Dec 052018

… before Chad Bianco can fire them I guess. We’ve detailed how Jason Horton and Christopher Brandon Ford have been interviewing with other agencies (including Menifee).

We’ve also detailed how the Second Floor are tying up loose ends, attacking whistleblowers and finishing off other Chad Bianco Supporters with retaliatory terminations and discipline.

Here is Stan Sniff on Facebook blaming the board of supervisors once again (even after three of those guys endorsed him, no less…)

Taxpayers be dammed, this photo represents about $2MM a year (or more) in Pensions. ARRRRGH

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  14 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Still Blaming Other People, Intimates That Most of His Senior Management Are Leaving”

  1. Screw each and everyone of these unethical pieces of trash. I hope each of you have very short retirements, before the Reaper come to harvest. You can’t lie your way past judgement. Reap what you sow.

  2. If shit sniff was so worried about the budget why did he have all his retired friends milking the system for an additional 960 hours a year on top of their retirements to do stupid nonsense projects. And let’s not forget the $$ he wasted on helicopter videos and staff dancing to stars..

    Look at all his nonsense of the past (over paid office staff) the list goes on (drone boy) as soon as all that shit gets shut down there will be a savings. The cash cow is dried up now for all those losers

  3. So true, with the money eggplant, Gore ,drone boy and all the unnecessary 2nd floor staff the County will be saving lots of money ASAP. By the way , Stan has not aged well these last few months.

  4. Someone should look into Sniff’s favorite accepted Worker’s Compensation claims were allowed to use POST training pay in lieu of vacation and days off pay.

  5. The DA should have looked into the second floor’s entire operation, with co-mingling of funds, the drone program, unjust discipline and terminations, questionable expenditures, unethical and Brady issue staff members promoted to positions of authority. Malfeasance, cronyism, nepotism, dishonesty and violations of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

    But the den of thieves holed up on Lemon Street will be allowed to ride off into the sunset without being held accountable for their contumcious behavior. The D.A. should be ashamed of himself because the honest and ethical staff members they victimized will never receive justice now.

    Mr. DA, you may not agree with Aaron Park and ROD, which is your right, but the multiple horrific stories reported by Mr Park have occurred, and the victims are real. And what other elected politician that was supported by ex-felons, and those with known gang affiliations would still be allowed to hold office? None, expect Stan Sniff and his executive staff.

    “Throughout history, it has been the inaction by those who could have acted: the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, and has made it possible for evil to triumph.” Halie Selassie.

  6. Danny Young, your fast track promotions should stop here. We are no longer promoting based on race. Kurly, your promotions have stopped, we no longer promote people based on their sexual orientation. And so on and so on. Hopefully we will not be making promotions on ass kissing and cock ducking, Deckker, Kusy, Favero, Pelato, Cornette, Adam’s and that list goes on and on until the break of dawn.

  7. Hopefully the political appointee promotion process will stop now, and the good staff members that know what they are doing will get promoted. And yes, I do agree that a lot of the people promoted under the Sniff regime were promoted for the benefit of the second floor, and not for the welfare of the citizen’s we serve. Granted there were some good people promoted, but they were outnumbered by the malfunctioning misfits that took the lions share of the promotions. And yes, I also agree that Steve Kusy was promoted beyond his abilities, and blames others for his mistakes.

  8. Steve Kusy, way beyond his ability. Guess who his best friends are? Christian Decker, mentioned all over this blog as a thief but only got promoted because he donated to Sniff. He was also the “whistle blower ” I use lightly because he basically lied to get people fired and a Sgt demoted while in TEM. Kusy’s other BFF FMSteve Favero, just as slimy! Kicked off SWAT with a below standard evaluation, daddy just brings him to bctc and promotes him. Remember MOVAL, his stories are all bs, he was in the rear with the gear!

    These three musketeers could all be found at Sniffs reelection campaign sharing drinks with the fat Muslim.

    Cpl. Coin, saved Favero on that team and would carry his gear for him. True story.

  9. When Steve Kusy was a Sgt. at the Academy a Deputy was conducting an ammo count of the ammunition in storage. The count was off, by a lot so the ammo count was conducted a second time, the error was discovered (where they went wrong), and the correct number of ammunition was recorded.

    So Steve Kusy being the ethical and moral person that he is, wrote up the deputy and documented his mistake in the inventory of the ammunition in his annual evaluation, which hurt the deputy come promotion time.

    Although come to find out, Steve Kusy was the second in the ammo count that was suppose to verify the numbers in the inventory. So Steve Kusy lays the blame on the Deputy when as a supervisor he should have been the one held responsible for the mistake, and not the deputy. But Steve Kusy has been known to “pass the buck” on to others to make himself look good. And this is the kind of guy the Sniff’s regime promoted to middle management.

  10. Steve Kusy and Steve Kusy Junior aka Favero would order the Range Deputies to call them when Sniff showed up to shoot, so they could drive over from the main building and give him a blow job. Kusy was notorious for doing absolutely nothing, but holding others accountable for his mistakes. That what makes an rso LT under Sniffing.

  11. So Steve Kusy and the rest of the tools can be called in as witnesses then they testify about Stan Sniff’s modified MP5 that he shot at their range. And can also explain why they did nothing about it. They all deserve to wear orange.

  12. @anahiem hills the ammo count story is 100%. He did the same to a Corporal at the armory. The corporal and him were good friends, until Kusy lied to save his own ass. There are 2 mp5’s. Ine in armory and one in Stans car. Against dept policy, but policy is only made for sgts and below.

  13. “All animals are equal, but some animals (like the second floor staff) are more equal than others.” (George Orwell, Animal Farm). And the executive staff wonders why they will be walked out come January. They all did it to themselves. So remember this when the feds start conducting interviews (because we all know the DA won’t do anything, maybe because the second floor has something on Hestrin).

  14. Hello everyone I am still around!!!!

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