Jun 282019

Jenine Windeshausen has not had an opponent in at least her last two re-elections. She needs one in 2022. She has been the driving force behind a massive 17% rate hike for Pioneer Energy. The Pioneer Energy Board is Meeting Monday Night to consider this massive Rate Hike.

It gets worse, Windeshausen has talked openly about creating a bunch of new social programs with the “excess revenue”. Perhaps she should run for President on the democratic ticket.

Pioneer Energy was created as an alternative to PG&E. Under Windeshausen’s plan, their rates will surge to within 5% of PG&E. Note – PG&E is consistently among the highest energy rates in the lower 48 states. Please see the deceptively spun presentation Windeshausen presented to the Pioneer Board. She cleverly cloaked a double digit rate increase as a “Discount from PG&E’s Rates”.

The 17% increase would create an additional $16 million surplus in the next 12 months beyond the $12 million surplus that is present. These kinds of proposals come from local government when the lines of fiscal prudence become blurred and group think about programs and functions of government become the first thought.

The City of Rocklin has been the only entity served by Pioneer Energy that has been speaking out about this absurd plan. I moved out of Rocklin almost 100% due to PG&E’s Utility Rates and having 4 Utility Bills, just when Rocklin was seeing some relief from PG&E’s rates, this happens.

Please see their letter opposing the massive 17% rate hike here.

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PLEASE NOTE – EVERYONE IN THE FIVE INCORPORATED CITIES IN PLACER WAS MOVED TO PIONEER ENERGY UNLESS THEY SPECIFICALLY OPTED OUT. Note Roseville has it’s own utilities and is not subject to Jenine Windeshausen’s social engineering agenda.

If you are concerned about the massive 17% rate hike that is being pushed by Jenine Windeshausen – please speak up as their are slated to ratify this disaster after public comment at 3pm Monday.

Please note – Neither Jim Holmes nor Kirk Uhler were present for the meeting where Peter Gilbert, Kim Douglass, Jeff Duncan and Cheryl Maki voted to move the 17% rate hike forward. Only Greg Janda voted no.

If you want some say over your ghastly electrical rates – speak up quickly and please be respectful of the people you email.

Board members:

Kirk Uhler, Placer County Supervisor, kuhler@placer.ca.gov 

Jim Holmes, Placer County Supervisor, jholmes@placer.ca.gov

Peter Gilbert, Lincoln City Councilmember, peter.gilbert@lincolnca.gov

Kim Douglass, Colfax City Councilmember, kim.douglass@colfax-ca.gov

Jeff Duncan, Loomis City Councilmember, jduncan@loomis.ca.gov

Greg Janda, Rocklin City Councilmember, greg.janda@rocklin.ca.us

Cheryl Maki, Auburn Mayor, cmaki@auburn.ca.gov


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  3 Responses to “If ALERT IF You Live in Placer County – Pioneer Energy Is About to Take a 17% Rate Increase at the Behest of Jenine Windeshausen the Placer Co Treasurer”

  1. This proposed rate hike is not justified and should not be passed. As a resident of Lincoln I’m disturbed that Councilman Gilbert voted to move this forward. Since the new rate will be close to P.G.&E’s rate perhaps we should all opt out and go back to P.G.&E. If enough of us do it maybe it will put and end to Pioneer.

  2. Thank you, Greg Janda!! I agree with Pete.

  3. I just opt-out seeing my last two bills and after doing some analysis, my rate only went up. I haven’t seen any savings they claim. It just another ripoff scheme by elected officials.

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