Oct 312018

Every Time I think I have heard the worst about the corruption and day to day disaster in Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Office, I get contacted with more.

A confidential informant sent me the following:

Hello Aaron,
      I wanted to inform you about issues in the Forensics bureau.
     -Former superiving forensic technician Elizabeth Acosta was terminated for dishonesty a few months ago.
     – No department wide email was sent to inform staff members of her no longer being employed with RSO. Also, the gate code to Perris station was not changed, per station policy.
    – Elizabeth Acosta’s husband and RSO deputy at Moreno Valley Station was promoted within a week of her termination.
   – Elizabeth Acosta had a romantic relationship with her immediate supervisor, Lt. Paulson. Elizabeth received preferential treatment and treated forensic technicians poorly. Four forensic technicians resigned under her watch.
–  Elizabeth Acosta was also involved in a sexual relationship with former Perris station Captain and now Chief Deputy Ford. Chief Ford made sure to promote her husband in order to keep her quite.
I did not edit the email I received. This references several issues, an abusive supervisor in the Forensics department that was terminated for dishonesty. (Not specified by the source what the nature of it was) It references Lt. Paulson and Christopher Brandon Ford having affairs with this supervisor. Ford is one of Stan Sniff’s hatchet men who came on to my radar when he appeared at multiple Chad Bianco events.
Remember – Stan Sniff said any talking about morale was just an election year ploy. (Just like the lawsuit over his CCW issuance habits and the expose’ on the Kevin Duffy Serial Child Molestation Scandal)
I have been made aware of a huge scandal at the Southwest Jail. A whistleblower (known to me, but I will not be naming the person just yet) came forward with documentary evidence appearing to prove that department employees are arriving late, and leaving early despite being on the clock. When the whistleblower came forward with the issues – predictably, they were retaliated against.
There’s that name again. Captain Nordstrom who is retiring in December has been making sure that this non-sworn officer has been receiving abuse at the hands of employees who have been
ripping off the taxpayers by allegedly falsifying their time cards. In the past Captain Nordstrom is alleged to have tied or handcuffed one of his children to their bed and was investigated for child abuse amongst other things, so why wouldn’t he be a raging asshole to a whistleblower? He has certainly demonstrated the character required to be in management for Stan Sniff. I say good riddance when he retires, but he should be prosecuted if half what I have heard about him is true.
Meantime, the supervising Sgt. who is alleged to be ripping off the taxpayers along with several others should all be hauled in front of PSB if they actually gave a damn about ethics. At least one of the Sgt. there likes to go work out in the middle of the day while on the clock so he should be easy to catch. He is not alone.
Lt. Magnan Update. Magnan as you recall was on a rampage over your Intrepid Blogger learning about the STILL BROKEN GATE at Lake Elsinore. (This is the Home of Queen Anne) – Magnan tried to lynch deputies who he thought were talking to your intrepid blogger.
The department currently is “PERS-ing” at least 25 employees for suspected collaboration with your intrepid blogger (but what they are doing is saddling up on minor violations of policy in other areas while everyone knows full well this is a fear and intimidation tactic)
Well Magnan is covering for an incompetent trainee in a program. Apparently, this trainee has been in a program that should take 16-20 weeks for a staggering 29 weeks. The deputy is on a “Performance Improvement Plan” which is the last step before washing out.
All of the man’s FTO’s (Field Training Officers) have recommended he be removed. (Remember my criticism of then Lt. now Captain Shields over the kid injured in the motorcycle accident that he should have pulled off the motorcycle? This is similar, albeit with less risk of physical harm) Lt. Magnan is now the man’s FTO – which is unheard of for a Lieutenant.
The kicker – the Deputy is Magnan’s best friend and fishing buddy. Perhaps the Reverend Lt. Kevin Smith can pray for this guy if he hurts himself…
The lack of judgement and management failures encouraged and tolerated under Stan Sniff are endemic and need to stop. Chad Bianco has himself an absolute mess to deal with. If Sniff is re-elected, he will destroy everyone in the department that supported Chad Bianco while the citizens of Riverside County will suffer further deterioration in law enforcement.
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  15 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Lt Magnan Covers for Incompetent Recruit, SW Jail Time Card Scandal and Retaliation, and Forensics Office Disaster”

  1. Wow, looking at the first picture of Stan crushing his lips, seems he’s trying to defecate but is soooooooooo constipated with corruption seems he has a hard time letting out. But no worries Sniff… Chad Bianco Prune Laxative Special Edition will cure the problem……

  2. Not only has he aged… His teeth look awful. I’m pretty sure he’s vested with good dental insurance and he should look into getting some veneers. He could also use some Botox around his forehead and eyes.

  3. Stan Sniff looks worried about the federal probe looming once he leaves office. And this time the Press Enterprise and the Desert Sun won’t be able to help him conceal his high crimes and misdemeanors. But his defense will be, “I have others like DiYorio, Vest and Wood that run the shop, so put them in jail, not me.” Your time is coming Stan, like the kids on Pleasure Island, they had their illicit fun, but had to pay the price in the end, and so shall you.

  4. My god he hasn’t aged very well. Good thing he keeps using the same photoshopped picture of himself that’s 10 years old in his campaign adds

  5. There will be alot of collateral damage once the inquiry is initiated, and we can only hope they take the inbreds like Dekker, Werges, Kent, Rose, Hall and Epps for their corrupt behavior.

  6. S/Sniff, looking at your bottom photo I can tell you’re listening to me and rotting slowly. Gives me pleasure you coward corrupt piece of garbage. I hope rats eat you and not the ones who did your dirt. I mean real ones.

  7. What ever happened to Miguelito? He ran such a tremendous campaign then vanished after the prelims. After Bianco wins I don’t thinks he’s gonna get the special assignment spot he was promised by Sniff.

  8. Miguel told his supporters to vote for that loser Sniff.

    Blogger’s Note – No surprise. He was brought in to the race by Sniff to be a spoiler, I defy anyone else to prove different. If he was really serious, Sniff would have had him PERS’ed out of the department by now.

  9. So what ever happened to Ken Paulson, was he held accountable for his actions, or was he given a pass like Mike Manning. At a minimum Lt. Paulson should have been given hours for letting an aspect of his personal life tarnish his professional image, but I doubt the second floor did anything. Although this just shows that Paulson exhibits predatory behavior, and is now a liability to the county.

  10. Isnt Paulson in charge of Internal Affairs now?

  11. Ufff, Miguelito. Some of his signs are still up in Moreno Valley. I saw him at Walmart buying Moco Gorilla hair gel by the dozen. He’s packed on some weight since June, which I perceive he maybe be heading into Ontivero’s neck of the woods.

  12. Let’s see Miguel is friends with Ryan Huizinga who was Capt Kurlyowicz pet at Moreno Valley. This one isn’t too hard to figure out . Miguelito you are a pile of crap and dumb as rocks. Good try but now majority of your Votes will be going to Bianco now. Miguelito you are a disgrace and will never recover from your play. traitor

  13. Nordstrom dragged his case out and plead to a lesser charge. But the sheriff kept him on.

    If a deputy was arrested for handcuffing his daughter to a bedpost for hours would have fired almost immediately. Child abuse at the command level is okay in the eyes of the sheriff.

    As for Ford, when he was a sergeant at SIB he had an affair or just sex with a subordinates wife. Thebsheriff seems okay with it because he keeps getting promoted.

  14. Nordstrom threw his wife Christy under the bus during his interview and said she was the one that handles discipline in the house and not him, so he has no honor or respect.

  15. He has no honor or respect and certainly not fidelity from his wife who is currently carrying an inappropriate relationship with one of his deputies.

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