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One of the recurring themes during my 13 month detonation of Stan Sniff was that he could care less about the plight of injured employees.

Again and again, I was contacted by legitimately injured employees whose claims were all getting denied, paperwork kicked back repeatedly and people who ended up being forced to hire Worker’s Comp Attorneys over what should have been three month injuries that turned in to permanent disabilities because County Worker’s Comp refused to treat the injury when it could have been contained early.

I am talking about Back Injuries, that were minor to moderate that were allowed to degenerate while County Admin ran through their time-tested procedure of DENY DENY DENY regardless of merit. This is the heartless actuarial formula called mitigation by denial. This is the sort of behavior Insurance Carriers get accused of, but is rarely ever done on my side of the Insurance World.

Only twice in my 21 year career have I ever had to advise an insured to retain an attorney and sue the Insurance Carrier I placed them (or their employer) with. It has, however been put to this blogger repeatedly that several well-meaning employees in the County of Riverside tell injured workers off the record to hire an attorney because their claim is going to be denied.

Where does Stan Sniff come in? It appears that Worker’s Comp Claims of his chosen few were “picked up” almost immediately as opposed to the usual 2-3 year fight that the County puts up against the “Non-Chosen”. This suggests that either the Union President calling the County or the Sheriff Calling has an impact on the outcome.

I blistered Stan Sniff several times over attempting to use injured employees as campaign props. One of the assertions I made is that once they were no longer useful, he’d forget about them.

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Witness Jay Youngblood. Witness Jason McMillan. While Sniff never visited McMillan in the hospital, he was there to stage pictures with McMillan for his social media. Christopher Brandon Ford was apparently present at Youngblood’s bedside attempting to recruit Youngblood on to team Sniff.

It is apparent that Youngblood did not play ball as County Worker’s Comp is doing their usual. Youngblood is PARALYZED and COUNTY WORKER’S COMP IS REFUSING REHAB OR ADA modifications to his house! Read the previous sentences again. When the County is not busy taking minor or medium knee/back injuries and making them permanent by an arrogant, heartless, merciless blanket refusal to pay for basic medical services – they are also denying service to a paralyzed deputy as well.

Who has oversight of the Bureaucrats in Riverside County’s Worker’s Comp? That’s right: Kevin Jeffries, Marion Ashley, John Taviglione, Chuck Washington and V Manuel Perez. None have said a peep for years while these repeated abuses occur.

Ashley and Taviglinone are retiring and will be replaced by Karen Spiegel and Russ Bogh/Jeff Hewitt (who is leading). Perhaps the Riverside County Board of Supervisors need to be hammered for the denial of basic medical care to legitimately injured employees? This cuts across party lines.

Note – Since the County of Riverside is a Government Agency and is self-insured, they act like they are EXEMPT from most of the regulatory oversight regular Worker’s Compensation Carriers have. This also suggests that the County thinks the only recourse for injured employees is to sue and they are taking full advantage. This artificially created employee versus government environment was deliberately created to break the system to get people crying for socialized medicine as a solution for uniform standards. All it takes is the County Board of Supervisors intervening and changing the culture of abuse in County Admin as opposed to a state-run Worker’s Comp monopoly (which would be worse for EVERYONE).

Blogger’s Note: anyone being abused by the County of Riverside should file a complaint with the Department of Industrial Relations, they have oversight of all Worker’s Comp in California (self-insured or otherwise)

Meantime, here is Jay Youngblood being forced to Crowd Fund for his necessary medical expenses. This is an outrage, but is posted so you can get involved and help Jay as well as to pressure the feckless board of supervisors to do their job and deal with the abuses.

My brother, Jay Youngblood, is a Deputy from the Riverside County Sheriffs Department. On July 24, 2018, Jay was training to become a motorcycle officer and was in a catastrophic accident which, in medical terms, left him as a T4 complete injury. In non-medical terms means Jay is paralyzed from the chest down. We are praying this is not God’s plans for the remainder of his life and we know that if anyone can overcome such odds it’s Jay.

Jay has been home from the hospital for almost 2 months and his kitchen still remains inaccessible to him, making simple tasks such as getting something to eat or drink impossible without assistance.  We have been trying to work within the system for months and are now out of options. You would think since Jay was injured on duty, that the County of Riverside Workman’s Compensation would be helping Jay, unfortunately that is not the case.

Jay has requested to attend a rehabilitation center that specializes in spinal cord injuries to increase his chances of overcoming this injury, however the county keeps kicking it back.

WE NEED HELP!!! All donations will go directly to my brother to cover the necessities to make everyday life accessible to him, necessities that Workman’s Comp is not covering.

It looks like the County of Riverside has determined that Jay Youngblood being paralyzed versus rehabilitation of the injury is the most cost-effective solution. Who cares about Jay’s future quality of life. The Riverside County Board of Supervisors? Crickets.

P.S. The link to file a complaint with the DIR is here. DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS WEBSITE

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  20 Responses to “Chad Bianco’s Mess: Abusive, Bureaucratic Riverside County Worker’s Comp to Paralyzed Deputy Jay Youngblood: UP YOURS (and he isn’t the only one)”

  1. Stan can absolutely do something about Jay if he wanted to, If he cared. Case in point, Nola Tainter out of the blue donated $2000.00 to stans mess of a campaign. Shortly after the donation her husband Lee Tainter gets a call from Di Yorio letting him know his full industrial disability retirement had been approved and granted. Why would Di Yorio make a personal call right after a sizable donation????

  2. Since Lee Tainter comes up, Does Anyone remember Mr. Leather?

  3. Lee Tainter…..biggest joke of RSO. Unreal he didn’t kill himself and others on HDT.

    He should have NEVER been rehired after the Mr Leather stunt.

  4. You can also contact the State of California Insurance Commissioner and file a complaint for discrimination. In addition, request they send their investigators to perform a ” Forensic Audit ” on all claims for the past 3 years. Also note, if they denied your medical / medical durables / home improvements due to medical necessity services after being prescribed by the treating physician you can apply a 10% penalty to the entire settlement of your claim.

  5. I have to admit Mr. Leather’s antics was comical and it was done in the ’80s when law enforcement was fun, aggressive, and people had a sense of humor.

    We did things differently back in the day that some of the snowflakes would be offended.

    Was it right what Tainter did? Of course not, but it was funny as hell.

  6. Jay is a Bianco supporter… why would Sniff want to help? Jay is just a pawn to him! Thank Goe Sniff got his ass kicked. Fight the good fight Jay!

  7. I agree with Chad about Chuck Washington, & here is my take, how is it that a pilot that was not rich suddenly becomes very, very rich when he gets into office? Chuck Washington should be investigated, follow the money folks.

  8. There are a lot of things done in the past that are not acceptable now. But in all honesty, Lee Tainter was a lose cannon, and was lucky he did not kill himself while on the bomb team. Some things we have experienced are funny, but morality is morally, and some of the things we do in private should stay in private. What Lee did would have gotten him fired, and rightfully so. And as for his W/C claim being accepted by the second floor (after the donation), what about the sergeant with a heart issue that spent a week in the hospital, his claim was still denied by the second floor. The executive staff should be prosecuted for thei illicit behavior.

  9. Maybe that sergeant with the heart issue should give a donation himself to the second floor for his workers comp. claim to be accepted. But for those that don’t know, Nola Tainter was an executive assistant to the Sheriff, and was allowed to park her car in the pit at the jail while everyone else had to park blocks away at the county parking lot. Although this questionable donation would be considered similar to what organized crime does in order to gvie theiir blessings, in the form of favors like accepting Lee Tainter’s claim. This is nothing more than a form of extortion by the executive staff.

  10. Deputy Ochoa at the famous, “or infamous” Lake Elsinore Station, was injured during an on-duty altercation several years ago and I believe ended up having back surgery and now walks with a cane. His W/C claim was denied by the second floor and Deputy Ochoa ended up losing his house and he and his family had to move in with other family members in order to have a roof over his head.

    This was a legitimate injury, yet the second floor did nothing to help out this staff member get the benefits he was entitled to. Although they go out of their way to help out their favorites as others have to fight the second floor for several years in order to obtain the bebefits they should have received in the first place.

    May the entire command staff rot in hell for the evil they have perpetrated against the loyal and faithful staff members that served them. And they wonder why when a staff member is injured, the first person they contact is an attorney. Maybe if the second floor did the right thing, then attorney’s would not be involved in the W/C process.

  11. The only way to change the way the second floor conducts business is to have the feds look into their operations. There is more then enough for them to go after the executive staff. That is the only way to send a message that their illegal behavior will not be tolerated. Sniff, DiYorio, Vest, Wood, Gutierrez, Horton, Evans, Kubel, they are all guilty of malfeasance. And then they can go after the others like Rose, Werges, Kent, Dekker, Smith, Clark, Bostrom, Kaas, Brosche, Cornett, Pelato, Gore and they rest of the tools. It’s time to clean house and take out the trash.

  12. Lee Tainter was a tool and was promoted beyond his capabilities, but he was one of the boys, so high standards was not a consideration when the village idiots occupying the second floor promoted Mr. Leather to Lt. And yes, if he had pulled that stunt now, he would be subject to termination. And he was anything but competent while on HDT, yet this embarrassment of a Lt is still rewarded with a industrial retirement. I think we would all like to see how Lee will try to excuse his actions to a grand jury.

  13. Lets see how long it takes to approve DiYorio’s knee claim. That’s a fucking scam over the top.

    Fuck you Stanley (worst sheriff ever) and all your worthless followers. You are all ALSO a bunch of vindictive losers who deserve what is coming soon

    Get ready Horton. No one believes the new loyalties you say you have found. You flip-flopping bitch.

    Don’t think anyone forgot about your antics Kurly

  14. Wasn’t Lee Tainter at the Lake Elsinore station when he pulled his Mr Leather stunt? Just asking.

  15. The same thing with Ray Wood. Everyone will be looking to see how long it takes for the second floor to approve his claim for his alleged ailment. Redneck Ray was nothing special
    until he got to the second floor and thought he was all that, which he never was. So what’s next, “The Executioner” walking with a cane like Coby Webb and sitting in the handicapped section of the stands at the Monster Truck Race. There are deputies with legitimate injuries, yet the second floor will deny their claims and make them suffer the indignity of having to go through the entire process before getting them the treatment they needed. And you watch, Kurly fries will be the next one to file a claim, along with Kubel and. Evans. You all make me want to vomit.

  16. There was a female deputy at the Lake Elsinore Station that was involved in an on-duty injury traffic collision. This female deputy was a decorated veteran, and needed advanced medical treatment. But the second floor did nothing to help her out and the medical help she needed was in the pending approval status (maybe with the hope she would just seek her own medical treatment?). Well this Deputy’s health took a turn for the worse and she needed immediate surgery in order to keep from suffering a permanent physical handicap. And what did the second floor do, absolutely nothing. But with Lee Tainter he gets his claim approved no problem. I hope that female deputy sues the crap out of Evans, Horton, Wood and Vest for negligence and disparity in treatment. I also hope the D.A. has the intestinal fortitude to look into the corrupt regime that is Stan Sniff and his executive henchmen.

    Blogger’s Note: Based on the fact that Mike Hestrin has demonstrated the behavior of a coward, I am expecting him to take the path of least resistance. I hope I am wrong, but his using this blog as an excuse to not endorse Chad Bianco is all I needed to know about who he is as a DA.

  17. How could Diyorio be allowed to file a W/C claim for his knees. When he retired the first time, he had a knee replacement in both knees. This also raises another question, how could Diyorio have passed the Peace Officer physical for the county to come back as active LE with a double knee replacement. And for him to now file a W/C claim for his knees, it gives the appearance of fraud in order to pad his already lucrative retirement. Yet Lee Tainter gets the phone call from the second floor that his disability retirement was approved. I can’t want for Kurlyowicz to put in his claim for stress retirement. But then again, we need good leadership in Mo Val, which we don’t have right now. Between Clark and fat Bodnar, all the deputies want to go out on stress.

  18. That has already happened. A deputy at the Lake Elsinore Station had an on duty injury and needed knee surgery. So he filed a workers comp claim and the second floor kept jerking him around instead of getting him the surgery he needed. So he became fed up with the mutants on Lemon Street and had his own doctor fix his knee. And this Deputy was a solid cop with several commendations to his credit, yet he was treated more like a serf than a valued employee. The second floor all deserve a special place in purgatory for the suffering they have inflected on the rank and file.

  19. Lee Tainter was a worthless individual, and very lazy. His only claim to fame was playing Mr leather. He would always complain about not getting the promotion, when he did nothing to earn a promotion in the first place. The only reason Lee was promoted was because of his wife Nola, who worked on the second floor. And now he gets a disability retirement as a Lt, Lee was nothing more than a glorified deputy with bars.

  20. It would be interesting to know how long it took Lee Tainter to receive his industrial disability retirement, what steps he had to go through, and to what extent the second flooor had influence in approving his claim. Was his QME in Riverside, or San Diego. Was his deposition in Riverside, or say, Los Angeles.

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