Aug 102018

Well, well, well… in the last few weeks a vehicle mysteriously popped up in a county yard. The front is crunched in and the airbags are deployed.

(UPDATE @2:45PM: We have additional information about the incident that casts doubt on weather Alcohol was involved, but that confirms a cover up did indeed occur. A follow-up will be forthcoming)

It also happens to have the same identifying info on the vehicle that Chief Deputy Jason “Deuce” Horton used to drive.

This is the Chief Deputy pictured here.

Below is Jason Horton’s Car. This is the vehicle he was driving when he got in a wreck no one is supposed to know about, but everyone seems to know about. Being drunk on duty is supposed to result in termination. Instead, the Sniff regime had it all buttoned up similar to the Cheating Scandal and the Kevin Duffy serial child molestation scandal… and Sniff himself flashing his badge to get away with driving 100MPH.

This is why I call him Jason “Deuce” Horton. Mr. Horton is alleged to have gotten away with wrecking a county car while drunk driving. Will Mr. Horton be held accountable? According to inside sources, there was no investigation at all regarding this incident.

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  14 Responses to “Team Stan Sniff Update: Why I Call Him Jason “Deuce” Horton”

  1. This has nothing to do with the current blog but since it’s the latest I decided to post and other’s concerns here.

    Message to Chad Bianco: Separate yourself from Leonard Purvis or risk losing a number of department member’s trust and support. Purvis is a lying, unethical, snake in the grass that is loyal to no one other than himself. His public support of you has stopped others who were about to do the same because they know Purvis can’t be trusted. He is in “Game of Thrones” mode and is playing both sides. Anyone who has had the unfortunate occasion to work near him knows this. His lying and unethical behavior have been documented by the Department and by the City of Banning when he was chief there. Sniff backdoored this piece of crap back into RSO to his last supervisor rank to everyone who knows him’s dismay, then fast track promoted him to his current rank. This happened because Purvis supported Sniff with campaign donations during Purvis’ tenure at Banning PD. Department members who support you, and they are the mass majority, are looking forward to you taking office and “draining the swamp” but that starts now. Embracing Purvis does not help your campaign whatsoever, it only hurts it and puts doubt in a lot of Department members minds that things will change if and when you take office.

  2. Look at the key pad under the driver side window and the hub caps. Clearly not a typical plain wrap that deputies used this is indeed an admin car. Good find Aaron keep it up.

  3. At least Jason Horton is wearing a white undershirt, unlike his boss who does not know what his own dress code requires.

  4. come on, we know there are no coverups in the department. That car was parked there for an oil change, and then Robert Masson and Aaron Park snuck in an smashed it up to cast blame on Horton in hopes of creating another Stanley coverup. “Duece” is correct, move along folks, nothing to see in Stanleys closet.

    As for 123’s comment… As much as I dislike Purvis, don’t trust him for shi$, and in the back of my head believe Stanley is behind it, I propose a different argument:

    The entire department knows that the Lt’s, Captains, and Chiefs really support Bianco but they are severely lacking in strength and leadership ability. This department is completely dysfunctional and they have almost allowed Stanley to destroy it. How sad is it to see the rest of the Captains are so afraid of doing the right thing, that the “right hand man of Stan” has more guts than they do. I will say this right here… 123truth… Purvis has more balls than you and I both because you and I are still afraid to go public with our names. So far I have found that the people who are all posting on this site and facebook about Purvis and Kent supporting Bianco ALL have fake profiles. I guess if we continue to cut them down we don’t have to admit we don’t have the balls to do the right thing. They are not going to support because Purvis supports Bianco??? Bullshit. They were to damn scared anyway and now they will use this as an excuse. Keep this in mind: they were no different than you at the start of this campaign. You were not outwardly supporting Bianco and neither were they. Well guess what…. they are now and they have let everyone know it.

    I shouldn’t have wrote this post because now Im even feeling a little challenged.

    This election is about getting rid of Stanley once and for all. In order to do that, everyone needs to be supporting Bianco and voting for him. That includes people you may not like.

    I don’t like Purvis and I think he is doing this to save his ass. But you know what… who the hell cares why he is doing it….. he is doing it. I say “well done” Leonard Purvis.

  5. Dan Shays,

    Nobody uses their true name because admin will find a reason to suspend or terminate them.

    If you don’t pledge alligence to Sniff, understand you will be retaliated against. They keep a list of emoloyees who opendly express a different opinion.. Or you get freeway therapy.

    The fear is real because the Law Enforcement Management Union officials created a story that would allow the union to not endorse Bianco, or Sniff. Remaining netrual just might benefit the three union officials. From all i have heard from their members is they support an endorsement for Bianco!

  6. Personally, I doubt Bianco is “embracing” the Purv. Bianco is a class act, and a Christian. His response to Purv and other Sniff defector’s was a gentleman”s response, choosing not to provoke or respond in a negative manner. That’s class.

    Bianco is surounded by smart, politically savvy friends and supporters, and a lot of victims of Sniffcumpoops.

    Purvis is only biding time until he can retire and he’s working both ends to the middle.

  7. Dan Shay’s, you contradict yourself when you say Sniff is behind Purvis endorsing Bianco and then stating he has more balls than you or I for doing so. I’ll be clear, he has no balls. He is doing this for self preservation, not because he’s courageous or a leader. Purvis has proven his entire career he is neither.

  8. Could this be Russ Leach 2.0? I sure hope this was just a garden variety TC and no shenanigans were afoot, and that it’s being appropriately PERS’d. Lord knows a lowly deputy would…consistency around this department would be awesome, not special treatment for select “juiced in” employees.

  9. It is well known to those who were working in the Sheriff Admin building a few years ago that Diyorio had two traffic collisions and an “accidental” discharge of his duty weapon, in or right outside the building, all within a very short span of time. These incidents we’re swept under the rug, no investigation so obviously no discipline.

  10. Deputy Jason Horton was involved in a auto accident. He ran a red light while talking on his cell phone and possibly had been drinking alcohol. The victims are now suing the County of Riverside, Riverside Sheriff and Jason B. Horton….

    Just last week Jason Horton was at the National Night Out event in Moreno Valley in which he did a video ” Don’t drink and Drive.”

  11. @Dan Shays: There’s a reason for anonymity. It’s called retaliation, intimidation, getting transferred. Look at what happened to the deputy pictured with a Bianco poster.

    Purv “coming out” doesn’t make him better or add to his sack because he’s proven to be self serving in all instances. When the going gets tough, he sues, cries, and manages to stay afloat. He’s a survivor and is only doing this to save himself (or report back to Sniffcompoop as people tell him they support Bianco too).

    Supporting Bianco anonymously has also been suggested by RSA with the $99.00 donation for the same reason: it recognizes what a backwoods country fuck of an administration is currently on the 2nd Floor.

    It would be awesome though if more and more personnel placed a Bianco sticker on their bumper. They can’t transfer us all.

    No go sit on Purvs lap and give him a hug for “coming out.”


  12. 123 I get the distrust of Purvis. The way I see it at this point there are no “bad” endorsements in a head to head race. The public is largely unaware of Purvis’ activities and will only see that Sniff’s own high ranking staff want him gone. That raises eyebrows. Sniff’s donors see that he has lost control; why give money? It all has a avalanche effect and leads to a new Sheriff. Chad Bianco is a smart man and knows first hand what Purvis is all about. Chad will handle him correctly.

    Secondly, losing department members votes for allowing Purvis to endorse him? I think it’s a bit far fetched. Just like the teeth gnashing about this blog costing Bianco votes is much ado about nothing. If what appears in this blog or Chad allowing Purvis to endorse him cause a deputy to think about voting for Sniff then that person likely wasn’t going to vote for Chad anyways. We all know that if the election was just department members and not the public, this thing wouldn’t have gone past the primary. Chad will clear house when elected. He has to prove to his deputies that the old days or gone or risks losing the trust. He will do the right thing.

  13. I anticipate Ali Mohammad Mazare jumping over the fence from the Devil’s Ranch to the Sniff Out of Here Ranch and apologizing to Chad with a celebration of Belly dancers. But he won’t do it now. It will sometime closer to October or November 2018.

  14. PEOPLE !! Leonard Purvis is a Trojan Horse. This is purely Sniffles and all his narcissistic trained monkeys treating the public they way they always have – …that we’re all idiots and we’ll buy into the bullshit.

    Why not? Look how many knuckleheads elected Sniffcumpoop last time.

    If this site hasn’t taught you anything about Sniff and his camel humping mafia, then you don’t deserve to vote.

    Bianco for Riverside County Sheriff

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