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Here’s the ballgame, 2014 was a year of anemic economic growth and was still in the muck of Obama’s economy. (ironic how dems today are trying to say today’s economy is Obama’s, when in 2014 they were blaming G W Bush) However, the bulk of the foreclosures had come and passed by then. There were also mortgage modifications and a variety of things set up to help people survive financial maladies. I am putting this out up front because of the knee jerk reactions some will have to a 2014 financial issue. The issue here is Bill Brough’s pattern as we are establishing going back years versus single, isolated events.

Most true fiscal conservatives I know were able to weather the storm. In fact, I bought my current residence in October of 2014. Brough’s wife makes more than double my entire household income.

Thanks to the Liberal OC, I learned that Bill Brough went $44,000 in the hole and was served with a notice of default / trustee sale on his residence.

Unless corrective action was taken in the past few days, The LiberalOC has learned that Brough and his wife Michelle are tens of thousands of dollars behind on their mortgage payments on their home and are facing foreclosure of the property.  The official title of the document is a “Notice of Default and Election to Sell Under Deed of Trust.”  The document says the Broughs are in arrears to the tune of $44,689.82 as of July 21 so add the payments for August and September to that total and the picture it paints is one of a candidate who cannot manage his own personal finances and is counting on an election victory to save his home.  We’re told the earliest the Brough’s could be forced to leave their home is late November, so he’ll have a valid address to run on election day but Thanksgiving might be spent packing.

From the document:  The default has been declared by the current beneficiary under that certain Deed and Trust dated as of March 13, 2008, executed by Michelle R. Brough and William P. Brough, wife and husband as trustor to secure obligations in favor of United States Senate Federal Credit Union as beneficiary recorded on March 14, 2008.  A trip to Brough’s campaign website confirms his wife’s name as Michelle.

The Brough’s have been instructed to contact the United States Senate Federal Credit Union to find out how to make arrangements to pay what they owe to stop foreclosure.  The heavy debt raises several questions.  Mainly, if elected, is Brough’s vote for sale?

Dan C from the Liberal OC asked the correct question, and while he is remiss to ask the same of his fellow democrats, this question is no less pertinent. Given that Bill Brough has been financially vulnerable since 2013 at least (He may well have stopped paying his mortgage in 2012), it certainly suggests why Mr. Brough appears to have been living off of his campaign account. It appears that his “business” cited in 2014 was fake and no more than front for his campaign. (P.S. Brough was able to sell the house before the trustee sale)

Now the equally as fake PAC Orange County Taxpayers takes on a whole new dimension. The “Office Expenses”, the “Fundraisers”, the “Strategy Meetings”, and paying family bills with the campaign account all makes better sense. We’ve seen this all before with Duncan Hunter and others. It is clear Brough could not afford to spend $30k-$40K a year at Brio and other restaurants without some sort of slush fund to use to finance his largess.

Then, a letter to the CotoBuzz website in 2014 sheds more light. (Again, I disclaim the left-wing bias of the site despite it’s claims of indepence) The author of the letter clearly is a Conservative and left a series verifiable issues regarding Bill Brough’s Maladies:

Conservative Shirts 1 -970×250
Dana Point, CA – I believe the city of Dana Point will not support  Councilman Bill Brough for the 73rd Assembly seat being vacated by Diane Harkey . The reasons are many. First of all he is the worst candidate for this seat. Mr Brough  is currently a member of the City of Dana Point City Council, the city where I reside. Many of us have seen first hand his work at the city council and its flat out deplorable. Mr. Brough has shown he has no principles except to live on the taxpayer’s hard earned money. He has demonstrated this time and again.
His so-called successful consulting firm folded in 2011. Shortly there after his personal residence went into default/foreclosure. What successful businessman makes that kind of decision?  During these past couple of years Bill has been flipping and flopping around looking for a job. In His LinkedIn Profile, Bill states he has worked for Libertas Consulting LTD from 2013 to the present http://www.corporationwiki.com/p/2eths3/libertas-consulting-ltd
That is a point of contention since Libertas filed its corporate papers in California on February 26, 2014. How could Bill be working for a company in 2013 that had not been formed in California till 2014? He filed the papers and is the agent of record. Please explain that Mr. Brough.

Remember, this letter to the editor now takes us back to 2011 when Bill Brough was alleged to have sexually battered and propositioned Lisa Bartlett, then a colleague on the Dana Point City Council.

Similar to the PAC we believe is fraudulent and the curious notations on Bill Brough’s campaign finance reports (aka reporting returned contributions 6 months before they were returned), here is Brough claiming employment from a business that did not exist until about a year after he claimed employment.

Similar to Brough being the agent of record on the business, he was his own campaign treasurer in 2014. Whoops.

The Author Continues:

Some say Bill  has been a leader in getting the long planned but stalled Town Center Project going again. Mr. Brough has gotten this project going again by discarding the Republican principle of having businesses pay their own way. Bill has advocated for years for lowering taxes and fees for the citizens of Dana Point and to encourage development of commercially zoned properties such as the Town Center area. Now Bill is following the lead of the lone Democrat on the city council to use city/taxpayer funds for improvements for businesses that aren’t even here yet. Mr Brough hasn’t gotten the stalled project moving again, our taxpayer money has.

Its a common theme in Bills profile: He gets paid by taxpayer money and spends taxpayer money. What we don’t need is another Republican following the lead of a Democrat, and what’s worse, he brought another Republican to follow the Democrats lead. The only accomplishment Bill can claim is he voted no against the plastic bag ban. Wow. The City is saved.

Note the main point of the letter – Bill Brough lives off the Taxpayers. This is not unlike living off of his campaign account. Of course add in the drunkenness, financial maladies and the pattern of sexual misconduct over the years and you have the total package.

To Be continued.

P.S. Don’t forget what’s at stake – another Republican Scandal on top of Duncan Hunter that could cost us even more at the ballot box while the bumbling, inept Chairman of the OCGOP does nothing. There are several pivotal election races in the area where this is exploding.

In February of 2015, Assemblyman Bill Brough followed me into the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel and sexually battered me by pressing his erection against me and saying, “You know I’m really into you, right?” I was shocked and disoriented and stammered something about being married. I’ve no idea why I said those particular words, but he replied, “So am I.” This happened after almost two years of subtle and overt attempts to initiate an intimate relationship with me. At all times, he has been in a position of power over me. When the un-welcomed conduct began, he was a Chief of Staff working for the Assembly and I was a district representative working for the Senate. The power imbalance remained when he became a legislator and I accepted a governmental affairs position that required me to lobby state legislators, the position that I still hold…

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