Jul 312018

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Remember, Stan Sniff just had a man suspended for two weeks without pay for having a Chad Bianco sign in their hand while in Uniform.

Will the two people pictured in violation of the uniform code get suspended for their violations of policy?

The guy in the middle is missing a t-shirt under the uniform shirt.

The guy to his left has an mustache that is completely out of regulation due to its’ length.

View this closeup so it is easier to see.

That’s right – the Sheriff does not even follow the dress code that is in the “General Orders”, the hallmark of a Narcissist. The rules do not apply to Stan Sniff.

Let’s suspend Stan Sniff permanently in November.

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  7 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Uniform Standards? We Don’t Need no Stinking Uniform Standards!”

  1. Better yet let’s put him in jail

  2. We can only hope an official inquiry is initiated soon. And then let’s see how long the managers that signed a loyalty oath will stand by the Sheriff. I am willing to bet that everyone on the second floor will initiate a Dekker response and play the victim as they point the finger at Stan and say, ”He made me do it.” Throw then all out, or in jail.

  3. WTF is that on that man’s lip?!? I thought that went out of style at the turn of the 19th century.

  4. The mustache is a violation because your not allowed to use mustache wax. What does it matter when Stanley doesn’t where an undershirt? These corrupt scumbags are the ones determining punishment for department violations. Give me a break.

    These scum need to be flushed like the pos they are.

  5. I just can’t stupid with them today…. it’s too hot.

  6. Have you notices when ever Stan posses for pictures he puts his hands together.? I heard his hands have tremors. Can someone confirm this. ?

  7. Who is the dipshit with mustache? That’s hilarious.

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