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The Robert Epps story matters because he is almost universally loathed in the Sheriff’s Department by the rank and file and because the Sheriff is enabling and even encouraging his actions. Understanding that people like Epps continue to engage in their misconduct is an important window in to the failure that is Stan Sniff.

Any of you that have been reading this blog for any length of time realize that Sgt. Bob Epps of the Bomb Squad has major issues. We’ve alleged (with proof) that Epps may well have committed some felonies while employed by Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Office (RSO). for those of you that are not insiders – this should disturb you deeply as Epps is not unique, this sort of behavior is tolerated and encouraged in the sniff regime.

Recently, Bob Epps had his chief enabler in the field, Lt Werges (Lt. Worthless) kick another member off of the bomb squad. When Epps was put back on the bomb squad several years ago, it began a process where Epps has been systematically exterminating the experienced and trained members and replacing them with former Marines (regardless of merit) and newer people without a heritage. Another guaranteed way to get recruited by Epps is being a boxer. This is consistent with the Stan Sniff pattern of leadership, purge experience and replace with automatons. Epps is a Stan Sniff golden boy.

When we posted a few days ago about Epps having Lt Worthless exterminate Rafael Cuevas from the bomb squad, we posted an unredacted copy of an email where Epps directed Cuevas to ship a bomb suit to the office of a competing company. We un-redacted the email and then posted it so everyone could see the clear nexus of retaliation against Cuevas. I can tell you with certainty that Rafael Cuevas was not one of my sources on Robert Epps, hopefully Cuevas has retained counsel by now and is preparing to sue the RSO over this retaliation. Be sure to contact me at aaronfpark71@yahoo.com and I will be sure to respond and write a declaration for the lawsuit. (and, frankly anyone else screwed over by Sniff and his crew)

Epps for his part has a sketchy past, long before we blew the lid off of his misappropriation of DHS property and industrial espionage. It is the opinion of this blogger that Robert Epps should be in Prison and nowhere near any police force.

According to people with heritage in the department, Robert Epps was a lousy deputy in Hemet Station. Despite what he says about his background, Epps was an Ammo Tech in the military. This means his job was passing out bullets. It was not dealing with explosives. It was basically the military equivalent of working in the sporting goods department at Wal-Mart.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

When Epps was on HDT (Bomb Squad) probation, the Captain at the time wanted to drum him out of HDT because his attitude was so poor. Somehow, Epps made it through.

Later in Romoland, during a “Post-Blast-Investigation”, Epps clipped a subject in the subject’s house who was wielding a BB Gun. Epps brags about this shooting frequently about this event as if he was the second coming of Rambo. Normal, healthy people don’t do this. (See also Lyndon Raymond “The Executioner” Wood’s Skull Tatoo collection, or Cornett’s crime scene tattoo on his back)

Epps becomes a member of the”OIS Club”. As a result, he gets promoted to Sergeant and ends up at Temecula Station as a Patrol Supervisor. After being promoted off of the Bomb Squad. (similar to so many others, he lacked direct experience and qualification for the position)

While in Temecula, Epps had a fixation on Massage Parlors. One of the sadistic things he used to do (besides clipping a dude with a BB gun that is) was leaving the undercover officer hanging in the massage parlor for several minutes, sometimes as long as 20 minutes after the undercover officer gave the bust signal.

Enter the “Marine Corps Mafia”. A former Chief Deputy named Gerald Williams, who like Epps was a former marine comes in to the forefront. Some time while Epps was playing games with (that may or may not have included being serviced by) massage parlors, the Bomb Squad Sgt got promoted, meaning he was no longer the Bomb Squad’s Sgt. Epps was known for bragging to people that he someday would return to the bomb squad and that he’d take it over.

Thanks to the Marine Corps Mafia within RSO, that exact thing happened. Williams tapped the morally and ethically challenged Epps to return to the bomb squad.

Within a Year of Epps taking over, two of the most experienced people retired.

One of those people, was the corporal of the bomb squad. Epps, in order to consolidate his grip on the bomb squad eliminated the position of Bomb Squad corporal, meaning there is no second in command on the bomb squad.

Epps who at one time nearly failed Bomb Squad Probation and who has limited positive field experience, is still a part of the police academy training staff. This is Typical of Stan Sniff’s regime.

Bob Epps is known for showing up on “Black Friday” at the training command in order to Haze recruits. Amazingly, he also teaches a supervisory leadership course at Ben Clark Training Center. That is kind of like interviewing sex offenders about the age of consent.

In June of 2012, a former Marine Major now assigned to HDT (one of Epps’ buddies) was out at the bomb range. He set off a blasting cap just seconds before the squad members were to have attached it to a bomb they were going to detonate. The blasting cap injured the 3 men who would have been most certainly killed had the cap been attached to the bomb. Bob Epps called members of the team and told them not to second guess the Marine Major that nearly blew up 3 team members.

The commander of the bureau at the time ordered a separate investigation. Somehow, Bob Epps got his buddy from the Ontario Fire Department Bomb Squad to do the investigation! Cozy considering that Epps is regularly seen with his current girlfriend on the guy’s boat partying on off time.

Riverside Police Bomb Squad, San Bernardino County Sheriff Bomb Squad, San Diego City / County Bomb Squad or Orange County Sheriff Bomb Squad would have been the appropriate choice as they are law enforcement agencies that do law enforcement work. DUH! But, somehow, the agency of choice was a non-law-enforcement agency.

This individual from the Ontario Fire Department is the SoCal director of the IABTI (some international group of Bomb Squad people) whose international board Bob Epps now serves on.

I wonder if the IABTI know about Epps punching a subordinate, his real military record, his poor performance pre bomb squad, his behavior with government property or his having a bomb suit sent to the headquarters of a competitor for analysis? I wonder if they know about the closed bid contracts or strategic investments Epps has profited from?

I wonder if the IABTI knows that the Riverside Special Enforcement Bureau Commander was so put off by the slipshod investigation from the Ontario FD related to the injury of three of his men that he ordered the investigation re-done?

As a result of the investigation, Epps was supposed to write up a standard operating procedure for handling RFD’s (similar to the two that the DHS grant money paid for that he had shipped to a college in Texas)? The procedure for handling Remote Firing Devices, known as RFD’s (they send a radio signal to a blasting cap) was never written. It has been over 5 years since the investigation in to the mishap was completed, and Epps has not done his job.

This is Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Office, 3 members of the Bomb Squad get fragged physically and the commander is able to stuff the investigation and get away with it.

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  11 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: An In-Depth Biography of Sniff Golden Boy and Bomb Squad Tyrant Bob Epps”

  1. Epps is an embarrassment to the Department, and to the EOD community. And his obstreperous behavior is a direct reflection of the second floor’s perspective in promoting individuals into positions of authority. And the executive staff knew exactly what they were getting when they gave Epps the bomb squad position. The problem is the second floor has spend something like $76,000 on Epps’ training, in addition to another $28,000 on SLI, which he complained about and said “It was painful to attend.” Any real Department that was progressive in nature would address this problem, but the dipsticks on the second floor are acting like Ostrich’s and sticking their head in the sand hoping this will all blow over in November. There will be a day of reckoning, and when it comes, it will be interesting to see what excuses the rest of the command staff give. And even though Vest is also a former Marine, he would throw “Chesty” under the bus if it would help him.

  2. Another Epps screw-up story occurred in 2006. Epps was conducting training for the Hemet Police Department at their shooting range on Warren Rd. Epps being the showoff he is, decided to fire off a military flare to impress Hemet P.D. in windy and dry conditions. The flare flew off into the dry hillside and started a 50+ acre brush fire. It took Cal Fire several hours and a tremendous amount of resources, including aerial resources to extinguish the fire because of Epps’ incompetence. The incident could have been catastrophic if it wasn’t for Cal Fire’s efforts to put the fire out.

    I’m told the Sgt. of the team wanted to conduct a PERS on Epps because of his negligence but was shutdown by Admin.

  3. This guy Epps was an Ammunition Technician, MOS 2311. It’s a job where you keep track of, organize, stock and account for ammunition and explosives. It’s a non-combat job, your in the rear with the gear. The only reason he went to Redstone was so he would know what he was looking at and where it went when he put it back ion the shelf. And the second floor gave Epps free reign on the bomb squad, that’s embarrassing. Years ago the Department had a Deputy that was a Navy Seal apply for the bomb squad, and they did not choose him for the team, but they choose someone like Epps to be on the team, and destroy morale in the process. And before that, he only spent a year as a patrol sergeant at Temecula. The second floor deserve what they get. I hope they enjoy eating crow, because more of it is coming their way.

  4. So, the command staff of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department chose to spend all this time, money and valuable resources to promote Epps to the position of EOD supervisor, whose only claim to fame is that he can read ammo cans and count bullets. What an amazing decisions the second floor makes. And the executive staff wonders why the rank and file have no confidence in the decisions they make. And this don’t include the money they spent on his security clearances too.

  5. It makes perfect sense how Epps got the job, and has avoided responsibility for his screw ups. If your “one of the boys” you can do no wrong, but if your not, the second floor will screw you over and say,”We hold our people accountable.” Epps should never have been given (and I do mean GIVEN in every sense of the word) the job in the first place. He was a mediocre Deputy at the Hemet Station, and has only gotten worse as he climbed the ranks.

  6. What about all of the perks Eppilady has enjoyed being the bomb douche? Consulting, teaching, probably getting to sample wazoo and high-tech equipment. The certifications which gives him privileges others cannot have. All the while he’s trying to undermine the suit manufacturers by sending one (that doesn’t belong to him) off to a competing company he has his sticky fingers in?

    What about his lack of leadership abilities, throwing Cuevas under the bus and no sticking
    up for his men under his command? Some Marine. I’ve seen millennial snowflakes who have their mommas call in sick for them with more huevos than this man has.

    His position of authority is conducive to how shit is run. If he or she is a pal, they get a golden ticket and can do no wrong even when they do wrong. It’s as if disciplining them would be a sign “you can’t do that,” for fear of losing respect.

    Don’t worry 2nd Floor, the respect train has long passed. Your malfeasance has really shown how terrible this department is run and how much work we have to improve it when Sniffcompoop is voted out of office.

    Peckerray? What? Now smart retorts? Been to the Magic Kingdom lately? I guess you’ll surface when Bianco campaigns again. Only be ready, there will be more department members at his meetings than you can count.

    VOTE FOR BIANCO – 2018!!

  7. @2Edward31… I am absolutely loving you sir and/or madam! Well relayed and played!

  8. And let’s not forget the supplementaryl perks of a take home ride, on-call pay, and I believe HDT pay in addition to when he responds to actual call-outs, as he spends his time in the truck as he plays with the robot. And he also attends the various EOD conferences on the county’s dime as well. But after all this training, and further perks of the job, like attending SLI, Sgt. Epps still don’t know the meanings of true leadership, all he cares about is “how can I benefit personally from this.” Smedley D. Butler would be very disappointed in him.

  9. Thank you Desert Cop. Stay cool, and no vehicle stops after 1000 hrs. out there.

  10. Got to hand it to Sniff. When he makes a bad choice he sure sticks with it. Sgt. Epps has been investigated multiple times since this blog started and nothing has been founded. Shocking, right?

    This says all anyone needs to know about the Sheriff’s priorities. His subordinates are either completely indifferent to criminal behavior committed by his favorites or they’re too stupid to know what they’re looking at. Either conclusion means that this man and his staff need to be replaced. Sgt Epps pulls down more money than a Deputy Chief and no one is following the dimes? He’s accused of stealing county property and no one writes up a warrant? Pictures on social media show abuse of county money as well as accompanied “work trips”, he offers up his bank accounts and they say “Nevermind”. Any cop interested in the truth would do all of that. Anyone not looking to go through the motions to protect their buddy would do that. Actual cops should be running the actual police departments. Discourteous treatment of the public is treated with more seriousness than outright corruption. That is precisely why 31% Sniffles needs to get out of Riverside County. Epps should have been indicted years ago.

    The man is a Semper Fi-fucking disgrace.

  11. @1 Lincoln 90, you said Epps stays in the truck and plays with his robot. Epps isn’t playing with his robot, he’s servicing it. He wants to make sure it’s oiled and lubed. It’s the small robot with a dick for a head, named little Stan. Epps loves servicing little Stan as much as possible. He just has to fight Purvis and Vest for his turn.

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