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I think Jennifer Higgins is a loser. That has been my opinion of her since I had to block her on facebook for going semi-psycho on me a few months in to the escalation of the campaign in 2018.

Your intrepid blogger received word that Jennifer Higgins was terminated for lying to investigators in an attempt to “get” former Captain Andrew Shouse. I am not sure why Higgins felt she needed to lie about her “relationship” with Shouse. Some people think Sniff was using her as a straw man to get Shouse.

Given what I have learned about the personal conduct of Andrew Shouse, Jennifer Higgins did not need to lie about him to get him fired. Just one blogger writing here.

It appears that the investigators were able to determine it was consensual or that her account of the incident was a lie. Higgins is alleged to have had a few dalliances over the years. In the era of #metoo, it is becoming easier to filter liars.

The key issue here is that people like Shouse and Higgins flourished under Stan Sniff.

In the last 48 hours, your intrepid blogger has gotten two photos of the very very ronrey Stan Sniff.

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The first is of him sitting at a local restaurant with his wife. Note, none of his entourage are with him. Funny things happen when you are no longer sheriff.

I’d have thought at least his buddies at the Riverside Puke-Enterprise would have dropped by to say hi… given that they had each other on speed dial for 11+ years. Nope. No Marion. No JT. No big chested women. No bowling ball Vest. None of them, just Stanley.

The second photo is of Stanley walking up to a county building. I’d imagine that scene would have been quite different two years ago.

Meantime, Sheriff Chad Bianco is rebuilding the decimated department.



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  7 Responses to “Riverside Sheriff’s Office Update: One Major Loser Gets Terminated and Stan Sniff is Ronrey. So so Ronrey”

  1. Does this mean PSB is correcting/investigating corrupt PERS that were done by lowlifes who had no respect for themselves. There are stone cold liars in management positions that conspired in my debacle. I hope bad things are happening to all of them. Don’t be proud of your time at RSD most of you did nothing to earn respect and you know it

  2. @Aaron Park, what ever happened with Kurly Sue? Would love an update on that little Tyrant.

  3. Still in the process. Pretty sure he is done too. He went after my business and other things on line, he is pretty much a nutwad

  4. There was so much trash associated with the second floor that the local land fill will be busy for years. Good riddance of Higgins, she was anything but a competent deputy, and would throw out the female card when questioned about her shortcomings in Temecula, until Sherri Lynn Adams was her Sergeant. She should have never been promoted to investigator. And we can only hope that C.Lt. Marty Tochtrop is also on his way out, he is no better than Higgins and they both deserve to stand in the cheese line for their malfeasance.

    As for Stan Sniff and his Lemon Street “den of thieves” we can only hope they die in lonely obscurity. They ruined a lot of lives with their petty behavior and retaliatory practices as they promoted their favorites to positions they never should have held as good people suffered under their rule.

  5. Stan all by himself, a fitting end to a piece of garbage. Rumor control is that Stan Sniff is now blaming Bill “The Undertaker” DiYorio for all his problems, and for his failure to get re-elected. Let’s face it, Sniff could not lead a two man parade if his life depended on it. Neither could DiYorio, Gutierrez, Vest, J.B. Horton or white trash Ray Wood. Mo Val is a much better place without Kurly Toes and Tyler Clark, deputies are actually enjoying coming to work now that Sniff and his executive staff had met their demise, and rightfully so.

  6. @done wrong at Perris, I feel for ya homie, and can relate to your plight. You were “The man” back in the detective bureau. No disrespect to Tommy, but you were always the “go-to” Detective when they needed a case to be solved. You served your country overseas in the Air Force, and made cases and earned awards for your dedication to duty at Riverside Sheriff, which scared people in command.

    Let’s face it my friend, you did things that the higher ups never did, and you mastered the skills that some supervisors and managers could never attain. When you know more than them and have the abilities to succeed where they can’t, you become a threat to management.

    Unfortunately the county won’t make it right because they would first have to admit fault, and they won’t admit to mistakes because “they don’t make mistakes.” And it would also put them at risk for a civil action, and they would rather chase pennies than restore your good name and reputation, and the reputations of all the staff members that Stan Sniff and his executive staff have assassinated with their dishonest, and illegal behavior under the “color of their authority.” If truth be told, is Kevin Vest with two years on patrol command staff material? Is Jeff Kubel who did all his time in Temecula and never worked a “hood” station like you and I executive staff material? Is Ray Wood and Jason Horton, or Cheryl Evans worthy of a command? No, none of them are, Yet these marginal individuals that never did anything in their careers are the ones that sit in judgement of you, incredible.

    The only thing more amazing is that Riverside County D.A. Mike Hestrin has chosen to look the other way and openly ignored the malfeasance that was the cornerstone of Stan Sniff’s management principles. The only reasonable explanation for this is that Sniff, or one his cronies must have some dirt on Mike Hestrin, and for him to hold Sniff and the Second floor executive staff accountable for their “high crimes and misdemeanors” would be detrimental to his existence.

    @done wrong at Perris, you will always be seen as one of the best cops there ever was at RSO, and even though you may not get the satisfaction you deserve, you still have the respect of the staff members you worked with, which is more than what Sniff and the second floor mutants can say, or Mike Hestrin for that matter. So enjoy retirement my friend because you earned it.

    Maybe Aaron should start looking into Mike Hestrin and see what skeletons fall out of his closet.

  7. 2PC49 Thank you for those words it helps somewhat heal the pain of what those scumbags did to me. I can’t accept “The Man” compliment regarding the Perris Detective bureau however. The caliber of detectives in that bureau was the best anywhere and I’ve heard that from an assortment of ranks. I defer “The Man” to a handful of them without hesitation. Problem was S/Sniff led unethical leaders/losers into his deceitful den where he controlled them like puppets. This is clear proof that these people should not have a leadership position. Leaders lead without fear of the authority above them, they lead with the knowledge and confidence to get the job done with integrity and pride. These insecure scumbags did anything S/Sniff’s evil corrupt mind desired. Absolute embarrassment to the profession. Fuck rank, let me see your stack of booking sheets. You can’t lead if you haven’t done what you’re asking to be done. Aaron thank you for the therapy.

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