Nov 252018

Sniff claimed he asked other agencies to do the event before cancelling it. It looks like yet another absurdity out of him.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest, who Sniff tried to install in his place for the lame duck period was left to send an embarrassing email covering for the insane decision to cancel the event:

From: “Vest, Kevin” <KVest@RIVERSIDESHERIFF.ORG>
Date: November 21, 2018 at 14:55:51 PST
To: “Reynolds, Misty” <>, “Feltenberger, Danny” <>, “Petersen, Evan” <>, “Kondrit, David” <>, “Sharp, Donald” <>, “Perdue, Robert” <>, “Purvis, Leonard” <>, “Hedge, Daniel” <>, “Peebles, Robert” <>, “Pemberton, Joseph” <>, “Kurylowicz, David” <>, “Fellows, Gregory” <>, “Anne, Daniel” <>, “McConnell, Lisa” <>, “Webb, Coby” <>, “Shields, John” <>, “Negron, Gregory” <>, “Jimenez, Matthew” <>, “Nordstrom, David” <>, “Teets, David” <>, “Huskey, Jason” <>, “Aveling, Matt” <>, “Armstrong, James” <>, “Delgado, Edward” <>
Cc: “Ford, Christopher” <>, “Kubel, Jeffrey” <>, “Graves, Misha” <>, “Evans, Cheryl” <>, “Raya, Geoffrey” <>, “Horton, Jason” <>, “Gutierrez, Jerry” <>, “Cleary, Joseph” <>, “Di Yorio, William” <>
Subject: Blue Light Ceremonies


The Blue Light ceremony was cancelled, but will now continue as originally planned.  The annual Blue Light Ceremony is a tradition that allows the community and law enforcement to reflect and honor those that have given their life for the residents of our county. Regardless of the challenges presented to us, it is essential that these ceremonies continue as they have become a part of our culture, history and are woven into the fabric of Riverside County. Those honored at the Blue Light represent the best in Riverside County law enforcement and come from all the agencies that serve our communities.

Chief Reyes and the Palm Springs Police Department will lead the coordination of the Coachella Valley event which is scheduled for December 10, 2018 at 6:00 pm.

Chief Diaz and the Riverside Police Department will lead the coordination of the Riverside event which is scheduled for December 17, 2018 at 6:00 pm.

Kevin L. Vest

Assistant Sheriff

Administration, Courts, Coroner & Public Administrator


While I am thrilled to see the other agencies step up – it is disturbing to watch Sniff burning down the department on his way out the door.

In addition, we received a Bob Epps update. He is continuing to run his empire from the Bomb Squad despite multiple instances and documented evidence he is crooked.

It has also been told to this blogger by more than one source that Stan Sniff has already cleared his office out. “The Second Floor” is also reputed to be a ghost town.

Stay tuned, another 5 1/2 weeks to go…

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  15 Responses to “Stan Sniff’s Final Days: After Social Media Pressure, Blue Light Event is Back On (With Other Agencies Leading it) And Other Updates”

  1. Cleaned his office and is out selling tamales at the Farmers market across the street.

  2. Why does Looser Sniff look like his mouth is full in that picture? What is it stuffed with?

  3. Mmmmm, he makes those facial gestures when he doesn’t get his way. That picture is from the candidate forum in Riverside. He saw the room filled with Bianco supporters and felt left out, isolated and bombarded.

  4. @Mmmm it’s crow

  5. Looking at that email and all the receivers, it appears fat Vest left Sniffcumpoop off the email. Is he not even reviewing emails from the Dept?

    If his offfice is empty, why not let Sheriff Bianco move in and start TCB, taking care of business?

    He would allow this if one of his little bitches (like vest, Horton, or yo-yo) was taking over.

  6. Sniffcompoop is acting like a petulant child, which is really how he ran the department. I suppose this is his last form of punishment (unless a Christmas list comes out, god help us if it does) before he finally goes away.

    Meanwhile, I’m sure what’s left of the second floor are rolling around aimlessly scouring LinkedIn for a new job or rallying for a captain’s position. It serves them right to suffer with all the malfeasance, stupidity, and mediocrity they bestowed upon us. Not one ever said, “Stop!” or attempted to do the right think because they were so worried for themselves. Never acting for the greater good.

    At least the ceremonies are back on, albeit due to whatever pressure they’re feeling and the icy stares they all receive now that their days are numbered.

    Now if one or two would just do the right thing and treat our new sheriff proper. The old man is out anyway and obviously isn’t in need of his “worship me” office. It’s true if it were anyone Sniff wanted for this position, he or she would be sending department memos and gloating.

    I just wonder if Sniffcompoop wakes up humming the James Bond theme whilst V. Hill rubs his hairy shoulders with Johnson & Johnson’s Baby oil.

  7. This just shows what poor losers the entire second floor are. They were promoted not because of their abilities, but because they were willing to do whatever evi Stan Sniff asked then to do. And now that the day of reckoning is here, they want to play the victim. Vest has only two years patrol experience, never did anything in his career, other than retrieve Mark DiMaggio’s emails critical of Val Hill and Sniff what’s to make him acting Sheriff, unbelievable. We are all hoping that Riverside County’s version of the Christopher Commission will begin soon. This is the least the tax payers are entitled to.

  8. Mmmmm…That pic was actually taken while Rey Bodnar went up to try and support Sniff…And she failed miserably, the train wreck she normally is…Yes, that disdain is from her comments…

  9. I am also hearing that the second floor is a ghost town. So if it’s true, I would like to see their 344 to see what time bank(s) the executive staff are using to take this time off. The second floor has fired staff members for the same thing they are doing, and if I was one of those fired, I would subpoena their payroll records to see what time off they did not put in for the days they have taken off. And Lt. Bostrom in IA has been looking to file criminally on a deputy for theft of time, well now is his chance to do so.

  10. Those politicians are going to hate being associated with Bob Epps, especially when the interviews start, and those same politicians will be asked “what statements did Sgt. Epps say about…” and they can’t deny knowing him because of the photographs. Bob Epps deserves to be investigated for his illicit behavior as the bomb sergeant. And what’s even more disgusting is that he can’t even act like a supervisor and has to have Lt. Worthless, I mean Lt. Werges fire good cops off the bomb squad because he don’t have the integrity to do it himself. But then again, what can you expect from someone whose only job was to read and stack ammo cans in the military.

  11. What’s the latest with Ali. He’s been really quiet lately, has the transition to sniff to Bianco started already. Just 3 weeks ago it was “ Bianco attacked my family vote for Sniff!” Now we hear nothing from Mr Goat flavored slurpy. He’s realizing it’s bad for his business n he needs his CCW now watch him beg for mercy. The best part is him n Sniff won’t have a reason to be friends anymore since it doesn’t benifit them to. Good times ahead !!!

  12. 1Edward31: For those who are not deputies, please explain what a ” 344″ is.?

  13. @Layman Terms, a 344 is equivalent to a time card. It is pre-filled with your work days and hours. If you are sick you have to submit a supplemental 344 with the adjusted time code. This is supposed to be done to prevent theft. If you don’t correct your 344 you are guilty of theft.

    So, I would love to see Admins 344’s to see all of the theft occurring on the 2ND floor. Besides, if you use more than 2 sick days you need a doctors note. I highly doubt that is happening either.

    Stanley, is a low life piece of trash. So, are all the soon to be unemployed trash he surrounded himself with. This is why there needs to be an independent inspector general to keep things like this from happening again.

  14. Form 344 is a payroll activity report that you submit every pay period, if you want to get paid. You have to account for the amount of time you work, or don’t work, meaning if you are not on-duty during a normal work day, you have to submit for the time off as either vacation time, sick leave, or use holiday or comp. time off in order to maintain a 40-hour work week (full time employment). This includes the executive staff, they too are required to account for their duty time, which I would bet they have not for a long time. And manipulatiion of a payroll activity report to show you have been working when you were actually off is an integrity issues, and will lead to termination, unless you are on the second floor because the rules don’t apply to them.

  15. I am just guessing here…but aren’t Executive staff (Chief and above) salaried employees? Meaning that they are not hourly employees and as a result, they are “at will” employees and can be fired at any time. Not sure. Maybe someone knows better.

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