Jul 302018

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Blogger’s Note: Embedded in this post are the top two finalists for Christian Dekkker memes.

Christian Dekker’ promotion to Lieutenant over other more qualified, skilled and talented Sergeants is a case study in who Stan Sniff promotes and a clear cut reason anyone can understand is to the shattered morale.

Recently an employee of the Sheriff’s Office was suspended two weeks without pay for taking a picture of himself in uniform holding a Chad Bianco Sign. Compare this to Christian Dekker who should be in prison, but instead is promoted by Stan Sniff (whose campaign flyers feature him in uniform)

Christian Dekker is one of the most reviled creatures in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. From a well-connected informant…

Dekker does keep book on everyone he comes into contact with. When he was a new sergeant at SCF, he was telling the other Sergeants that he created folders on his computer for all his employees so he could keep notes on the staff members on his shift for evals. and add comments when appropriate. And I bet he also keeps confidential notes on the higher ups he works for as well. And he won’t stick up for anyone unless he can benefit from it, but will burn you to the ground in a minute if it will make him look good. As a famous man once said,”Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others, and is not the opportunity to satisfy personal gain.” I guess Dekker must have nodded off when they discussed leadership at MCRD, and at SLI.

Christian Dekker is quick to sow the seeds hate and discontent, and lay the blame on someone else to save his own skin. When the security guard stole something like 1.5 million from the Soboba Casino, Dekker was one of the detectives called in to assist, and he immediately started accusing Detective Greg Harrell of screwing the case up and other unfounded allegations. Detective Harrell was a very respected detective, and did not deserve to be treated the way he was by Dekker. But Dekker was more concerned with his own image than to solve the case. Detectives Harrell, and Doug Fry were able to solve the case, arrest the suspect and recover the money, in spite of Dekker’s interference.

Dekker was on the Temecula SET Team, and had been sent there (on an exception) to get him out of the detective’s bureau because his co-workers there could not stand him. Dekker’s response was to claim hostile work environment to cover himself from the resentments of the other detectives that were tired of his slipshod, late reports.

Sometime in 2007, the Temecula SET Team got a search warrant and ended up hitting the wrong house. Dekker sprung in to action and set fire to everyone on the team to save himself at their expense. He also engineered cause to file an employment practices lawsuit to claim whistleblower status to protect himself from department discipline. Ultimately it was Dekkker’s additional allegations that led to the dissolution of the Temecula SET Team.

Dekkker was most recently the admin Sgt. at Jurupa Valley Station. On His watch the A/C unit was allowed to malfunction to the point that they were using fans for cooling in 115 degree weather. But, Dekkker was getting himself a ton of overtime, don’t you know.

This should give you a flavor for why Stan Sniff promoted Christian Dekkker. We are alleging that Stan Sniff is going to take several drastic measures to damage the department on his way out the door.

If anyone reading this blog thinks Stan Sniff is going to lay down, quit or otherwise capitulate – google the term “Narcissistic Rage” and read the clinical definition of it. You will have perspective. Dekkker will not be the only promotion Stan Sniff makes in order to rub people’s face in his authoritah. Could Aaron Kent, Robert Rose, Mark Bostrom, Bob Epps, etc. be next? Think it through. Everyone Captain and lower is a PERS employee and can not be easily fired (although Chad Bianco can demote Dekkker back to Sgt within the first year of his new rank)

You can read even more on Christian Dekker here in this blog post. Based on what I have learned about Dekker, I have drawn the following conclusions:

  • He records his co-workers illegally and without their consent
  • While working at the jail attempted to set up inmates to make himself look good
  • While working at the jail used to solicit information from inmates to use against his co-workers
  • He rips off the overtime system arranging to work on holidays
  • He filed a hostile workplace lawsuit against the department
  • He is known to falsify his time cards
  • He is ruthless towards those under his command, including framing innocent subordinates to save himself
  • He is incompetent and lazy
  • He has destroyed more than one team he has been on with his antics

Sgt. Dekker has a backyard that was reputed to have cost some $50,000+ to install. I paid for that with my tax dollars while this man was ripping off the taxpayers of Riverside County falsifying his time cards and snooping for dirt to file his next lawsuit. (with the disclaimer that I am assuming everything I have been told about him is indeed true)

Apparently, Dekker is not aware that secretly recording people is a crime without a court order to do so. Apparently, Dekker is not aware that falsifying time cards is also a crime if indeed he is not at work when he says he is. What we do know about Dekker is that he is unethical by virtue of the accounts of his behavior. (which I believe to be true)

Stan Sniff promoting Christian Dekkker was a willful act specifically to stick his finger in the eye of those supporting Chad Bianco. Dekker celebrated his promotion with one last Overtime Ripoff on 7/4/2018 being in the Jurupa Valley Station all day when no one else was in the station (the Station was closed to the public that day as well).

Oh and follow the money: (Dekkker’s donations to Stan Sniff) Click here to see my expose’ on employee contributions to their boss.


$150          9/17 (Sgt)

$100          6/28/17

$250          3/7/18

$150          3/30/18

If this was the only thing Stan Sniff did, he’d deserve to be fired as Sheriff simply for this act. Fasten your seat-belts people, because similar to Barack Hussein Obama’s Narcissitic rage at the end of his Presidency (recalling all the fleets, letting in thousands of “refugees” to spite people, 150 last minute regulations, joining in on a UN resolution to slam Israel, deliberate leaking of classified information and a media drill against Trump) expect Stan Sniff to do all kinds of things to burn down the department on his way out the door. (Beyond suspending an employee for two weeks for taking a photo in uniform with a Chad Bianco Sign and Promoting the hated Christian Dekkker)

Oh and if you are part of Team Sniff, you are expendable. If you are part of Team Bianco, the election is not over until it is over. Underestimate the destructive power of Stan Sniff at your own peril.

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  7 Responses to “Meet Christian “Beluga” Dekkker, the Newest Lieutenant Under Stan Sniff – This is the Caliber of Stan Sniff Management (Think Corruption)”

  1. When Dekker was on SET at the Temecula Station, he alleged the team members (but not him of course), were involved in all kinds of illicit activity like unlawful arrests, excessive use of force, “Robert Rose behavior” (Pointing guns at innocent civilians) and other accusations. So, how many team members were held to answer by the D.A.’s office for criminal allegations? How many team members were termiinted by “Investigate to terminate” Bostrom for the serious violations of Generl Orders? None that I know of. So, because Dekker’s allegations were of a serious nature, and extended into the realm of criminal behavior, the D.A.’s Office’s, and I.A. were either complicit in the cover-up, or there was no credibility in his allegations. So, does that make Dekker a Brady issue? You can decide for yourself, but if I was a defense attorney, I would go, ”Hum.” Granted there may have been some issues that needed to be addressed on the team, but not to the extend of embellished committed by Dekker. And if Delker did generate files on his computer for his staff members, that would be considered a form of “secret files” his employees do not have access to, which is a no-no. I am surprised the P.D. has not done a Pitches Motion on Dekker, oh that’s right, you have to actually do work for that to occur.

  2. Dekker was kicked out of the Detective Bureau because he was disliked so much. He never closed his cases. He was sent to Temecula SET to watch the SGT on the team. He got upset with the Sgt Bc he was told to sit and write his reports for the 50 cases he was working. 50 Cases that he was trying to get Deputies on the team to work for him. He clashed with the Sgt and so he made outlandish allegations regarding Temecula SET because he was forced to sit at the old town store front to close his cases. He was not allowed to play w the team. The team was disbanded and PSB did their investigation. No criminal acts were discovered even though Dekker made allegations of several criminal acts.

  3. Years ago we had a Deputy in the desert that was down 70 reports, and they fired him for failure to perform. And I heard they had another Deputy in the west end that was down 100 reports, and they fired him too for failure to perform But this piece of work Dekker (who is suppose to be held to a higher standard because he’s a detective), who is down 50 reports is given a pass, incredible. Dekker is the epitome of neglect of duty, and his failures should have been addressed by the second floor, but they were overlooked. So what’s going to happen is that Dekker is going to get his Sergeants to do his staff work for him now that he’s a manager, and will elevate neglect of duty and failure to perform to a whole new level as he takes credit for the work of others. And I heard Dekker did the same thing when he was at homicide. How can the executive staff promote someone that has been substandard in every assignment they have held, and has credibility issues is beyond belief. Dekker may call himself a Marine, but he forgot the essential concepts that the title carries. and if Smedley was alive today, he would take that title away from Dekker.

  4. Dekker has been selling HIS version of events for so long, he would not know the true story if it jumped up and bit him in the Beluga. Dekker is known for diverting blame when things go south. He did it at Temecula, and has continued to deny accountability. When he was a Detective at Temecula, he would wait until the end of the day and then tell the detective sergeant he has a follow-up to milk overtime out of the county, which is an integrity issue. Dekker refuses to accept responsibility, unless it’s something positive, then he will claim all the glory for himself. Dekker, how many staff members have you recognized for a job well done? How many deputies have you nominated for awards? How many deputies have you supported and defended? We all know the answer. You were never known to do the right thing, and it’s all about you and how you can benefit from the misfortunes of others. And remember supervisor’s school for new Sergeants, why was it you sat alone in the class? Was it because no one trusted you, or that you would deflect blame and incriminate others to any mishaps that occur? You may hold the rank of Lieutenant, but don’t think that you will be viewed as a true leader of men.

  5. Dekker truely never worked homicide. He arrived and his work product was not at the level of Central Homicide Unit investigator. It took the boss about 10 months to get him transferred because no other commader wanted him. He calls himself a homicide allum but you have to solve a case first.

    I give Dekker credit, , he played to game, stab others in the back for personal gain and bought a promotion. It only costed him his integrity and self respect. I clearly remember Dekker only cares about Dekker and ALWAYS plays the victim card.

    I so glad to be retired!

  6. Well said retired CHU. May you enjoy retirement, you earned it after having to put up with the likes of Dekker.

  7. @Retired CHU: Sounds like Dekker fits the mold to become a 2nd Floor Whore someday. So many stories similar to this POS who hold higher ranks whilst the hard workers get screwed over and over again.

    Why does the 2nd Floor keep promoting DeArmonds, Stupidos, and Worthlesses? Because that’s the work ethic and level of intelligence that gets rewarded under this regime.

    Let’s stop this nonsense and REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR BUANCO!!


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