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Confirmed, Jeff Van Wagenen is still trying to place Sniff Management in the under age 50 range. The pernicious rumor of Van Wagenen placing the reviled Kevin Vest in a place where he will be able to monitor all of the communications and data of the Sheriff’s Department is painfully real. As recently as two days ago, Van Wagenen and Vest were seen together.

A few weeks ago, I got a tip that Dave Brown was working as a consultant for the City of Menifee regarding spending their windfall from their fiscally irresponsible 1 Cent Sales Tax Increase. One of the items was Matt Liesmeyer’s lifelong dream of a Menifee PD. No issue with Dave Brown getting paid, in fact, since the Menifee City Council post Neil “Nuclear” Winter was determined to get their own PD why not have Dave Brown involved in starting it? The issue with the Menifee sales tax increase is what the Council has been doing with the money (such as allowing unionization of City Employees and taking on more long term obligations).

The presence of Brown in the Menifee PD picture basically means that the interviews the Menifee City Manager was having with Sniff management personnel may as well have never happened.

There has been limited info on the status of Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela or Jessica Gore, wife of now Sergeant Jason Gore (A central figure in the massive cheating scandal). Both worked for the Corrupt Sheriff, both are expected to get the assistance of Jeff Van Wagenen in to another taxpayer funded job. If anyone has any information on the status of these two, please reach out to us. Many of their victims over the years are curious to know where their soft landing will be…

An interesting note: Donald Vincent Brooks was convicted of a Felony and a Misdemeanor. It is always interesting when you criticize cops, because even a known racist like Mike Cornett can be an effective investigator. While Cornett does not have a good reputation in any facet of police work, it sure appears that what he was telling people about Brooks’ situation was accurate. Cornett is still on the Brady List and will forever be remembered for getting away with being a major figure in the cheating scandal at the expense of Lance Colmer. (Who was basically made the scapegoat)

Chad Bianco will be sworn in on January 8th. 

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  2 Responses to “12-23 Riverside Law Enforcement Drama Update”

  1. Sorry intrepid blogger hate to inform you . Donald Brooks screwed up big time . Loved by many due to his funny personality but he was a cop and lost his cool. He made some poor decisions and dishonored the badge, let down his brothers and sisters in uniform and most importantly let down his daughter. He committed crimes and was found guilty by a non biased jury. Easy to say racist , racist racist but the personal beliefs of the investigators and the district attorneys office did not change the investigation or outcome. We on the law enforcement family have seen many minorities walk without charges filed. Race was not an an issue here based on my knowledge of what happened . Statements were audio recorded , testimonies were given in court and a verdict was rendered. Bottom line Donald screwed up and no one else did.

    Blogger’s Note: It is verifiable fact that both Tony Pelato and Mike Cornett have several incidents in their file that suggest they are racists. Unlike this comment, however, the post acknowledges that even racists can get cases correct. It is clear then that the person leaving this comment had a personal stake in the outcome of this case or else the comment would have been more dispassionate and would have acknowledged the post.

  2. I dislike Cornett and Pelato, I think they are both self serving jackasses, but this was no set up. You cant threaten people via text messages when you know that it can be looked at anytime with a search warrant. His GF lied about a 288, but that does stop the text messages from being what they were. To the blogger, I like Brooks, I enjoyed working with him, he is funny and humble, but he lost his cool. Maybe rightfully so. I’d be pissed to if my baby momma was not letting me see my kid to. I’d say stuff I dont really mean, just out of frustration. So I get it and believe this case was way blown out of proportion, but at the same time, the text messages and recorded statements are what they are. Not because he is black, but because he said them. I wish Brooks the best of luck in the future and thank you Aaron for continuing to report on Sniffs jackassory before Bianco cleans house. In the famous words of Stevie D (to Mattieu Burden, after Burden got kicked outa Elsinore) “Bye Bitches, you wont be missed”

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