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The Desert Sun went off a cliff in 2018. Having Met Sam Metz at the CAGOP Convention in May of 2018, I had a neutral opinion of him. I knew he was young, pretty much fresh out of college. It was clear to me that his editor would have a lot of sway over what he wrote.

Yup, the Desert Sun and Press Enterprise are Toxic Waste.

Then, inexplicably after being the only media outlet to write anything about the massive Deputy Cheating Scandal on the Investigator exam, the Desert Sun endorsed Stan Sniff. The reason? The editor got his nose pushed out of shape because Chad Bianco did not kiss his ring.

The P-E? They had been in the bag for Sniff for years. It was so bad that they shipped an editor off to Rancho Cucamonga after he dared to write a weak story about how Chad Bianco was being retaliated against in Hemet.

This dynamic magnified the impact of the Right on Daily Blog. People were clamoring for REAL news about the corrupt sheriff. Well, they got it.

The latest installment from the Desert Sun? Let’s talk about a purge. Note there is no discussion of the rampant corruption, retaliation, incompetence or cronyism of Sniff’s Management team. This is just a BS CNN-Style hit piece seeking to make the bastards (that is what I think of them) in to victims.

Bianco, who defeated incumbent Sheriff Stan Sniff by a 16.5 percentage-point margin in the November election, said his victory signaled Riverside County residents want change in the sheriff’s department, change that should extend to the top officers.

“The election results were a big win for changing the direction of this department and that change in culture sometimes requires drastic measures,” Bianco said. “Why would I want the same people in place that caused us to get to this position in our department?”

Despite this quote in the article, the narrative was set. It sure looks clear that the Desert Sun has hung a target on the new Sheriff. This is what happens when Media Types get bruised egos. It is also clear to your interpid blogger that most all media outlets in Riverside County resent the Right on Daily Blog. (KMIR being a huge exception as they alone had the courage to tear in to Stan Sniff on legitimate issues)

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The Desert Sun then quotes former Sheriff Bob Doyle (himself the victim of Sniff-Led Smears for years, more on that later):

Although not every incoming sheriff cleans house immediately upon taking office, former Sheriff Bob Doyle said bringing in a new leadership team, as Bianco intends to do, isn’t out of the ordinary.

“Whether it’s in the public or private sector, in a contentious situation, there’s probably going to be people the CEO doesn’t feel he or she can work with,” the former sheriff said. “Especially in this latest election, you had allegations of intimidation by executive staff showing up at campaign events. It makes it difficult for a new sheriff to go in there and feel comfortable with the executive staff that worked for the previous sheriff.”

During campaign season, Bianco and his supporters accused Sniff’s team of dishonesty and intimidation. Tensions reached a boiling point when Capt. Dave Kurylowicz, a vocal Sniff supporter, addressed the Palm Springs City Council and, without substantiation, alleged that Bianco harbored anti-LGBTQ prejudice. Captains are not part of the Sheriff’s Department’s Executive Staff.

“You had a captain lying and setting up a candidate,” Doyle said. “How should he trust anyone when they’ve shown that they’re liars? Why would you want to keep that person?”

Well Duh. It is rumored that Kurly is attempting to hide, or may well have been transferred out of the MoVal Station at the request of their City Council. That loser also accused your intrepid blogger of homophobia, etc, which was regurgitated on the pages of the Desert Sun in the same article attacking Chad Bianco. (Note that they slipped in the words “without substantiation” in to this article in order to cover themselves for libeling your intrepid blogger and circumventing the need to print a retraction)

The B-S also quoted Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood. Wood has a long history of corruption and thuggish behavior. He should be grateful that he got to retire without being investigated for what he has done (beyond attacking my wife). 

The Desert Sun cement their stupidity in this article as your intrepid blogger has posted several photos of Sniff Management going to Bianco Events. I have some neat photos of Huskey, Purvis (who later endorsed Bianco), Wood, Ford, Vest and a bunch of their butt-monkeys at Bianco Events. The Desert Sun article does not connect Doyle’s Comments to the proof, instead their abject Bias performs a partial-birth abortion of Journalism. One of the main reasons for Bianco’s anticipated HOUSE CLEANING (referred to by the B-S as a Purge) is because of the thuggery of the Management team. That may well be reason #1, the rank and file deserve better than threats, intimidation and retaliation. Imagine that, and your intrepid blogger posted hundreds of hours worth of proof.

However, the B-S completes their article by re-establishing their narrative. They quoted arguably the most reviled piece of slime in Sniff’s Management Team, Kevin Vest. Vest has been involved in more than just stonewalling the transition and refusing to return phone calls or emails. Vest is alleged to have been assigned the job of stonewalling the Board of Supervisors as it pertains to budget issues. His quotes in the article are bald-faced lies, but support the narrative of the editors of the B-S so they were ran unchallenged.

Stan Sniff wrote an op-ed that his Butt-Monkeys in the Press Enterprise ran. It was so absurd that I won’t link to it. Suffice to say, anyone with real knowledge of the situation within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office would hang their head in disbelief after reading it. Such is the status of Riverside Journalism going in to 2019. 

P.S. Kevin Vest is still palling around with Jeff Van Wagenen in hopes of getting a coveted county I-T Job. Should he get that job, he would be able to monitor all of the communication between the DA’s office and the Sheriff’s Department. 

P.P.S. Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela got an unpaid appointment to the Eastvale Public Safety commission. She and Jessica Gore were photographed at a city event full of Sniff Butt-Monkeys. It is unclear where she or Gore will be placed by Van Wagenen and crew permanently.

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  18 Responses to “Riverside Sheriff’s Office Update: Desert Sun Hatchet Job and Whiny P-E Editorial by Sniff Sum up 2018 Race”

  1. This is pathetic. All those Sniff ass kissers were riding high on their power operating on retaliation, lies, adultry, murder, bribery, cheating on time cards and tests are now groveling for their jobs. Like Purvis, who claims he was a “victim” of Sniffles and in order to keep his first position with RSD he “had to” become Banning PD Chief and hand Banning over to RSO. When he failed, he sued city of Banning for a shit load of money claiming bogus “emotional distress” caused by a ‘Banning council member’. Sniff immediately hired Purv back to babysit Bianco in Hemet. Purvis was only looking out for Purv, as are all of the 2nd floor shit heads and Sniffle’s personal goons. Bianco needs to clean house. Even now Sniffles et al are busy setting up Bianco for failure. Clearly, after a unbelievably ugly campaign by Sniff and ‘friends’ (keeping in mind those of his friends that flipped) this is not a situation where Bianco can keep his friends close and enemies closer. Just ask Sniffles.

  2. Bob Doyle sure hit the nail on the head when he was interviewed about this disgusting cry-baby douche bag. What a complete disgrace to all of law enforcement this little bitch is. Another typical Stan Sniff promotion, the furthest thing from a leader that you could ever get. Remember this liar?

  3. Chad Bianco needs to clean house, none of the current second floor staff can be trusted, no matter how much they claim to be loyal to Bianco. If he lets any one of them stay, they will betray him and stab him in the back to get Horton elected in 2022. Chad needs to show the leadership required of the position and cut these parade of opportunists lose, or else it will come back to bite him in the ass. “Those that cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” A good example would be Bobby Doyle, he was told by Larry Smith to not promote Stan Sniff to the second floor, but he did not listen to reason and promoted Sniff to the executive staff, and it cost Bobby Doyle dearly. So Chad Bianco needs to remember this come January and get rid of everybody, or else he will end up like Bobby Doyle.

  4. and….. not only should Sheriff Bianco clean house and get rid of these pieces of trash, the names that have come up so many times on this blog, but, in addition,

    Every cop still working the beat needs to be “letter of the law” with everyone of them. They got nothin coming! They screwed so many of your brothers and sisters

    Karma MF’s starting with old man Sniff down. You are done old man, get the fuck out.

  5. The rank and file will be very dissapointed if Bianco does not eliminate corruption, inefficiency and incompetence, starting with the second floor and working his way down to the station level. The executive staff did noting but enrich themselves at the expense of good people. They screwed over competent staff members worthy of promotion and special assignments just to advance their substandard tools into positions of authority. Kurlyowicz, Hall, Kusy, Smith, Werges, Dekker, Rose, Manning, Kent, Kaas, Wade, Fredricks, Cornett and the rest of the dead weight needs to be cut away before they take Binaco’s administration down with them.

  6. I agree with all of you. Bianco needs to get rid of the cancer with radiation and Chemo therapy. Many of Sniff supporters have flipped and pretend to be Bianco supporters. He needs to trust no one by giving them the middle finger and only trust his group that were loyal to him from the inception of his campaign. Sniff and his goons will go to great efforts to make sure Bianco serves one term.

  7. @87the swing, don’t forget all those samples at PSB. Especially, Mark Butt storm.

  8. Rumor control has it that A/S Kevin Vest is pulling a Cheryl Evans and is trying to convince Chad Bianco supporters that he should be kept on in 2019 as part of the executive staff. Of all the people that need to be walked out of the second floor first should be Cheryl Evans and Kevin Vest, followed by Horton, Gutierrez and the rest of the Lemon Street slime.

    Those two buffoons will be anything but loyal to Bianco’s administration. Cheryl Evans and Kevin Vest are political appointees that did nothing in their careers, they screwed over good people for their own agendas, and had no remorse for their evil deeds. Kevin Vest publicity stated that Stan Sniff was a genius when it came to managing the Department (when he was promoted to A/S), and now he’s a Bianco supporter. You can’t have it both ways Kevin, and all this just shows you have no dignity, ethics or self-respect.

    Jeff Kubel is another one that needs to go because he is two-faced, and made a trade-off when it came to his integrity at Temecula and is not considered a man of principle when he failed to maintain standards regarding a marginal supervisor. Kubel is another one that did nothing in his career, the only patrol station he worked as a deputy was Temecula, was a patrol sergeant for a year (at Temecula) before he went to Planning for a year, was promoted to Lt and went back to Temecula for 2 years, went to the courts for 2 years, PSB for a year and was promoted to Captain and went back to Temecula. This guy never worked a “fast-paced and challenging environment,” yet he is executive staff material.

    But then again, neither did a majority of Sniff’s command staff. Bianco needs to get rid of these losers or else it will come back to haunt him come re-election time.

  9. Rumor has it that Peckerhead Wood retired December 26, any truth to the rumor? And if so, when’s the party so we can wish this cretin a fond farewell. I bet he has a mosh pit as part of the celebration in his back yard, fucking redneck ridge runner. You give banjo babies a bad name buddy.

  10. So, you have a hillbilly (Wood) breeding with a sea hag (Raemie), only in “Riverside Country” could this become a reality. I wonder how Raemie is gonna feel about Ray Ray spending all his time at Monster Truck Rallies looking at all the little redneck hoochies in cowgirl boots and denim daisy dukes now that he’s retired? Maybe he will be able to bully his W/C adjuster into accepting his claim. Ray, I hear LAPD is going to use your OIS in the desert for training purposes in “How not to panic” when on a D-Platoon call-out. So how does it feel Ray Ray that you and the sea hag will be remembered in disreput for all eternity. You both earned it.

  11. Kevin Vest should be shown the door by Bianco, he is nothing more than a walking disease, and a plague upon the Department. He never earned, or deserved a position on the second floor, and for him to go behind Sniff’s back and now plead to keep his cushy job is unacceptable, and embarrassing. He will never be loyal to Bianco, no matter what he says. His only claim to fame was traffic, (those 11-82’s must have been brutal), and spying on staff members emails. And he bragged about how he screwed those under his command (because he could), and never thought about the consequences to their careers. Kevin Vest is a spiteful and vindictive person, and has been known to retaliate against the rank and file, so he needs to be sent packing come January,’or else he will continue with his evil ways, and sow hate and discontent in Buanco’s administration.

  12. Kevin Vest is a looser if he is beseeching Bianco to keep his job and continue to sponge off the backs of hard working deputies. No matter how much your grovel, you will still be walked out. Your petitions to stay on the second floor will fall on deaf ears you putrid swine. You felt no remorse for all the damage you caused to careers, and your self-inflated ego would not allow you to see the truth, that what you were doing was wrong, and evil. Furthermore, you said to more then one staff member that you would give a fair and honest look into their concerns, which you never did and just rubber stamped the unjust discipline you issued. So remember this when your removed from power because you will be just another punk on the street. I hope your retirement is the same living hell you put others through.

  13. With all the incidents of malfeasance, nepotism, cronyism and favoritism exposed on ROD, it’s a wonder that the DA has not launched an investigation into the world of Sniff and Co. Granted it could be one politician washing the hands of another politician, or maybe it’s that the DA is looking to save his office from the onslaught of motions, with limited capital if he does conduct an investigation into Stan Sniff’s regime because if he does, how many convictions will come under scrutiny from all the staff members involved in unethical behavior. How many convictions will be overturned, how many staff members, past and present, will be Brady material. How many staff members, like Robert Epps, would be facing prosecution. Granted I am not defending the decision to not investigate Sniff’s “den of theives” but at a minimum, an independent (Christopher type) commission should be initiated to see where Sniff and the second floor went wrong, and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The Board of Supervisors at a minimum owe this to the good people of Riverside County. But then again, politicians have not been known for “doing the right thing, for the right reason.”

  14. You also forgot to mention the potential for civil actions. Not only for the bad guys, but for the staff members done wrong as well. But the county will settle with a crook with a leas than righteous claim before giving a dollar to a county employee with a legitimate claim. Maybe that is the true reason Mike Hestein refuses to do anything. In saving money, the county denies justice for those that have put their lives on the line every day to keep the public safe. So the bottom line may be that those wronged by the second floor and their mutant retards they promoted into positions of authority will never be held accountable for their malfeasance, and are allowed to ride off into obscurity with their lucrative payouts, and their victims will never receive the justice they deserve. It all comes down to money, plain and simple. And if there was an investigation done at the local level, I would not expect much out of it. The lady with the scales of justice keeps her blindfold on, unless there is money involved, then the blindfold comes off.

  15. Maybe the true reason nothing is being done is because the BOS is keeping the DA from looking into Stan Sniff’s activities because any subsequent investigation could lead them into looking at the KPMG $40 million debacle involving public funds.

    Something needs to be done, but at the federal level, that is the only way the truth about county government will come out. A Robert Mueller type of inquiry starting at the second floor would keep them busy, for quite a while.

  16. So, Lyndon “The Executioner” Wood saw that his incompetence was going to be exposed and decided to go out under a workers comp claim instead of going out with what little dignity and respect he had left.

    That was a petty move on your part Ray, and will always be remembered for this. Maybe you could get a cushy consulting, or security job working for Monster Jam. At least you will get in for free, and they might even let you bring baby doll, or Raemie, or both into the event.

    But if you panic under pressure this time ”like you did in the desert” I doubt Monster Jam will back you. What a weak individual you are. There are subordinates that were under your command that went through more than you ever did in your mediocre career to earn the respect and honor that you will never be remembered for.

    You don’t deserve the easy retirement you got from the county, you did nothing to earn it ya punk.

  17. Word in town, is that many of the retired Sniff cartel capos will be applying at American Airlines as flight attendants.

  18. Ray Wood was another one that would do his homework in his office for his degree in CJ, but everyone suspects that Kevin Vest has satanized Ray Wood’s files so it don’t show up come January. Yet Ray would be the first one to chastise a Deputy for doing the same thing.

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