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That’s right folks, Bob Epps – he of Bomb Squad fame. In case you’ve forgotten about his alleged physical abuse incidents, incompetence, industrial espionage and misuse of federal grant funded equipment… you can read all about it here.

In particular, if you want the most damming allegations backed up with evidence, check them out here.

Bob Epps is famous in RSO circles for being a punk drill sergeant wanna be in Recruit Training. He yells at people “I’m gonna pop your heart!”

Epps has himself another problem. When he is not trying to big-time recruits his live-in girlfriend (or wife?) is apparently emasculating him in the home front. I wonder if she screamed at him about popping his heart…

WILDOMAR — Riverside County Sheriff’s Department today confirmed the arrest of Jodie Lynn Gray – City of Temecula’s first female fire chief – after a reported domestic disturbance involving the official and her spouse at the couple’s Wildomar residence.

Responding to a request for additional information and details about Sunday morning’s arrest, Riverside County Sheriff’s Media Information Bureau told RCNS in an email this afternoon that the incident which led to Gray’s arrest began late Saturday evening, June 1.

“At 11:47 p.m., deputies responded to the report of a domestic disturbance in the 24900 block of Pasture Court, Wildomar,” RSO’s MIB wrote. “During the investigation, deputies determined a crime occurred and (Gray) was ultimately arrested for misdemeanor battery.”

Riverside County Sheriff’s online jail booking records indicate the 51-year-old was arrested about twenty minutes after midnight by deputies assigned to patrol the Wildomar area. She was later booked into Cois Byrd Detention Center in Murrieta on suspicion of domestic battery, a misdemeanor.

Gray was released within hours after her arrest after posting $5,000 bail, and she is scheduled to be arraigned at Murrieta’s Southwest Justice Center, July 29.

“The investigation remains ongoing and no additional information is being released at this time,” sheriff’s officials explained.

Read the article here from the Riverside County News Source.

It sucks to be Bob Epps, because this file is not going to disappear like so many others.

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The kicker? Jodie Lynn Gray is the FIRE CHIEF IN TEMECULA #FACEPALM

We have an Doug Schulze update. He is disaster of a City Mis-Manager in Banning.

Somehow, Doug Schulze passed the background check with the following:

2 Personal Bankruptcies – both filed as the sitting city manager of Medina, WA.

An involuntary IRS Tax Lien

3 Foreclosure Filings – including a filing only 5 months after he took out a loan. (This also happened while he was the manager of Medina, WA)

The City of Banning has a problem, worse than rampaging developer Jeffrey Burum who poured money in to municipal elections or the councilmember that has a long criminal record.

Fast forward to 2018 – Court records show that candidate Colleen Wallace has been convicted of lying to a police officer about her identity, driving on a suspended license and driving without registration and without insurance, (San Bernardino Superior Court case # 604773CW) .

For these criminal offenses the court granted her probation in 2001. Wallace violated her probation within only a few months, when she wrote a bad check to the San Bernardino Superior Court (view court docket entry).

In 2008 a bench warrant was issued for Wallace’s arrest, which resulted in her arrest and arraignment, (view court docket entry).

Grab your popcorn folks, Banning is a trainwreck and it looks like Doug Schulze is the bankrupt conductor. Meantime, the bureaucrats that botched the background check likely will never be held accountable.

What a mess, to be continued…

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  12 Responses to “Riverside County Update: Banning City Manager Doug Schulze’s Past Coming to Light AND a VERY SPECIAL BOB EPPS UPDATE!”

  1. I guess Bob Epps was unable to intimidate Jody like he does his subordinates, and Explorers. She probably had enough of his egotistical crap and took it out on him. The chickens have come to roost on Pasture Ct. Enjoy the spotlight Bob because you have earned it.

  2. What, Epps can’t take a punch from a little girl. And he has the nerve to claim the title of Marine? What a joke. I bet Chesty is pulling what little hair he has out over Epps lack of character. So who called the cops, was it the neighbors because if it was Epps that called, that was a punk move on his part. Violence in the home is never acceptable, but to sign a PPA is a desperate move on his part.

  3. How does this guy keep his job on the bomb squad, let alone his security clearance with such in unstable home environment. Does the second floor not see that Bob Epps is a liability to the Department. Epps needs to pull the pin and retire. So, did the cops seize all the guns in the house (including his) per policy. Did they issue a TRO per policy. Did they obtain a bail enhancement as well. Did the patrol Lt. respond to the call. Was forensics notified. Hey, Sgt. Steve Fredricks now works Lake Elsinore, maybe he can “round file” Epps’ DV report like he did other reports at Temecula and make this all go away.

  4. Is Bob Epps going to file a claim with Cal-Fire like he did with the Marine Corps over this stress related incident. Is he going to contact Victim Services and milk this for everything he can. Or is he going to refuse to testify when the case goes to court. I can see Epps and the crocodile tears flowing when he takes the stand and how he feared for his life. Maybe we can start a go fund me page to help Bob Epps out since he won’t be having Jodie’s Cal-Fire captains pay to help out with the bills. I just wonder if the DA will go forward with the case, or just issue a knock off letter to Jodie just to make this go away.

  5. Let us not forget Epps is the victim here. In this case anyway. Not to stick up for him. All of us who work with him know he is a POS. Now the bully got bullied.

    As for Jodie, she has been abusing her men for years. The DA and Investigators may want to start with an interview her baby’s daddy and a few of her other “relationships”. Then everyone will finally see how far this pattern goes back

    Stand up Men – you can be the victims too

  6. Darin never called the cops on Jodie, so what makes Robert Epps so special. It appears Epps was out of his element when he got with Jodie and was unable to adapt. Now that’s embarrassing for this so called devil dog. Jodie is going to take Epps to the cleaners over this. What a way to end a not so stellar career for Epps.

  7. People need to realize that when interacting with Bob Epps, “you can’t fix stupid.” I just wonder who though it was a good idea to have someone that was in the rear with the gear reading ammo cans in the Marines a good selection to HDT? Epps epitomizes one of the characters in Snow White,”Dopey.” This guy Epps makes red neck banjo babies look intelligent. Epps is unable to control and direct activities not only at work, but in his home life as well.

  8. This poor bastard Epps. Seems so sweet. Imagine how much abuse this man has taken from this mental case phony Howdy Doody looking creature. She’s a disgrace to female firefighters.
    Ebbs married a sociopath..Fight back marine . Expose this psycho.

  9. Sounds like the sociopath wife or her buds are on the attack. Typical. How’s her golf swing these days? The late Brian Zollner could tell. How about Chris G? Didn’t he get punched by Jodie and nobody did anything about it? Such bs

  10. I have heard that Jodie shares the same characteristics as Epps, criticizing and bullying her subordinates in order to get her way, in addition to being a very jealous individual. But in a progressive agency, as in LA county, they would be held accountable for their actions, but not in Riverside Country. Bob Epps and Jodie Gray are an embarrassment to their chosen professions and are responsible for bringing discredit to their respective agencies. I hope they both get what they deserve. And Epps knew what he was getting into when he let her move in with him, and now got a taste of his own medicine. But how many other times had something like this occurred before the cops were finally called.

  11. OMG, Jodie Gray made the Press Enterprise, and not in a good way either. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Now all of her negative actions toward her fellow staff members will be revealed, in addition to her propensity for abusive behavior. This is what you get Bob when you become involved with someone who is emotionally unstable. Jodie cannot hide her background anymore as it is now a form of discovery. But no one has any faith that Mike Hestein will do the right thing since he let Stan Sniff and his second floor den of thieves off the hook for all the misdeed they had committed.

  12. MS. Jodie Gray is a major liability for Cal Fire. She’s embarrassed the Dept. And placed female firefighters in a bad light. Who in Cal Fire let this woman promote after she destroyed a state vehicle? And after she punched a seasonal? And on and on the behavior goes…shes unpredictable and reckless. Mop it up Cal Fire. Put a better female in her place. One that doesn’t abuse men.

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