Jan 072019

The other day we wrote about the chicken-feed preemptive shot that the desert sun took in an attempt to dictate Sheriff’s Policy to Chad Bianco. You can read that post here 

Yes Sir. There is a new Sheriff In Town

Today at Noon, Chad Bianco officially took office. And what a day it was.

Click here to see deputies at one station not wasting ANY time on fixing up their front door

Palm Desert Station has prepared for a new chain of command
And here is another station with their Chain of Command Wall Cleared Off

To Recap – UnderSheriff William DiYorio Retired. (Undertaker DiYoyo).  Assistant Sheriff Joseph Cleary Retired. Chief Deputy Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood Retired.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest was terminated and apparently Jeff Van Wagenen did not get him a soft landing job elsewhere in the county.

Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez was terminated. As of the writing of this blog, the rumored Probation Department Job has NOT been lined up by Van Wagenen – it appears that despite his efforts, Stan Sniff’s Management team are viewed as radioactive waste within the County.

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Chief Deputies Christopher Brandon Ford, Jeff Kubel and Cheryl Evans were Terminated. Again, no soft landing jobs.

Only Chief Deputy Jason Horton got a soft landing, he resigned a couple weeks ago to jump to code enforcement. It remains to be seen if Horton uses his position there to harass people.

Lastly, Chief Deputy Misha Graves accepted a demotion and will return to a jail somewhere either as a Captain or a Lieutenant.

Dave “Kurly” Kurylowicz, whose videotaped stunt at a Palm Springs City Council Meeting got breathless coverage from the B-S Newspaper got the surprise of his life. Just minutes after commenting on the Right on Daily Facebook Page using one of his many fake profiles (this one had pictures of Curly Fries on it) – he was ESCORTED OUT OF THE MOVAL STATION. 

Buh-Bye Kurly. 

I have wondered if Dave Kurylowicz sudden psychosis had something to do with his role in the Kevin Duffy Scandal. We know that Kurly was involved in the cover-up. 

Speaking of Kevin Duffy, SHERIFF Bianco (hey, I get to call him that now) indicated that he is re-opening the case. I wonder if Sniff and crew destroyed the evidence they ordered Leonard “Lenny” Purvis to bring over from Hemet. A lot of people know a lot of things about the Kevin Duffy scandal. It is time for Justice.

Sgt. Bob Epps and his Enabler Kent Werges (Bomb Squad) – Will SHERIFF Bianco have them both investigated for misconduct and incompetence? Will Epps’ apparent crimes be looked in to? Will people like Dave Werksman and Rafael Cuevas (who were both subject to retaliation) be restored and compensated for what Werges / Epps did to them? Will Werges be held accountable for going full Potato and having vehicles cut open in the Idyllwild fire?

The SWAT team. Will Bianco terminate/transfer the idiots in charge of it and return it to its original purpose? (aka eliminating the deliberately created roadblocks from using it and transforming it back in to what it should be?)

Christian Dekkker and Tony Pelato (and other friend of sniff promotees) – will SHERIFF Bianco undo the promotions of these undeserving people?

Lt. Mark Bostrom (and other scum in PSB) – will he be held accountable? Will PSB be re-named INTERNAL AFFAIRS? 

Stan Sniff – will the dumpster behind Lemon Street be named after Sniff? Since the corrupt sheriff wanted something named after him, why not that?

CCW Permits? TAP Employees? The Museum? Broken Equipment? Manpower Shortages? Cheating on Timecards? The terminally broken county maintenance system? Out of Control Fraternization? Cities like Menifee trying to start their own departments? Budget Fraud and Gimmicks? What will happen???

Boy, SHERIFF Bianco has a list to deal with. It’s party time Sheriff, and you’re in the saddle. Your intrepid blogger is watching… 

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  14 Responses to “Today is the First Day of the Liberation of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Don’t Let The Door… (Who’s Next?)”

  1. Yay! It is a great day! Keep cleaning house Sheriff Bianco. Let them all go sit on Admin Leave while being investigated for all the criminal wrong doings they have done.

    And for all you losers who called the second floor your home until today, no one feels sorry for you. POS Sniff can’t do anything for you now. He is the biggest looser of you all.

    Have a great night sleep.

  2. He came in like a wrecking ball today. Love it!
    My only question is, why offer Misha a demotion? I truly hope it has nothing to do with the race card. Good job Sheriff Bianco. #swampdrained

  3. My understanding is that Misha Graves had true buyer’s remorse over the promotion and felt used.

  4. Tsunami Bianco came in and whipped out the corruption. Can wait until he re-opens the Kevin Duffy case.

  5. So shit-for-brains Kurly finally got sent packing!! Now that truly is JUSTICE!! That dishonest, lying bag of crap is a piss poor example of a human being. Sheriff Bianco, please put a top notch investigator on that investigation so you can package his ass up with a bow and a ribbon and flush him right down the toilet where he belongs.

    Everything that piece of shit Kurly has done has blown up in his face because he is such a moron. He never had any business in law enforcement from the start, Worthless Bitch!!

  6. There was no mention of Chief Deputy Raya. Did he keep his job?

  7. Proud to see Bianco cleaning house. But don’t stop at Lemon street, you need to clean out the rest of the trash like Robert “417” Rose, Zach “whose up for the mat room” Hall, Kevin “quick draw” Smith, Mike “I date subordinates” Manning, Aaron “cheating bastard” Kent, and Tyler “I don’t care if I ruin your career” Clark. They all need to go away.

  8. That you Sheriff Bianco for getting rid of Kurly Fries, but you need to do something with Tyler Clark and Fat Bodnar because when you have people in authority that destroy careers just to make themselves look good, their moral compass is off. So continue to clean house in Mo Val and rid us of these vipers.

  9. The second floor got what they deserved. But Chad Bianco needs to continue to get rid of the vermin that have plagued RSO. The self-serving opportunistic cretins that sought to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Christian Dekker, Kent Werges, Kevin Snith, Queen Anne, Aaron Ken, Tyler Clark and Mark Bostrom, they are useless to the new administration. Bianco also needs to get rid of the political appointees as well that did nothing but sponge off others like Robert Garcia, Nathan Kaas, Jon Wade, Steve Brosche, Steve Fredricks, Robert Epps and Robert Cornett and John (selfie) Wade. They will continue with their vile behavior and bring down the new organization, until the federal probe is initiated, and there won’t be a lack of witnesses in this investigation.

  10. Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch
    Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead
    Wake up, you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed
    Wake up, the wicked witch is dead!
    He’s gone where the goblins go below, below, below, yo ho
    Let’s open up and sing, and ring the bells out
    Ding-dong! the merry-o sing it high, sing it low
    Let them know the wicked witch is dead!!!

  11. That’s right, it’s hitting the fan. Take a look at what happened to me & my wife under Sniff’s rule & how a sexual assault crime was swept under the carpet. If you have a Nextdoor account login & look at the bottom in the comments to see my post.


    The statute of limitations has not run out on this crime, can any of you in law enforcement help me & take a look into this, I have dropped a lot of breadcrumbs in my post & if you need more information get my email from Arron or look me up.

    Thanks guys, I know you are going to clean this town up.

    Your friend,


  12. The second floor finally got a taste of their own medicine they have been forcing down everyone’s throat for years. Except for DiYorio and Wood, they decided to go out weak on a W/C claim instead of facing it like the tough guys they profess to be. Now, we can only hope Bianco continues to walk out the unwanted baggage like Dekker, Werges, Hall, Kent, Smith, Kaas and the rest of the parade of losers that have no business in the new command.

  13. Lol. Karma is a bitch. Hope you enjoy the feeling of being unemployed. Now you know how all the people you wrongfully terminated felt. Except for one thing, they didn’t deserve it, you do.

  14. Look for Vest (aka The Walrus) to land a cushy and lucrative job at Orion Technologies…..aka AgencyWeb! With all the access to County computer systems.

    No proof, just a rumor at CATCH (that was squashed very quickly) that Vest was pushing so hard to land Orion that big fat contract so he could go to work for them. Then he got promoted so fast no one ever dared question it.

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