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First off, Incumbents are not supposed to get 31% in the Primary in a top two election. Chad Bianco beat Stan Sniff 36-31 in the Primary, an astounding achievement for a relatively unknown challenger. If that was not bad enough – then Stan Sniff released his financial report ending on 6/30/2018. It indicates that he is in more severe trouble than the election result indicated.

Here is the bottom line – Stan Sniff has 87,700 in available cash when you subtract debts.

Chad Bianco has 239,000 in available cash when you subtract his debts.

What Stan Sniff did in my opinion was hold off on paying his campaign manager until 5/20 in order to make his financial position look artificially better than it actually was. You will see that Sniff paid out something like $200,000 in expenses after the 5/19 cutoff for the last pre-election report.

This is a common trick, while legal it is unethical. It seems to fit the motif of Stan Sniff.

Bianco, on the other hand rolls in to the fall general election in a strong position to finish off Stan Sniff.

This poor financial standing explains a lot of Stan Sniff’s seemingly bizarre actions. I had made a determination that Sniff is in a “Narcissistic Rage” and will spend the waning days of his administration scorching the Earth. Look at what has happened since the primary:

The Christian Dekker promotion makes perfect sense. Everyone knows full well that Dekker will not survive probation, but Sniff owed him.

Dave Kurylowicz’ actions, getting increasingly more desperate are explained as it is clear he knows Sniff is in serious danger. It is my opinion that Kurly as I call him is freaking out trolling people on social media as he was to replace Raymond Gregory as the gay avenger in the second floor.

Ray Wood is equally as desperate as he is throwing lines out all over the place trying to see if he can thwart the flow of information to your intrepid blogger.

Sniff and crew are hunting for people to retaliate against and in fact Sniff had a deputy suspended 80 hours without pay for the egregious act of having a Bianco sign in his hand. Multiple stations are having witch hunts to find out who is feeding your intrepid blogger information.

Sniff had a fundraiser at El Felonasco Restaurant with 4 people in attendance that raised a paltry $8,000.

Stan Sniff is attempting to use injured and passed away deputies as campaign props.

He is also preparing some more ethic promotions in order to use, similar to the disgusting patronization of Misha Graves in the primary.

Stan Sniff has left his campaign signs out in defiance of local ordinances all over the county.

Sniff’s friends in the local media can not save him now. Stan Sniff is going to have to do something he has never done before – appeal directly to the voters about why he should be re-elected. He has proven incapable of deviating from his script.

Since the 6/30/2018 cut off for the just released report – Sniff has reported a pathetic $36,500 in large donations. This means that the best case for Stan Sniff is something like $126 – $128K in the bank. This means then that Chad has double the money that Sniff has no matter how it is spun. Note that $25,000 of the $36,500 came from one source, Fred Noble, who has given the Sheriff almost $200K combined over the years.

People have been screwed out of their off-days, with schedules getting changed for no reason.

People have been thrown off of the Bomb Squad, the Detective Bureau and other teams by several members of Sniff’s management team. It has been systemic.

If you are reading this and you support Chad Bianco – celebrate this news for a short period of time. Realize that Stan Sniff is now in the “Wounded Bear” phase. He will stop at nothing to win, he will also burn the department down to the ground on his way out the door. Make bank on it, this is 21 years of experience speaking from watching many flawed candidates.

To those supporting Stan, get out now while you can save yourselves. To Stan you are expendable anyway. Get out while you can.

To those in Stan Sniff’s leadership team – the Right On Daily Blog will continue to hunt you all politically until you are run out of the department and/or thrown in Prison for what you have done.

To be continued…

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  8 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update – On Heels of 31% Disaster in Primary, Shows Pathetic Warchest Going in to Fall Runoff”

  1. Everyone ask how do you know when you’re dealing with a narcissist, look at Stanley, he is a perfect example.

    Stanley is a Pathological Narcissist who’s in love with himself and idealized his self-image which he projects in order to avoid feeling and being seen as the real disenfranchised. Deep down, most pathological narcissists feel like the “ugly duckling,” even if they painfully don’t want to admit it.

    Some key points to know that your Sheriff is a Pathological Narcissist, Here are some points

    Conversation Hoarder
    Conversation Interrupter
    Rule Breaker
    Boundary Violator
    False Image Projection
    Grandiose personality
    Negative Emotions
    Manipulation: Using Others as an Extension of Self


  2. I just went to Biancos webpage and donated. It’s the perfect time to bury Stanley in his quagmire of corruption. Good riddance Stanley. If 1000 employees donate $99 (to stay confidential) that’s another 100k in Biancos campaign account to oust the unethical, immoral and dishonest tyrant. You deserve all of this Stanley!

  3. Right On Daily Blog I have a question why is Fred Noble giving so much money.

    Fred Noble has given the Sheriff almost $200K combined over the years.

    Why is Fred Noble so far up the sheriffs’ ass. One must wonder what kind of favors this guy is getting from the corrupt Sheriff.

  4. The 2nd Floor Whores better get to steppin’ if they want their Pimp to win! Scour briefings, have CATCH and County IT search station computers on Der Fürher’s orders, and punish those who are not afraid to support a new sheriff and administration that will be free of corruption, dishonesty, and cronyism. YOU CANNOT SILENCE US!! MANY MORE DONATIIONS FOR OUR NEW SHERIFF SO WE CAN RUN YOU OUT OF OFFICE AND ONTO THE STREETS WHERE YOU ALL BELONG!!


    Our household has donated $198.00.



  5. Wait a second Stanley. The day after the primary weren’t you telling your supporters that Bianco had spent all of his cash and you were Mr. Moneybags? You are like a damn parolee if your lips are moving you are lying. I hear Carnival Cruise has some great winter cruises available. You should book one with your groupie Miss Funbags and maybe get a discount for bringing your own flotation devices. I feel so sorry for your wife and hope she leaves your ass.

  6. There is nothing Little Stanley can do now. He can not appeal directly to the voters because he knows the truth is he should not be the Sheriff and he never should have been. Unless he continues to lie and cheat, he has absolutely nothing to offer anyone.

    The writing is on the wall. We know it, voters know it, donors know it, and Stanley knows it.

    Bianco for Sheriff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. And by the way, it’s not that his signs never came down, he’s actually having them put up early. He is so narcissistic that he doesn’t realize he’s telling voters that he’s above the law and he will do whatever the hell he wants. He is losing more votes, not gaining any but he’s too dumb to realize what he’s doing!!

    I just signed up to help Bianco put his out when it’s time.

  8. I believe Mr. Noble will also realize very soon that throwing money toward Sniff is throwing money down the drain. I’m sure he has wealthy friends out there who will make sure he is made aware that the smart money will be betting on BIANCO!!

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