Jun 012019

I’ve asserted that Kevin Kiley’s Bay Area Donors are a problem.

Informed Parents of Placer County fought against the extreme left-wing LGBT Agenda that the Rocklin USD adopted that was beyond the unfunded state mandate. They asked Kevin Kiley for help, he waffled and ultimately dodged the issue altogether. They endorsed Brian Dahle, and similar to the Roseville Chamber of Commerce – were inclined to support Kiley until Kevin Kiley did what he does best… filibuster.

Any of us that are long time Kiley observers understand this is a baked in pattern.

Kevin Kiley benefited from $300K (or more) in independent expenditures funded by Bay Area and LA Obama donors in 2016 for his original assembly race.

As you can see, Kiley is being challenged over the donations he has received from 3 Board Members of Leadership for Educational Equity.

LEE as it is known as has some pretty extreme left-wing stances cloaked in non partisan non profit veneer. This is moral relativism at its’ finest and seems to match Mr. Kiley’s approach to life well.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Awareness & Engaging Self
Experiences lead individuals through a process of critical self-reflection of their social identities, exploring the role of self, and drawing attention to the attitudes, beliefs, or stereotypes that each of us carry.

Engaging Prejudice, Bias, Discrimination
Building and deepening the self-awareness development begun in the previous stage, individuals explore their own relationships with prejudice, bias, and discrimination, and consider the intersections with their identity and leadership.

Engaging Power, Privilege, & Oppression
Individuals identify the areas where and how power, privilege, and oppression show up, and how they impact capacity to build, establish, and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.

Engaging Individual, Group, Systems
Individuals deepen their understanding of simultaneous individual and group identities that interact with systems.

Engaging Commitment to Action & Change
Individuals delve into individual and collective action; new and alternate possibilities; reclaiming power; and committing to using power to reshape, rethink, and create social transformation.

Translation Whites, Christians and Conservatives need not apply.

(LEE does give lip service to White people as they have some sort of coalition link somewhere on their site, but it is clear what their agenda is.)

LEE also has some more blatant leftist social justice items on their website. All in all, it was pretty offensive and difficult to read this website’s content and imagining the brainwashing they are inflicting on innocent minds.

It is the opinion of this blogger, shared by many that Kiley refuses to take stands on many critical issues to appease those funding his political ambitions.

Kiley has also taken money from Susan and Bill Bloomfield, major major and I repeat Major democrat donors. This makes the “Union Money” that Brian Dahle has taken look benign, as a large chunk of union members are actually Republicans. It is frustrating to think that Kiley’s silence and refusal to take stands on social issues is being cause by his affinity for left-wing social justice warrior campaign cash.

Kiley has taken $4700 from a Defense Attorney PAC. Defense Attorneys are 99% leftist and typically organize for lighter sentences while resisting construction of new jails.

Kiley also took $3500 from Fair Pac. Fairpac is a centrist group of Attorneys that prefer candidates like Catherine Baker, Brian Maienschein, Ken Cooley, etc. It makes you wonder what Kiley told them in order to get their money.

Kiley has attempted and largely failed at executing a high wire act.

Remember – he attacked Brian Dahle for being a Republican AND for taking support from the Realtors, Prison Guards, Cal-Fire and the like.

It is an inconsistent message at best – but what it underscores is that Brian Dahle is the candidate of working people, tradesmen, law enforcement and public safety. Kiley is the candidate of limousine liberals, social justice warriors and attorneys.

Oh and did you know Kiley is a Cattle Baron? He filed a piece of paper with the California Secretary of State, like any good attorney would do.

I’d tell Kevin Kiley to be true to himself and come out of the political closet. However, I am afraid not even Kevin Kiley truly knows what his values are.

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