Aug 102018

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3 years on the force, Ray Wood clipped a guy in the line of duty. Sheriff Cois Byrd was there to button it all up.

Wood clipped a guy who was sober and holding a flashlight.

I am not sure if this was the first or second Skull Tatoo Mr. Wood has on his shoulder.

One should note that despite the former Sheriff (Byrd) soliciting two later sheriffs (Smith and Doyle) for employment, Byrd now works as a TAP employee for Stan Sniff overseeing the building full of rotting artifacts due to the poor repair of the building. We get to pay for this too.

Not coincidentally, Byrd is one of the few remaining hardcore Sniff defenders. Oh, and there is a Jail named after him too. Perhaps Mr. Wood should be interviewed for a place inside it.

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  10 Responses to “Team Stan Sniff Update: Why I call him Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood”

  1. I remember the case, our glorious SWAT team was hiding behind a wall to the property with their backs to the house when Bastedo walked around the corner with a flash light in hand and surprises the deputies. At that point Sgt. Friedli started backing up and falls down, so Wood and Flores panicked and started shooting and killed the home owner. How embarrassing that an unarmed civilian got the drop on out highly trained SWAT members with nothing more than a flashlight. No wonder Ray Wood is protecting Kent “panic attack” Werges for fucking up all those SWAT units, he panicked as well, but Wood’s panic attack caused the death of an innocent man. And now Wood is a Chief Deputy, unbelievable. So the next time a Deputy panics and shoots an unarmed civilian, the first person to call at the arbitration hearing will be Chief Deputy Pecker Wood.

  2. Ray Wood would fuck up a wet dream, and blame others for his mistake, like he did at the Bastedo shooting. How embarrassing for SWAT, a progressive Department would have sent Peckerhead Wood on his way because “You can’t fix stupid.” But instead we at Riverside Country promote our buffoons to a command staff position. I just wonder how the Bastedo family will feel about Ray Wood bragging about his “Kill” tattoo’s to all the ladies. Ray, you did this to yourself, so you have no room to complain. You should have learned from your mistakes, but you didn’t, so be a Division Chief for once. You can start by doing something about Werges still being on the team after damaging all those units.

  3. I have numerous questions about this shooting. Didn’t SWAT set up on the house? Establish a perimeter? Have eyes (a sniper) on the property? The home owner should never have gotten the opportunity to get close to the SWAT members, let alone catch them off guard like that. And the homeowner approached their position with a flashlight during the hours of darkness, and SWAT did not see the light coming toward them? And for Ray Wood to have his back to the target location, it smells like a neglect of duty, failure to supervise, poor planning and poor execution ect. when Ray Wood panicked and started shooting (as he was screaming for his momma like a little girl). No wonder the troops have no faith in the current leadership on the second floor. Ray Wood should retire now while he still has a chance to leave with what little dignity he has left. Maybe Pecker Wood could teach SWAT tactics to some developing, third world country. CTOA and NTOA and returning your dues Ray, your persona non grata now. Ray, you were never a gunfight as you have always portrayed yourself to be to the troops. We all new it, we just did not say anything out of respect for your rank, but now that the truth is out, you can’t hide behind your tattoos now.

  4. Woody is going to lose his shit over being put on that Bad Boy cartoon. Don’t be seen in Riverside County armed with a flashlight ROD Blogger Guy or you may be the next tattoo. You never know when Ray “187 Killa” Wood will want some new ink and create his own deadly force scenario. Ray, a word to the wise since we all know you are reading this, Stay the fuck off community FB pages defending our piece of shit boss. You look like a fool. The old Ray I know is in there somewhere. Drop this admin persona and do the right thing.

  5. A barricaded suspect catches Ray Wood and his SWAT buddies slipping at their staging area without being seen. Maybe Ray should have offered him a job instead of shooting him. In fucking credible. Why am I not surprised.

    Most SWAT units are on the cutting edge of law enforcement, but not at RSO. Ray Wood and his team members behave more like keystone cops. How does Ray Wood let someone walk up to his location, don’t you SWAT guys go to SWAT school to avoid that? But this is not the only mishap RSO SWAT has had.

    What about the time a SWAT Dog had to go to Captain Ron Berry and tell him he lost his gun. Or how about during a SWAT call out where a SWAT operator was suppose to fire a tear gas round into the house to smoke out the suspect, but instead hit the Cadillac parked in the drive way and the Cadillac went up in flames (how do you miss a house, tell me, how do you miss an entire house). Or when a SWAT operator had sex on the hood of a SWAT vehicle, and took photographs of his misconduct. And then there is Lt. Kent “panic attack” Werges where he destroyed three SWAT vehicles (Lt. Worthless is a fitting name for him).

    We do have some good SWAT operators on the team, but it’s the obtuse team members and their asinine behavior that destroys your reputation as a team. And I can see Ray Wood losing his shit and go full on Peckerwood when he see’s this. But maybe that’s a good thing because we can take away all his guns as the men in the white coats come for him, responding code.

    There was a good side to Ray T one time, but he lost his way when his desire for self-enrichment took over and he began moving up in rank. I would ask you to do the right thing, but we lost all faith in you Ray when you started promoting and defending Stan Sniff on the social media boards. You went from Pecker Wood to Pecker Head. So remember that when history is written about you because it won’t be flattering Ray.

  6. If the same thing happen today, I bet Ray “I panicked” Wood would be the first one to allege mismanagement on SWAT and kick those SWAT operators off the team and back to a patrol station. But then again, everyone thinks it’s mismanagement on Ray “I swear I heard a gunshot” Wood’s part to keep Lt. Worthless on SWAT. There was a good guy that we knew of as Ray Wood, but he lost all respect since becoming a political appointee of the second floor as the troops get screwed over. When was the last time you went to a patrol station Ray and visited with the troops? (we know graveyard briefing would be a stretch for you now that you don’t need us anymore). When was the last time you visited Aviation’and just talked with people? When was the last time you had a talk with the HDT people at their shop? Or is Cabazon Station the only station you care about under your command? And when you do show up for call-outs, the only person you hang out with is Lt. Kent “I can’t add numbers for shit” Werges. That right there is killing what is left of your standing with the troops. There was a good guy by the name of Ray once, but he no longer exists anymore. And if that good guy shows up in January, it’s going to be too little too late because you had your chance to do the right thing, but lacked the courage to do it when it needed to be done.

  7. Pecker Wood is too busy working on the Sheriff’s campaign on Facebook pages promoting Sniff’s regime, and spying on Bianco to visit the patrol stations under his command. When was the last time anyone had seen Pecker Wood visit Southwest or Hemet stations? He don’t even visit SIB, and he’s right down the street from the building. Although if he did visit Lake Slsinore Station, (heavan knows they need leadership right now), he could give Lt. Kevin Smith tips on how to be more proficient in “racking and taping.” Ray, you had your opportunity to do the right thing, and blew it just so you could get your star. Well I hope it was worth it to sell your dignity and self-respect my friend. Maybe the next time you go to Disneyland, you could apply for a job there, you know all about Micky Mouse operations.

  8. Perhaps if PRW was as proficient with his sidearm as he is with the little pistol he’s cleaned all those younglings with throughout his career, that man would still be alive today.

    Back then, SWAT was a fucking joke and made up of deputies and supervisors from all over the county. Some of the men assigned back then were and are good guys, albeit some retired. But the training wasn’t there, the money certainly wasn’t, nor was there any true leadership as evident by this and other mishaps.

    RSO followed it’s own SWAT design then and blamed money as the reason for it. As it has always been.

    Funny how this administration has not learned from the past and are now compelled to repeat it, what with Worthless cutting up SUVs and the bomb goon using his “status” to showboat at conventions and undermine a bomb suit company.

    AND…I keep hearing what a “good guy” PRW was and how he “lost his way.” In my book, he was never neither a “good guy” nor one who “lost his way.” His morale compass was always off and if he didn’t like you, he made your life miserable.

    He was cleaning his 2” pistol (and many a ride along, employee, dispatcher will tell you that number is being kind) behind his then wife’s back, and he is now married to someone cut from the same cloth. How is this a good man?

    The tattoos, the screwing around, the intimidation he bestowed on Bianco and his supporters (along with Purvert) and that bad haircut doesn’t add up to much.

    A good man is measured by how much he puts into the world to make it better, in this case, RSO. Examples of this are: mentoring and not molesting, helping and not humping, serving others and not screwing others. Get the picture?





  9. The truth about Ray Wood he is a racist, back in the day he would go around making fun and comments about blacks and Hispanics. I can’t believe he is the chief Deputy, he should’ve never pass the rank of Deputy and should’ve been arrested many years ago. AFT / DOJ should go visit Ray and take a look at all his illegal modified weapons he has at home. He goes around bragging about his skull tattoos that should tell you about the type of person he is.

    Maybe someone should go talk to his ex-wife. She has all kinds of dirt on him ?? Ray you might think you got promoted on your law-enforcement ability. The truth is you suck enough dick through out your career to get you to where you’re at now. That’s not going to work come November.

    You should just retire and not even think about working somewhere else because all this baggage will follow you. So enjoy your chief pension that you don’t deserve and stay under that rock you piece of shit.

  10. Chief Deputy Lyndon “The Executioner” Wood and his arrogant, immature attitude has caught up to him and has now brought reproach upon Sniff’s entire administration. The fact that this guy tattoos skulls on himself to represent people he has shot and killed while on duty speaks volumes about him as a psychopath. When you read articles like the one posted here, it makes you wonder what the actual circumstances were in each of his shootings. Were they all as unjustified as this one? And then “whitewashed” to cover up the truth. That’s exactly what Sniff has always done, cover up the truth if he thinks it will make him look bad. In LA, the media refers to law enforcement officers with tattoos like this as a “secret society.” Is Sniff’s administration a secret society? Time to drain the swamp!!

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