Dec 142018
  1. Yup. It is apparently a time-honored tradition.

Jamie Hurtado and others within Marion Ashley’s Office are getting spread around the county. While I have no direct knowledge, it appears that the same is true with John Taviglione’s Staff as well.

A specific named mentioned to me is a County Administrative Staffer, Jeff Van Wagenen who used to work in the Zellerbach Regime before the scandal-ridden Zellerbach was unseated by the doveish Mike Hestrin.

Apparently Van Wagenen wants to become the next County Administrator and has been tasked by the County Board of Supervisors with finding homes for Stan Sniff’s management staff who are under the age of 50.

Chief Undertaker DiYoyo has retired as has Assistant Sheriff Joseph Cleary. Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood is done on 12/26/2018 according to sources.

As we wrote previously, Stan Sniff attempted to get Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest appointed Sheriff so he could leave office early. On that note the Board of Supervisors actually told the Sheriff no.

However, your intrepid blogger has learned that the aforementioned Jeff Van Wagenen has been seen palling around with Kevin Vest. Kevin Vest is a reputed computer nerd and geek. It has been put to your intrepid blogger that Vest wants the Riverside County IT department job. (At least a senior position in the department)

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The word is that the County CEO and Jeff Van Wagenen want to control the flow of information between the DA’s office and the Sheriff’s Office. This means that non-sworn people would be seeing confidential information and investigative information that is out of the public eye. In essence, it would set Kevin Vest up in a position where he could leak and review potentially damaging information on a wide range of people.

If you have been following the news, you know that the FBI, the DOJ and the Obama administration conspired to conceal exculpatory evidence from judges in the cases against Trump admin figures. You also know that they lied to a court to get a warrant and the Obama admin leaked a ton of information in an attempt to de-stabilize the Trump administration.

Imagine putting Kevin Vest in a position where he could do the same to Chad Bianco and his administration?

Jeff Van Wagenen is reputed to be kissing up to Chad Bianco while it sure looks like he is doing the bidding of the outgoing supervisors to sabotage him.

Van Wagenen is reputedly responsible for placing Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez in the Probation Department despite Guitierrez’ history of poor management decisions. Chief Jason Horton is now in charge of (or senior within) Code Enforcement. This means that Guitierrez will be able to screw with the Sheriff’s department via handling of probation issues and Horton will be able to write tickets en-masse on Sheriff Department Vehicles, etc. (And, yes, a previous code enforcement officer fired from previous DA Trask spent 8 years harassing Zellerbach’s department)

So while attempting to get in the good graces of Chad Bianco, Van Wagenen is attempting to find homes for the remaining ethically-challenged lackeys in Sniff’s Second floor. Where will Kubel, Evans, Raya and Graves end up?

One of my sources was adamant that Van Wagenen was a tyrant to work for in the DA’s office and he was as vindictive and retaliatory as anyone there. It seems to this blogger that Mr. Van Wagenen would turn on Chad or anyone else in county government as soon as it suited him. Given that he is helping the swamp stir in Riverside County, even if my assessment of his personality and approach is incorrect – you still should take pause and use extreme caution around him.

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  5 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Riverside County Deep State (Jeff Van Wagenen) Rising Up to Protect Sniff Management Personnel and Set Up Chad Bianco?”

  1. Just because you move a piece of shit from the pile and put it somewhere else, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a piece of shit.

    How about moving the rest to the county landfill with the rest of the soiled diapers and trash belong.

  2. Sniff and his staff are taking a few parting jabs at Sheriff Bianco.

    No transition assistance…

    Possible demoting executives to captains and other command positions; an effort to further undermind Sheriff Bianco!

    Sniff is doing what he can to dig a deeper hole for Sheriff Bianco!

    Returning to ethical leadership and fiscal responsibility will make RSO tespectable again!

  3. Perhaps Sheriff Elect Bianco should have gone to court to obtain a restraining order to require Sniff and his staff to preserve all records and to prevent him from making any personnel decisions and movements unless it is done in consultation with Bianco.

  4. What a waste of taxpayers money to keep these parade of losers on the county payroll. And rumor has it that Cheryl Evans is comprising her self-respect and has had other staff members go to Chad Bianco to try and keep her job. I also heard Misha Graves is trying to demote back to Correctional Captain, which won’t happen. And Ray Wood will be sitting at home drinking himself into oblivion as he’s thinking about all the young deputies under his wife’s command. Bianco will have to clean house and get rid of the trash like Werges, Rose, Kusy, Smith, Kent, Dekker, Kaas, Brosche, Pelato, Cornett and the rest of the broken toys on the Department.

  5. Stan Sniff in his last act as Sheriff was able to get the Board of Supervisors to issue a proclamation to his entire executive staff. That award is not worth the paper it’s printed on. What an abuse of power, by Stan Sniff and the BOS. None of them deserve any accolades for all the harm they have done to the career’s and reputations of decent, hard working deputies that believed the code of ethics were more than just words on a piece of paper. So what’s next, Stan Sniff going to the Mo Val. City Council to get them to issue a city proclamation to Kurlyowicz, Tyler “rat boy” Clark and Fat Bodnar. May they all rot in hell.

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