Mar 262019

Update – Horton did not get the job.

Click here to see photos of a county vehicle he totaled.

Click here to read about Jason Horton’s “History” within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

He must have not liked me visiting his hood very much.

Your intrepid blogger received word that Riverside County Chief of Code enforcement Jason Horton quit his job with no notice.

This is apparently because Horton got hired to wreck the Yakima, WA police department. He is now their Chief. That is kind of like asking Jussie Smollett to moderate a debate.

For those of you in Riverside County that were mistreated by Horton, you may want to reach out to the Yakima Police Union and find forums to warn them what they are in for.

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Here is an article in the local Yakima Rag.

For those of you mildly interested in the Stan Sniff Saga – Jason Horton was one of Sniff’s top henchman.

To be continued…

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  23 Responses to “Riverside Sheriff’s Update: Jason Horton Now Chief of Police in Yakima”

  1. Horton looks like a young Rodney Dangerfield in his interview with the Yakima media. God help those people.

  2. Jason Horton speaks about transparency and legitimacy, those are two qualities he never exhibited when on the second floor. And he says he lives by the golden rule,”treat others as you would want to be treated.” That is a lie because all he did was screw people over on his way to the second floor. I feel sorry for the people of Yakima because they don’t know what they are getting themselves into with Jason Horton.

  3. Maybe the city will install an ignition interlock system in his issued vehicle. Knowing Jason, he will find a way to cheat the system, just like he did with every promotional test and oral exam he took. Hopefully Yakima POA will get a heads-up on Jason’s closet…..not a skeleton but, a whole f’ing graveyard full of ruined careers, marriages and cars.
    To all of my brothers and sisters at Yakima PD……..stand by for Horton to bring his RSO second floor flunkies aboard when he meets any resistance from current Lt’s, Captains etc. Be smart, don’t wait until it’s too late, prepare a vote of NO CONFIDENCE…… ASAP.

  4. Hey Aaron you might wanna check the Yakima Herald again. According to an article today (3/27/19) they have not made a selection and don’t know when they will. If Duece Horton quit, it may have been premature.

    Jose- They did hire him. I used the old article on purpose as it was all about Horton.

  5. Horton is all about fairness and honesty, as long as it benefits him first and foremost. A reasonable question to ask him is,”what was transparent and legitimate about your command?”

    All Jason cared about was getting to the top, and screwing over those that were in his way. How many people did he speak up for on his way to the top? How many people did he help to achieve their potential in the form of special assignments and worthy promotions, as opposed to self-serving political appointments? How many staff members did Jason raise his hand for to help their careers?

    It was all about,”what’s in it for Jason” first and foremost. Jason is nothing more than a selfish individual that only cares about lining his pockets first, and padding his position in the organization. Jason, you had the opportunity in your position to help those under your command, but instead all you did was help yourself to the lions share as you fed those under your command scraps.

    When the integrity allegations against you and your wife were made, everyone stood by you and supported you during this difficult time. But how did you repay this loyalty, by kicking us to the curb as you climbed to the top. So enjoy Yakima, it won’t last long.

  6. Hey Jason, remember the time when a fellow sergeant gave you his testing material for Lieutenant and you went on vacation and kept his testing material until after the testing process, and ended up screwing your friend that gave you the testing material. And what was your response to him, a big fat,”Sorry bro.” And if you deny this, that sergeant will make you a Brady issue. Jason, you could have done the right thing by all of us, but it was not in your nature and instead you became a willing co-conspirator of Stan Sniff’s “den of iniquity” and threw your morale compas away. You enriched yourself on the backs of others and used what friends you had as stepping stones as you climbed to an executive staff position, with the misguided belief that you did it all on your own. It’s that same skewed behavior that will be your downfall in Yakima when the vote of no confidence is eventually initiated.

  7. Yakima Washington is importing trash from CA now. Speaking of trash, what happened to Kurly Sue?

  8. I can see Jason bringing the usual RSO losers with him to help manage Yakima PD:

    Kevin Vest can introduce Agencyweb to Yakima, and getting his girlfriend a job as AW administrator.

    Kent Werges to help Jason balance the budget, just like he did at Moreno Valley.

    Kevin Smith teach the troops the finer points of “quick draw” from a sitting position at his desk.

    Aaron Kent can supervise the promotion process for the troops. And also teach them how to check out dope from the evidence locker, and claim the narcotics as a stat for their evals. when they book it back in.

    Robert Rose can instruct the troops on how to drawn down on innocent civilians while off-duty, and flee the scene before the cops arrive.

    Christian Dekker and Nathan Kaas can teach the troops how to sign up for OT and holiday pay and drain the city of valuable public funds while sitting at their desks doing nothing.

    Steve Fredricks and Jon Wade can teach the Detective Bureau how to shred AOD and referral reports, and how to avoid reporting a hit a run to management when first notified.

    Robert Epps can train the troops on how to obtain Department equipment and send it off to the vendor’s competition in an attempt to make a profit on a new contract.

    Marty Tochtrop can instruct on how to manipulate a payroll activity report, and how to not screw up an inmate release.

    Zach Hall can teach the female staff members his “speculator moves” in their mat room.

    And Ray Wood can give valuable insight into how to panic on a SWAT call-out, and shoot the resident armed only with a flashlight, and on how to show off your “kills” tattoos to female staff members for personal gain.

    The city of Yakima gets what they deserve in hiring Jason Horton because he did nothing to correct the malfeasance that occurred under his command.

  9. F&L, you forgot to add Robert Cornett on how to not to become “Pitchess material.”

  10. Aaron Kent can also help Jason Horton in providing guidance on how to properly supervise a Special Enforcement Team and tthe other duties as assigned portion of the unit’s mission. This is one area that Aaron Kent excelled at, and which got him promoted.

  11. Maybe Jason Horton can get Don Williamson to accompany him and sell firearms to the Yakima POA, and run reloading classes for his new Department. Don might even be able to set up an Intel. squad since he was so good at it for us. And I bet Don would even be willing to throw in a few T-shirts, at cost though.

  12. So sad to watch the many years of LEO and the slimebags vs. ‘Good Guys’ engaged with the fight for true Valor, Integrity and Ethics… I never had to work for Jason, he was only a BIOT Toad when I met him via his Father, John Horton, who I did work for between 1893-1995 at the Pre-Jurupa Valley day’s… actually, the Spruce St. days at the Detective Bureau… John was himself the consummate self-promoter… a 2d Lieutenant in the California NG, he’d NEVER served a tour on Active Duty, much less in an MOS other than ‘Permanenant Latrice Ordely…’ Mr. (I created EST fame) was FAAAAAAR from the tactical guru he’d promoted himself to being… Toooo many stories to even engage here ((I.e. MEXICO???) bro… or, what of the debacles with EST and maybe, the Banning PD? V You see, these SCUM FUCKS, who through personal gain work by brethren, steal their ideas, butt fuck their foxhole buddies, extort and embezzle their future by shredding any decency with the Public, use common parlance of terms (I.e. openness, transparency, Community Policing…)…. Lying SOS I’ve lost more battles to these Pieces of Garbage in my life… They may pretend their virtue and honesty, attend Church and even Bible Study, and portray themselves the ever faithful COP… Both, John Horton and his Son, Jason, who never fell far from the tree… WILL ASSUREDLY GET THEIR KARMA.

  13. Jason Horton, can also take Stan Sniff with him and introduce the maza grabbing Tamale maker to Yakima PD. They can set up a little corner on the side of the building where he can generate his passive income.

  14. What the hell? Anyone reading this blog would have gotten the mistaken impression that Horton had been picked to be Yakima’s chief. Even late last night, the City of Yakima’s web site showed that they were still debating between the candidates. If Horton’s reputation is as has been described here, then it is a good thing that he was not chosen to be their chief.

  15. It appears that Horton believed he had been selected and had told several he had been.

  16. Freddy Mercury said it best.

    Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust…

  17. So, did he quit Code Enforcement? Or ???

    Blogger’s Note: Yes, he did.

  18. Maybe Yakima told Whorton he was their choice, but then a little bird contacted their P.O.A, and left a bread trail to some truth nuggets. Which caused Yakima to go back and double check on him. When they did a Google Search, Right On Daily probably pooped up. Yakima was like, he didn’t disclose any of this stuff. On second thought, we don’t need to import Sniffles trash. They decide to go another direction. The right direction.

    Talk about getting ahead of yourself. Karma strikes again.

  19. Hey Jason, you should have kept your “soft landing” cush job at code enforcement and just laid low. Quitting with no notice? If so, You burned that bridge.

    Now you and all your second floor friends know what is going to happen every time you each try to get another job in law enforcement. You are all done just like your daddy sniff. He isn’t helping you now, is he?

    Note: rightondaily will follow you forever

  20. I find it hilarious when this article was “published” there was a serious attempt to report the facts, instead this is more Park affecting public policy. I feel sorry for anyone who attempts to get away with things thinking no one is watching. The Right on Daily blog deserves a Pulitzer Prize.

  21. Rumor has it that both Jason and Jackie had a “Kurly moment” when they found out he did not get the position in Yakima. And to add insult to injury, when you google their names, Right on Daily comes up.

  22. Ok so what’s the latest now. Mr Duece didn’t get the job but does he still have the gig in riverside county as code enforcement guy even though he quit ? And is he still running for sheriff in 2022 or will he apply for chief of police of Eastvale now. We need answers this rat should be unemployed for good.

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