Clemente “taxpayer or City-sponsored” lawsuit
2. The San Clemente City Council demanding TCA study a tunnel similar to the 710 freeway “demanding a study is both time-consuming and a heavy expenditure on the agency.”
3. Potential legislation- kill TCA’s borrowing capabilities  and “research whether legislation could be introduced to reduce further bonding authority for TCA.”
4. CPRA requests (public records requests) regular requests under the CPRA should be made for staff and consulting salaries and other expenditures.

Stay tuned for more about item #3

HMG-LCCN has learned that the campaign has done its job related to the last step listed, CPRA requests. In a little over 1.5 years, the TCA has received well over 210 requests for public documents-almost twelve per month – with sources telling HMG-LCCN that the requests have cost the TCA well over $100,000.

The “recommended approach” Englander envisioned was “running this engagement like a ‘campaign’ designed specifically at moving stakeholders against TCA’s plans in and around San Clemente so that various projects are studied and litigated for decades.”

And the word “committee” could land the San Clemente City Council in legal hot water for misuse of public funds.

How did the City of San Clemente and Harvey Englander break campaign finance law? Have a look:

If a city or school district seeks to spend money on an issue, for example a sales tax measure for the city or an infrastructure bond for the schools, the Fair Political Practices Commission mandates the opening of an expenditure committee, attaching a name to the committee such as “Yes on Sales Tax Measure.”

Englander called their engagement a “campaign” with an objective of defeating the toll road extension; it was not a lobbying contract, which cities are allowed to engage in.

The designation could trigger an FPPC investigation of the contract.

“It is a shame the extension has reached this level,” said the local councilperson, “Venture has done an extraordinary job, while people involved in the project, including me, had threats upon their lives for supporting the project. I myself had two and reported them to the Sheriff’s, I know of another who received threats also.”


Stefanie Sekich-Quinn, coastal preservation manager of the Surfrider Foundation, said in a statement after learning about the document, “based on what we know, this misleading (Englander) $100,000-plus PR campaign was designed to pit San Clemente neighbor against San Clemente neighbor. It represents a shocking waste of taxpayer money.”

Oh mama. Harassment at Council Meetings. Abuse of PRA Process. Facebook Pages. DEATH THREATS? Lawsuits? Planting Stories in the LA Times? Is this what the City of San Clemente signed up for? Is this what Bryan Maryott and William “Bill” Brough Signed up for?

Where is the OCGOP? They should take out the trash. The whole San Clemente City Council should be recalled along with Bryan Maryott for the immoral, terrorist, Saul Alinsky tactics they have aligned themselves with. 

Bill Brough? It makes sense he’d swim in this sewer too. 

All this and their buddy Harvey Englander gave $2000 to Mike Levin… to be continued.

Aug 172019

That’s right folks, the massive Rate increase that Placer County Treasurer Tax Collector Jenine Windeshausen made all about herself has been forestalled.

In an emergency meeting of the Pioneer Energy Board – on a motion to reconsider, the massive 25% rate increase has been forestalled.

Sitting in for Greg Janda, Rocklin Mayor Joe Patterson voted to forestall. Sitting in for Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler, Supervisor Bonnie Gore voted to forestall. After getting rheemed by his colleagues, Peter Gilbert from Lincoln voted to forestall.

They use weighted voting by population so those three votes represented 64% of the ratepayers.

Under parliamentary rules, someone on the winning side can request a motion to reconsider. Since Lincoln Councilmember Peter Gilbert defied the will of his colleagues in voting for Jenine’s scheme, he made the motion to reconsider after being threatened with removal from the Pioneer Energy Board. I am told Alyssa Silhi and Dan Karleskint were unwilling to kick him off and wanted to give him a second chance.

I was told by two people at the meeting that Gilbert was not the only Lincoln Councilmember in attendance at the meeting. Gilbert defiantly spoke in favor of the massive rate increase before voting to forestall it.

I was also told by yet another attender that Placer County Supervisor Jim Holmes was openly hostile and nearly had a physical confrontation with someone in the hallway to add to this Loomis Town Councilmember Jeff Duncan was also combative and berated people at the meeting. (Loomis Mayor Tim Onderko came and spoke as a citizen against the massive rate increase)

It appears that people like Jeff Duncan and Jim Holmes have made this rate hike about themselves as much as any cover issues behind it.

The cover story for the massive rate increase was debt repayment and reserve requirements. What this means is that the Massive Rate Increase could come back at a later date. The staff, who along with Windeshausen were pushing for this massive rate increase were given direction by the board to come up with a plan for debt repayment and saving money in reserves systematically.

Given the way these things usually work with bureaucrats, expect them to come back with another rate increase proposal hidden behind some sort of halfway reforms and debt repayment plan. I hope I am wrong, but 22 years in this game tells me otherwise. Staff always wants more money.