Nov 092018

As you can imagine the rank and file in the Sheriff’s Department are elated.

Pictured is Chief Deputy Jason “Deuce” Horton – he has said to some that he is going to run for Sheriff in 4 years against Sheriff-Elect Chad Bianco. Then, later, he was attempting to brown nose to keep a job. Horton is 48 and needs another 15 months or so for a full retirement. #EPICFAIL He better hope the file about the DUI he allegedly got away with was destroyed by his pals in Sheriff’s Admin. (If it is untrue, then he has a lot of issues to worry about anyway)

Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood – another Chief Deputy is suddenly ill. Something about heart issues, no one I spoke to knew anything about Wood having health issues as just two weeks ago he was threatening people in their offices. Rumors are just that, rumors. One set has him putting in his retirement papers and another set has him attempting to medically tap out.

Update: It appears that Chief Deputy Ray Wood did indeed end up in the ER on Wed with some sort of legitimate heart issue. All my opinions of him aside, I hope he is OK physically. Never, EVER root for people you don’t like or political enemies to suffer ill, otherwise you’re no better than the ill you attempt to defeat at the ballot box. Good luck Ray and recover fully.

Another insane rumor that turns out to be partially true is an alleged Stan Sniff temper tantrum, no, not the infamous video folks, a real tantrum. It appears he had to be talked out of shutting down the CCW Department as his refusal to have reasonable CCW issuance practices was a major campaign issue. (And exposed the hypocrisy of the NRA and H Paul Payne) Somehow, shutting the CCW department down was supposed to accomplish something.

That’s correct, a sitting Sheriff had a serious enough conversation that even his butt monkies (ohhh there is that word again) had to talk him out of yet another felony stupid move.

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In other news – Sheriff-Elect Chad Bianco has made it clear that the Kevin Duffy Serial Child Molestation Case will be followed up on and finished the right way.

Your intrepid blogger has received multiple reports of Shred Trucks parked at or near the Sheriff’s Admin Office. I am not 100% sure what that means, but I have written many times I am of the opinion that Sniff and Crew will seek to cover their tracks.

The malicious prosecution of Donald Vincent Brooks is continuing. (Again, my opinion of the case) The investigator in the case that I think is dirty was attempting to brown-nose the Sheriff Elect after the election.

Your intrepid blogger was contacted by Stan Sniff major donor and failed assembly candidate Mohammad Ali Mazarei to pay off on a bet he made with me related to the election. I have not determined if I am going to return the call.

A personal note to Riverside DA Mike Hestrin: It was put to me that you refused to endorse Chad Bianco because of this blog. I don’t know you and I have never met you. I hope that rumor is false, not because I care, but because it makes you look weak in the face of corruption. That is not a good look for a DA who looks to be busy for a while with several messes within the Sheriff’s Department. Help the Sheriff clean it up so four years from now I have little or nothing to write about.

Several photos on social media started to emerge post election. In one case, it appears that the Sheriff or one of his Butt-Monkies got a group photo from Chad Bianco’s home station of Hemet removed. It is re-posted here.

I do not envy the job Chad Bianco has to deal with. But, man do I think he is equal to the task.

Your Intrepid Blogger will continue to follow up as events warrant. Thanks again to all within RSO and interested citizens that had the courage to come forward. I may have been the forum, but all of you supplied me with the tools to play a role in this election.

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  7 Responses to “Post-Election Follow Up in Riverside County – Fallout Happening in Real Time”

  1. Horton was a big Doyle supporter, then flipped for Stanley when it was his only choice for survival and self-preservation. Prior to sniff getting appointed he talked shit on him. (Just like his daddy). All of us knew he would be the first one to start sucking up to Bianco. He has experience in this behavior. There will be many more following his lead.

    Watch out Werges, it sounds like Ray is tapping out, that don’t sound good for you.. Keep your eye on the fire in Ventura, it might be getting close to the equipment you are responsible for. Maybe you should have had the county garage put Velcro on those doors.

    Stan having a tantrum? Imagine that. You people on the second floor should get him a cake too. “Everyone likes cake”

    What is up with Kurly?

  2. It’s one thing to support your boss, but quite another when you bad mouth the potential “new guy,” and when he wins the seat, to “flip” like an FBI informant. Goes to show the ass clowns still believe “the show will go on,” what with their antics and kiss butting just to keep their power positions. Pathetic

    Hopefully, the new sheriff will clean house (like the second floor is – sounds like a CIA Black Op mission gone awry and now we must get rid of the evidence).

    The shake up is just what is needed for this department. Admin has been too complacent, selfish, and intimidating to proceed with the new sheriff.

    Lot’s of cleaning to do. I’m sure Bianco can do it.

    By the way, Sniff, Departmemt morale is at an all time high!!

    Bianco is Sheriff – 2018!!

  3. Aaron, have Ali donate your bet to Chad Bianco’s campaign. Time to kiss ass Ali….

  4. It’s amazing how much morale has already improved since Lt. Bianco won the election. Just the joy of knowing we will be turning this ship in a brand new direction has all of us excited and every deputy I have talked to wants to be able to help the new sheriff in some way. We will ALL get our opportunities to help by finally working together and actually having a sheriff who cares about all of us more than himself. We can finally be like some of the other departments who actually treat their department members like good human beings and take care of each other. We are looking forward to the future with Sheriff Bianco and a new administration. A huge shout out to all the voters in this county who care about their law enforcement officers, THANK YOU!!!

  5. It is amazing how a number of Sniff supporters are now claiming to secretly support Bianco. These cowards are unbelievable!

    The chiefs who had one-on-one THREATENING sessions with employees need to leave. The election was the EASY part, the hard work of rebuilding RSOs reputation and performance. The Dekkers who lied about others for advancment needs to be looked at. A promotion undeserving and an insult!

  6. John Jones: In regards to the secret supporters so true. I have a FB admin who was a strong supporter of Sniff and she refuse to post Chad’s Meet and Greets and the Kevin Duffy Case. So she calls me ( after Chad won) regretting supporting Sniff.

  7. Jason Horton has been known to flip-flop on issues for his own benefit. When he was accused of cheating on a promotional test, he applied for LAPD and talked all kinds of junk about Riverside Country. But he stayed and before the election, he talked about how great a Department he was working for. So he can’t be believed in anything he says because he has no credibility.

    As for Ray Wood, if he does have a legitimate health issue, as a fellow human being, I feel for him and hope he does get better. But as a Department member that suffered under Sniff’s regime, I have no sympathy for Peckerhead Wood becauae he was not a good person, and never knew how to treat people well. All he cared about was how it benefited him. And they do not call Ray Wood “Redneck Ray” just for the hell of it. And everyone is looking to see how his claim will be processed. I have known of fellow staff members that had to fight the second floor tooth and nail throughout the process to get their claim accepted. One staff member took them two years to get a work related heart ailment claim accepted, another deputy with an on-duty back injury is still fighting the second floor going on two years. Another staff member that has a heart issue and was in the hospital for a week had his claim denied and is fighting with the second floor. But will Wood’s claim be accepted because he’s “one of the cool kids” on the second floor. Ray Wood may be part of the executive staff, but it don’t give this hillbilly special status to have his claim approved ahead of others that have been waiting several years to have their claim approved.

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