Aug 282018

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I’ve had a lot of people talk to me about immediate past Sheriff Bob Doyle, good and bad. However, pretty much everyone now regardless of how they felt back in 2007 when Doyle left office for the Parole Board wishes he had never left as Sheriff. Most all Stan Sniff supporters that I am aware of today have a clear personal financial nexus for their support of him. (Promotions, At Will Jobs, County Contracts, etc)

In order to fully understand what happened in the years of 2005-2007, you have to understand that the local media only reported part of the story. I know this is shocking, given that most are silent about the myriad scandals of Stan Sniff because either their editors are buddies with the corrupt Sheriff or they are scared of him.

When Bob Doyle left as sheriff, there were 1.5 Deputies per 1,000 Riverside County Residents, today that number is something like .75. Let that sink in. Sniff has spent 11 years trying to re-package lousy dates as top quality dates by blaming everyone else for his failure.

First off, it is common knowledge that Stan Sniff practically required a loyalty oath from anyone that got a second floor job. In 2007, this requirement also included being required to trash the reputation of Sheriff Doyle to anyone that would listen. This severely limited the list of eligible people and almost guaranteed that the people that did make senior management were not the best choices available.

Sniff, as you see wanted everyone to believe what a victim and martyr he was.

The former Traffic Cop, war-dodging weekend warrior wanted people to believe what a hero he was for riding in and saving the department from Bob Doyle. While living in a fantasy world dressing in costumes, while making deputies wear uniforms stuck in the 1970’s the Malignant Narcissist began to achieve full bloom.

Recently, former Supervisor Jeff Stone made some public and critical comments of Stan Sniff. Now State Senator Jeff Stone was retaliated against almost immediately (the details of which I am not at liberty to share) by Sniff and crew.

This is pretty amazing as then Supervisor Jeff Stone was almost single-handedly responsible for Sniff’s appointment as Sheriff. Similar to how top Sniff lackeys are discarded at the sign of the first disagreement, what happened to Lenny Purvis and Jeff Stone (in terms of instant retaliation despite years of alliance with Sniff) are strikingly similar. This is consistent with the pattern of a malignant narcissist.

Enter former RSA (think Union) President Pat McNamara. He tried to jam down an endorsement of Stan Sniff against Bob Doyle and was also investigated by the local US Attorney for campaign finance issues. I’ve received a ton of information about McNamara’s corruption, but suffice to say Sniff stuffed the PERS in to McNamara almost as immediately as he personally walked Chief Deputy Randy Throne out of his office.

In the time period around the 2006 re-election of Bob Doyle, Jeff Stone, Pat McNamara and Stan Sniff took a trip to Arizona together. The subject of overthrowing Bob Doyle was one of the top discussion items during that trip.

In addition, Stan Sniff was reporting the contents of Second Floor meetings to Pat McNamara in real time.

In addition, Sniff was taking meetings with and for Jeff Stone for various stakeholders and political items.

It was clear that Sniff was gearing up to run for Sheriff and was trying to undermine Bob Doyle. (Weather or not Doyle deserved it is irrelevant, this is unprofessional and unethical behavior). The public cover story told for why Bob Doyle fired Stan Sniff is political – but the rest of the story as never told in any of the local media follows:

Beyond leaking in real time the contents of Second Floor meetings to Doyle’s Political Enemies – Sniff refused to comply with a direct order related to grant funded officers in the jail and a second direct order related to the issuance of tasers. Stan Sniff was terminated for insubordination.

When Chief Randy Throne came to tell Stan Sniff he was being terminated from his At Will Employment, beyond Sniff proclaiming he’d return as Sheriff one day, he was also reputed to have said, “I can’t believe he did it this quick” referring to being terminated for insubordination. Sniff would retaliate against Throne almost immediately after being appointed less than a year later.

Stan Sniff had two votes for appointment, Marion Ashley and Jeff Stone. The third vote came when John Taviglione is reputed to have blown his stack regarding his son failing aviation training. Stan Sniff once again interfered with the lines of communication and when Taviglione confronted Bob Doyle related to his son, Doyle had no knowledge that the son had failed his training as Sniff had kept him and his assistant Sheriff in the dark.

Sniff’s deceit had succeeded.

In 2007, Bob Doyle was given the opportunity to serve on the State Parole Board and took it. An enraged John Taviglione joined Stone and Ashley to appoint Stan Sniff over Doyle’s protege, setting in motion the 11 years we’ve been chronicling on the RightonDaily Blog.

In deference to Stone, Taviglione and Ashley – it is clear that all three are no longer huge fans of the Sheriff. But the story from 2006-2007 is what it is and hindsight is 20/20.

The string of events that led to Sniff’s appointment are not unusual for political maneuvering… but Stan’s part in them should have informed everyone with knowledge what kind of Sheriff he would be.

Aug 272018

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As I’ve traveled this journey in to the corruption of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office, I had long wondered what the genesis of the disturbing patters I have observed were.

For as much as people complained about Cois Byrd, Larry Smith or Bob Doyle – no honest person I talk to compares Stan Sniff favorably to any of them. Most just shake their head.

What happened to Stan Sniff people ask? You need to take a look back a few years.

According to people with knowledge of Stan Sniff they made a point to tell me that there was more to the family date farm story than is ever told. They told me that the family date farm actually got caught packaging average dates as high quality dates (as there is a price difference between the two) and the revelation of this eventually led to the farm being shut down.

Update: It appears as well that the Date Farm used illegal alien labor as well. This would explain Sniff’s confused and outright anti-ICE policies as Sheriff.

It was also put to me that Stan’s Atheism was born out of his childhood experiences and upbringing.

You could sure see where the proclivity to cover up issues and the situational ethics came from at an early age.

He was described as a nerd in school and was often seen carrying a briefcase to high school. It seems that dynamic is still in effect many years later in 2018…

When Stan Sniff joined the National Guard, it just so happened that the Vietnam War was going on and similar to other people that have been assailed in politics for joining the National Guard to get out of Vietnam, Sniff appears to have escaped scrutiny over this.

Sniff was an officer and made the rank of Major. Being stuck at Major was common in the National Guard so he transferred over to the Army Reserves and was able to make Colonel. Showing that his avoidance of the Vietnam War was not a fluke, Sniff retired before his outfit was shipped out to Iraq. These details somehow are left out when he tries to make himself the second coming of Rambo in his biography.

Stan Sniff was a Traffic Cop most of the time he served in the lower ranks of the department. Anyone that knows law enforcement know that Traffic Cops are the average dudes. During his time at Cochella PD, according to the old-timers I spoke to, he was involved in a domestic incident in the 1970’s apparently triggered by his wife following him over to the house of his mistress after he thought he snuck out his house.

This seems to explain his life pattern to this day and his proclivity for philanderers in his senior management. It may also explain the low regard for other people’s marriages leading to several people’s spouses getting attacked in retaliation by team Sniff.

We documented Stan Sniff’s anger issues well. We detailed an event where he beat someone up (on a traffic stop mind you) in 1977 that led to a lawsuit in 1978.

People that have known Stan Sniff for a long time understood that his megalomania and desire to be someone #YUGE was there from day one of his service in the military and in law enforcement. In 1982, similar to Deputy Miguelito in 2016, then deputy Stan Sniff ran for Sheriff.

The kicker? His treasurer was none other than Colleen Walker. Walker is another reputed trainwreck that was in senior management for Sheriff Sniff years later. Amazingly, Stan Sniff finished third, which probably fueled his self-aggrandizing dreams for years to come…

Aug 262018

We have been tracking Stan Sniff’s pattern. Similar to the Narcissistic Rage Obama went in to in the waning days of his administration when he and his crew shoved through 100+ regulations, he recalled all the fleets, allowed the UN to slam Israel with a resolution, started leaking classified information to complicate the transition and of course allowing his staff to refuse to participate in the transition – we have similar behavior from Stan Sniff.

Stan Sniff promoted the reviled and detested Christian Dekker (known as the Beluga).

Sniff promoted several other employees involved in questionable behavior

Several Stations have retaliated against employees by changing their off days and cancelling their vacations.

Other employees have been removed from special teams.

Sniff and the Second Floor have been moving employees around to circumvent the KPMG Audit

Sniff and crew have threatened the local media.

Several employees on injury claims have been stonewalled for no apparent reason.

At least one employee with a bona-fide case of harassment is being terminated for talking to this blog

Now – we have been told that Raemie Wood, pictured with her husband Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood is going to be pegged to the top of the next Lieutenant’s List. She will be the latest “Friend of Stan” promotion. This will be viewed as a gigantic FU to the rank and file. Normally, spouses are off-limits, but Raemie Wood is also an employee of the RSO, she is currently a Sergeant.

I have said it before I will say it again, Sniff is burning the house down on his way out the door…

Aug 262018

It never ceases to amaze me that some in Christian Leadership are liberals. I recently came across an article about a Church in Santa Cruz that is building a brewery within its’ walls and the proceeds are going to planned parenthood from the sales of the Beer. This is a reality in the Church today, there are groups within it whose politics and social views seem to be at odds with the Bible.

Having worked with more than a few Black Conservatives, I get reminded from time to time just what they go through within their own community. Many are called names like “Coconut”, “Uncle Tom” and the like. The implication is that a Black Man who is not a liberal is somehow a sellout. Apparently, the days (1950’s, 1960’s) of Black voters being Conservatives against the racist democrat establishment are long forgotten.

Recently, several black pastors met with President Trump and many had effusive praise for him before, during and after the meeting. Black unemployment is at record low levels. Dr. Ben Carson is cleaning up the department of Housing and Urban Development (Carson is Black and I am proud to have worked for his Presidential Campaign). Still more Black Conservatives are being appointed and hired to all levels of government, including being appointed Judges.

However, in the mind of Parnell Lovelace they are all sellouts for participating in the Government led by President Trump.

Having seen Parnell Lovelace preach more than once, I knew he was a liberal but was completely taken aback by the hostility and the blatant attack. His social media is replete with a variety of items about racism, 100% of them directed at Conservatives.

Having been in politics for over 20 years, I have almost become numb to being called a racist as this is a go-to attack by the left.

Having run through Parnell’s social media accounts, it has become clear to me that he is actually a political activist first and a pastor second. If he was a pastor first he would not have called 80% of the members of his current Church Racist by inference as most all Christians in this area supported and voted for President Trump.

I do not attempt to defend myself from being called a racist, as in the cynical world of politics people care more about your response than the actual merits of anything alleged. Defending yourself actually serves to validate the issue.

The focus of this blog post is actually the abdication of the pastoral mantle of Mr. Lovelace. No one should ever be felt to be attacked for who they voted for within the confines of the Church. 

You will see here that when asked a question, Parnell Lovelace exposes his true agenda and doubles down on his attacks against the President with several leftist talking points. Knowing people within the Trump administration as I do, the characterization of this meeting by Mr. Lovelace is false. The President routinely seeks other people’s opinions and asks them for input and questions of their own.

I’d ask Mr. Lovelace to show me a tape of White Pastors meeting with Obama. It didn’t happen.

You will also see that he is irritated to learn that most all of those that attended were happy to be there and appreciative of the opportunity. This sort of paternalistic arrogance is common on the left and the hostile disdain amongst leaders of leftist interest groups against those that deviate from the course is way too common.

I’d debate Mr. Lovelace about his assertions of “Ungodly” policies by the Trump Administration, but I am afraid it would be to no avail. The Trump administration has reversed dozens of anti-faith policies of Obama, and they have defended Christians in Court who were getting prosecuted for standing up for their faith (Remember the Baker, the photographer, the contraception mandate?).

I’d debate Mr. Lovelace about policies that benefit the Black Community, like record low unemployment, cleaning up HUD (aka subsidized housing) and Charter School promotion – which disproportionately benefits minority communities giving children alternatives to failing government schools. Obama was a staunch opponent of Charter Schools and some of the worst abuses of the welfare system were encouraged and enabled under his watch.

The facts that Parnell Lovelace refuses to acknowledge are: Black and Hispanic Unemployment at Record Lows, year over year 2017-2018 Black Entrepreneurship rises 400%, and Black Wages jumped at a rate higher than Whites in the same time frame. President Trump has pardoned Black Americans wrongfully convicted because of their race (where was Obama?) AND advocates for Prison Reform – yet he is a Racist. This is called Politics before Principles.

At the end of the day, some people like Mr. Lovelace have become focused on electoral politics and when they lose that focus, they end up attacking people en masse. I am a blogger and a political operative. It is my job to be incendiary. Were I called in to the professional paid ministry, I would not do what I do now. It is one thing to lead a bible study with a few people and still another to be an out there pastor. Parnell’s calling is to lead people to the Lord, not attack them for their politics. My Job is to help candidates win their elections and to be confrontational.

The attack on Church members is the crux of my issue with Mr. Lovelace’s screed on social media. Where is the tolerance of conservatives? Where is the attempt to understand why his colleagues met with the President? Why the hostility?

When asked a direct question about what he would have done were he present in the meeting, Lovelace avoided the question.

This makes perfect sense. One Sunday after Lovelace said that it was Christian’s responsibility to “Fight for Social Justice” from the pulpit, I attempted on three separate occasions to get a meeting with him to ask him what he meant by his comments. I was ignored. 

President Trump is the first President in my lifetime that is addressing Prison Reform. The Bill Clinton Crime Bill led to the incarceration of thousands, if not tens of thousands of Blacks. Similar to the sudden hysteria about illegal alien families being separated – those two problems had their genesis under a Democrat President. Mr. Lovelace would do well to do some research on his own as it is clear he is not interested in a dialogue with your intrepid blogger. There have been something like 60 million abortions since 1973 when Roe Versus Wade was handed down by a leftist court on America. 18.5 Million of those have been Black Babies. That is 31% of abortions ending the lives of Black Americans who are only 13.8% of the population. I choose to fight for social justice for Black people by being pro-life. I’d hope Parnell would join me in this endeavor.

This is the reality of being a Conservative Christian in a Blue State. Some Faith leaders have thrown in with the left, then they attack us for being Conservative and we have to sort through it.