Aug 122018

I’d like to take this moment to relay how touched I am to see that Stanley has lost so much weight since January.

Now, if we could get Stanley to wear an undershirt under his uniform shirt in accordance with his own general orders (see also proper uniform) he might look better.

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  11 Responses to “Introducing the Right On Daily Diet Plan…”

  1. Sniff is clueless that his face has become synonymous with corruption. Every time people who have been victimized by him and his corrupt administration see his crooked face they relive their crime. I have never experienced so many people despising an individual as much as they do Sniff. The man lost his way along time ago. And to all of you pieces of shit who did Sniff’s dirty work, you and we know who you are, might as well be in the photo with him All of you for the remainder of your careers will have Sniff’s stink on you. Enjoy

  2. Aaron F. Park your diet plan works wonders on corrupt politicians. It’s time for Sniff to just leave on his own before he withers away to nothing. It may also be time for other politicians to leave soon if they are still supporting Sniff. Kevin Jeffries, as an example, needs to reconsider the company he chooses to keep or he can walk right out the door with Sniff. Lord knows he could use some of Right on Daily’s diet plan as he continues to balloon up like a fat politician with no self discipline. A message to Jeffries: You still have a small window of opportunity to hop on the winning bus and publicly support Chad Bianco for Sheriff, but your time is running out.

    To Madam Mayor Natasha Johnson: You have more courage than Jeffries could possibly fathom. You ma’am have stood with your men and women in uniform and publicly supported our next Sheriff Chad Bianco. Natasha Johnson has earned our RESPECT, thank you Madam Mayor. What you had the courage to do goes a long way with the boots on the ground and we salute you!!

  3. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

  4. Lake Elsinore station is an epic failure, and the second floor knows it. We had high hopes, and high expectations when Dan Anne was given command of the Lake Elsinore Station, But he turned out to be a lackluster commander, and did nothing to put the “The Deacon” Lt. Kevin Smith in check and allowed him to run roughshot over the troops. All we ever heard was how fucked up we were coming out of Lt. Smith’s office, but the problem was we don’t hear anything from Capt. Anne’s office at all. And the second floor is pissed that Capt. Anne and Lt. Smith were unable to keep the mayor of the City of Lake Elsinore, Natasha Johnson from supporting Chad Bianco. I guess it’s much easier for Capt. Anne and Lt. Smith to hide in their office and collect their fat paychecks as the Lake Elsinore Station goes to the bottom of the West Marina. Mayor Johnson, the men and women of the Lake Elsinore Station are honored that you have given your support to Chad Bianco. And to Kevin Jeffries, we will remember your support of Sniff come election time.

  5. OMG… I just loved this meme.. So creativity !

  6. Hey Kevin maybe we at RSA that you have turned your back on should turn our attention to you and old Chuck meat. Mayor Johnson may be a suitable replacement for your punk ass.

  7. There are many more endorsements on the way in the weeks to come. Sniff is going to completely lose his mind when he sees all the elected officials who will be publicly supporting Bianco. There will also be many more Sheriff’s Department commanders who go public with there support of Bianco. It’s only a matter of time before Bianco wins and begins the healing and rebuilding process to get this ship headed back in the right direction.

  8. So I noticed Kurly is using his FB page to promote anything Sniff, including upcoming campaign events, ass kissing events and videos to push his last minute CCW debacle in a desperate attempt to get a few more votes. Stop it KurlyQ. Stop trying to get approval from the second floor. How about trying to get approval from your deputies. Oh wait, you don’t give a rats ass about them, you’d rather lube Sniffles. Remember you asked the staff at MoVal two questions when you arrived, huh, do ya? You haven’t even gone around to get the answers yet have you? Nope, I heard they had high hopes for you at MoVal but you, like all other Sniff jockeys, failed to perform. Good job Special K. Maybe you should cease your obvious Sniff crush and think about those in the department that actually do the work. Don’t be scared, swing over to the Bianco Camp where you just might reserect what respect some might still have for you.

  9. Stanley is trying to live up to his alter ego, Flat Stan. That’s exactly what he is flat. He blew all his hot air on the June election.

    Now him and woods are all sucked up. They probably got stds from the groupies. That or they met Walter White and stole his stash.

    Either way the Department will be a lot lighter once Bianco comes in and fires these clowns who turned their integrity in for a bigger pension. They will be remembered for the unethical, morally corrupt, good for nothing they are. Hopefully, they will live up to the seven years or less rule.

  10. Word in town is that a ” secret meeting ” composed of Moreno Valley City and MVUSD employees ( Gays) took place. It had to do with supporting gay political candidates, gay city, and gay MVUSD employees. They majority of these gay individuals support Stan Sniff. Go figure…

  11. There are a lot of secret anti-Sniffles group meetings taking place throughout Riverside County. Private FB pages discussing his crimes, and referrals to the ROD page.

    As it gets close to November we will see more current and former RSD staff and their family members sharing their horror stories of Sniffcumpoop and his nut suckers.

    What Stan? Didn’t get enough hugs from your mommy?

    We’ll see how many of your LE brothers stand by you when Bianco takes your job and has a look into your vault of secrets.

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