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It is interesting really to watch someone so talented commit political suicide. Kevin Kiley could have run for Congress whether or not he was the SD01 Senator.

I’ve been clear for many years about my disdain for Tom McClintock. He is selfish. He is a lone-wolf. He abuses people that ask for help – the two of the most graphic examples is refusing to help a land owner whose land got enveloped by the National Park Service via two annexations making the once valuable land worthless, and the other has been his refusal to address I-80 leaving it to Placer County whose budget is hamstrung by unfunded state and federal mandates. McClintock will tell you where he stands on an issue, complete with a pious self-righteous lecture. He will also occasionally ask people for advice – only to go and do the exact opposite. I could replace McClintock’s name with Kiley’s on most of these maladies, with the exception that Kiley filibusters versus lecturing.

A lot of people ask me why I don’t like most of the Republican Incumbents in office. Perhaps it is because I’ve seen the sausage get made. Perhaps it is because I have an unrealistic expectation that these people should be moral and ethical in their conduct. Perhaps it is because Kevin Kiley has been more of the same that I have seen over 22 years of controlled failure in the CAGOP. Select your reason or mix up a combination of the list.

I met with Kevin Kiley and William Kolkey after the 2016 campaign. It was actually a great meeting, Kevin in person is a pretty likeable young man. I had no idea at the time that Kiley was already plotting his next moves when we met. It seems that Kiley is a combination of kid, cunning and intelligence without a moral filter to harness it. I had high hopes for the talented Kevin Kiley – those are long since gone in to the dust heap of CAGOP political history.

Without getting in to details of the off the record conversation, Kiley did ask my opinion on some stuff and I gave it to him. Without getting specific in my criticism of him juxtaposed with that conversation, I can tell you that similar to McClintock, Kiley has done the opposite. Further, similar to McClintock, I know a dozen people that had similar conversations and similar results with both men.

Ted Gaines never asked people for their opinion once he knew there was disagreement – so at least when Gaines and crew came after you, you had no illusion of collegiality. All three have littered the political countryside with the political bodies of friend and foe alike. It would be ironic if Kiley ran against McClintock in 2022. Maybe Ted Gaines should join in, just for the sake of allowing the whole country to see the graphic failure of a generation of California Republicans in one Congressional Race.

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I have been watching Brian Dahle for a long time, none of the above defects of character apply to him. If anything, Dahle is guilty of not having enough conversations or being available. I prefer someone that is unavailable to someone who is available and dishonest. Also – Brian Dahle is more conservative than Kevin Kiley by a mile.

Brian Dahle was the outsider in 2012, and for several years after winning, he was ostracized. Most of the County Committees in 2013 were controlled by hostile puppets and with some exceptions the volunteer groups in AD01 were shells – gutted frauds controlled by consultants. I had a couple conversations in the intervening years with Dahle about a variety of issues and it was clear that experience of his 2012 campaign where he ran basically alone against the CAGOP world (including $300k of munger’s money against him) stuck with him.

I am not going to sit here and write about how Dahle is perfect. Some of the conversations I had with him over the last 6 years were rather unpleasant. But, they were authentic. This is key.

Kevin Kiley has had politics come easy courtesy of the coven of Bay Area Liberals that have created him. For reasons I just laid out, Brian Dahle has had to earn his places in politics.

Kevin Kiley, like Tom McClintock is glib and articulate. Brian Dahle is authentic and sometimes is not fluid communicating in public.

Kevin Kiley is an Ivy League Educated Attorney. Brian Dahle is a real Rancher with 1,000 acres of land. Kiley like the attorney he is, filed papers to make a legal argument that he sells cattle – for nothing more than a deceptive biographical talking point. This buttresses the conclusion I have arrived at about Mr. Kiley’s moral relativism. Kiley has been hammered so bad for the fake cattle company that he hardly promotes it anymore.

Kiley’s past employment in the Kamala Harris AG department is more real and provable than any Cattle Company.

Brian Dahle Owns a gun. Kevin Kiley does not. (He is on video)

Brian Dahle owns a house. Kevin Kiley does not.

Brian Dahle was a Lassen County Supervisor when Kevin Kiley was in grade school.

Kevin Kiley is reputed to live in a Condo in Sacramento, or a house in Rocklin or an apartment or something with some other dude or dudes. There is no doubt whatsoever about where Brian Dahle’s Ranch is or who he lives with at said ranch.

Brian Dahle is an Evangelical Christian with an unmistakable connection to the Church. Kevin Kiley at one time claimed to attend his Brother’s Church even though no one I know that goes there has seen him at Church there. (Nor did I when I went there)

I’ve written extensively about Mr. Kiley being remiss to give straight answers to simple questions on issues. When he does answer, the results are vacuous. This post is from 2016 and highlighted things like Transgender and raising taxes. Kiley avoided questions then and still is now.

Kiley has been hammered by a variety of local interest groups for his refusal to answer simple questions or take stands on issues. A State of Jefferson Radio Show spent 20 minutes excoriating him after he had a disastrous interview.

Concerned Parents of Rocklin endorsed Brian Dahle because Kiley was unwilling or unable to take a stand on the extreme left wing homosexual indoctrination curriculum the district adopted. Check out this blog I wrote about the Rocklin Debacle and Kevin’s conflicts of interest.

A citizens group in Lincoln with considerable sway excoriated and abandoned Kevin Kiley who refused to engage on the audit that revealed extensive malfeasance in Lincoln. It is rumored that three members of the City Council are going to retire versus face re-election. Kiley made his choice, he stood against the audit and against transparency in Lincoln.

Kiley has taken thousands from extreme left wing donors and was the beneficiary of a last minute independent expenditure rampage in 2016 by two of the Charter School People. (Two of the same ones that poured $15 Million in to Antonio Villariagosa and attacked John Cox in 2018)

In newspaper interviews, Kiley indicated things like water (delta tunnels), the bullet train to nowhere and the like are unimportant to him. He even refused to answer a simple question about Marijuana. How much influence do those Bay Area donors have on him? (One of them sat on the board of the High Speed Rail commission)

Many people gave Kiley advice to be a leader. He has done just the opposite. That is except when the Roseville Chamber of Commerce was so turned off by Kiley’s filibustering that they went from supporting Kiley to a 9-0 unanimous endorsement of Brian Dahle. Kiley has been on a rampage against them since. This leadership fits in nicely with any of the worst of Republican electeds I’ve ever dealt with.

It looks like Kiley takes after John Kasich, whom Kiley endorsed for President over the rest of the field. Kasich has been on an ego-fueled rampage ever since getting shellacked by President Trump in the 2016 primary. Kevin Kiley even attacked Brian Dahle with a photo-shopped photo of Dahle and President Trump together in a mailer to democrats.

Kevin Kiley had $450,000 in his Assembly Campaign Account in 2018. Once Ted Gaines won the primary for Board of Equalization (his latest and last office shop), Kiley hoarded the money while 5 of his colleagues in the Assembly lost their elections in 2018. This action really sticks with me, up until Tom McClintock drew funded opponents, at least he shared some of his money with his colleagues.

Brian Dahle raised and donated over a Million for his colleagues, and even before being assembly Republican leader donated generously. He also emptied out his Assembly Account knowing that Kiley was hoarding $450K to run against him for State Senate.

Nothing is more infuriating as a party guy than seeing this sort of selfishness in the face of electoral disaster. Even Chad Mayes gave the CAGOP BIG money and donated to some of his colleagues. In one of Chad Mayes’ many rants about the failures of the CAGOP, I’d have to think an image of Kiley was in his head at the time.

Mayes rightly recognized that one of the biggest issues with the CAGOP was a lack of cohesion and a generation of term limit babies that are focused on their next election. In Kiley’s case that is CA-04 (or whatever it becomes in 2022). Brian Dahle? He will return home to Lassen County once done in the State Senate.

I wrote an expose’ laying out the case for why I believe Kiley is complicit in the last minute dirty trick letter that went out to low propensity Republican Voters only in the parts of SD01 that are within Kiley’s current assembly district. Kiley himself got slammed by the media in 2016 for deceptive campaign mailers. While whining about mailers blasting his employment in Kamala Harris’ AG Office – Kevin Kiley has been no stranger to dirty campaigning and morally relative half-truths of his own.

Everyone should have gotten a wake up call when Kiley declared victory in March before the ballots were counted. We are so used to hubiris in the political process, his declaration for SD-01 the day after the November 2018 disaster was largely missed by people – even more so the significance of the $450K sitting in his account that he did not share with his colleagues that were blown out of office.

On every objective measure of a candidate or an officeholder, Kevin Kiley has failed. He refuses to lead. He refuses to take a clear stand on many issues. He is reliant upon donors that do not share our values. He lacks life experience. He refuses to listen to others. He is ambitious. He exhibits situational ethics. He exhibits Hubiris.

Brian Dahle? Look at the photos of him with his kids or out in his ranch. What a contrast with a slick Ivy-League educated Attorney that filed legal papers to create an alternative reality for himself!

If you have not voted and you live in SD-01. Please support Brian Dahle.


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