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An employee out on medical leave with cancer posted the embedded screenshot.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you will realize that County Admin has had a practice of fighting all Worker’s Comp Cases and County Admin has had a pattern of heartless, ruthless treatment of injured workers.

When this screenshot was sent to me, I was not surprised by it given the horror stories I have heard.

What did surprise me was Assistant Sheriff Kevin “Bowling Ball” Vest responding so quickly and his letting the cat out of the bag…

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Does the Second Floor really have sway over the abusive treatment of employees by County Admin? If so, have they been allowing and/or encouraging the abuse for the last 11 years?

I hope this employee gets relief from the merciless and ruthless treatment of her situation by County Admin. However, I hope Kevin Vest’s action opens up the floodgates for mistreated employees to get what they should have gotten for the last 11 years, Senior Management that gives a rip about them. It is clear to me that the devastating loss suffered by Sniff in the June primary is causing a reaction, such as the Assistant Sheriff (who knows his job is on the line if Sniff loses) is suddenly attempting to care about employees.

I thought Kyleen Coogan’s support group was supposed to help with stuff like this? Kevin Vest has let the cat out of the bag – If Floor 2 really gave a rip, they could intervene and help injured employees getting hammered by county admin.

Oh and a side note – Pete, the brother of cowardly Captain Dave Kurylowicz and his assistant Blythe Ryan Huizinga run the Deputy Relief Foundation – since they like Coogan are in the bag for the Sheriff, they do nothing to help either.

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  21 Responses to “Getting Abused by County Admin (On your illness or worker’s comp case?) Call Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest! (No, REALLY)”

  1. No one can be expected to work while on chemo. So if you cant work do to medical needs they TAKE AWAY YOUR MEDICAL ?!
    And just think of all the deputies that have on the job injuries. It is easy to get hurt in your line of work too,

    ( My pet peeve is how my local paper The Desert Sun won’t cover this. But if a deputy is accused of the smallest little thing it ends up on the front page of tomorrow’s paper. What about all the sick or injured employees that get no support, why isn’t that news? )

    Keep posting and maybe add how to help RSO’s Family Support network maybe the community can start contributing to it.

  2. When an employee of the Sheriff’s Department files a claim, the second floor gets the claim to see if the injury was preventable, and if there was a violation of policy, like a neglect of duty issue, or faulty equipment, ect. And it’s the second floor that decides how hard they want to fight the claim. They routinely deny claims, even when there is proof it’s work related. A lot of times they will deny the claim to make it so difficult that the employee will get fustrated and just “give up.”’ A good example is one employee that had a work related claim, they had that employee attend a deposition in the City of Riverside, But that same employee had to go all the way to the City of Los Angeles to see their doctor. Yet another employee with a similar claim had his doctor’s visits in Riverside, but had to go to Los Angeles to give a deposition. They will even give the attorney representing the county confidential information from your I-file to see if there is anything they can use to deny the claim. And the second floor gets a copy of your deposition as well, so anything you say (good or bad about the Department, the second floor will know). So if your a golden child, they won’t fight your claim, but if your not, they will make you jump through every hoop, and hope you get so tired you just give up on your claim. The best thing you can do is get a workers comp. attorney to represent you if you file a W/C claim (depending on the claim) because Vest, and the rest did the hooligans on the second floor don’t care about you.

  3. That is true, we had a Deputy that went out on stress that was involved in a shooting, so that Deputy is out for a good amount of time, and the county makes an allegation of workers comp. fraud, based upon the photos on their Facebook page. So they take that employee to civil court, and sue them for $170,000, the amount of W/C benefits they had received. Luckily that staff member he a W/C attorney to represent them, so the civil action failed. And the Deputy is now back to work. But did Vest, or anyone else on the second floor come to the aid of the staff member, you be the judge of that. The second floor don’t care about you, all they care about is how to make themselves look good to the voting public.

  4. I know a dude who injured his knee during a UOF (use of force) on a combative. He was forced to go out on w/c. He had to fight these scumbags the whole way. He had to wait so long to get his knee fixed, his hip and back started having problems from compensating for his bum knee. He had to pay for his own doctor to rebut the county quack. He’s now medically retired, but not at the percentage he should’ve been.

    These pricks don’t care about the employees. Vest is just giving lip service. He wants people to think he cares about employees well being. If Stanley and the zoo cared the equipment wouldn’t be all broken or damaged. The Department wouldn’t run short staffed. They wouldn’t terminate decent people while promoting scumbags and liars. How much money have Stanley and his idiots cost this county? Too much! With all the training put in to deputies who leave for greener pastures. The staff who retire because of all the bullshit and politics. Or people who rip off the county through fraudulent overtime. Misuse of department equipment, etc. These pricks all need to be thrown head first off of the admin building. Then if they survive, tell them they are getting their medical cut off. After that tell them they are physically unable to perform their duties. Then throw them off the building head first again.

  5. The Riverside Sheriff is insured through the Riverside County. The Riverside County is self-insured and are regulated by the California Industrial Relations. If you feel you have been screwed by the Worker’s Comp system, you can file a complaint and request an audit through the California Industrial Relations. The Audit Unit audits insurance companies, self-insured employers, and third-party administrators to ensure that they have met their obligations under the Labor Code and the administrative director’s regulations. By assessing penalties and ordering that unpaid compensation be paid, this unit ensures that proper benefits are delivered accurately and in a timely manner.

    ALWAYS, when email your contact at the Sheriff, you need to cc the Claims Examiner and Your Attorney.

    All Workers’ Compensation injured works should document from the initiation of their claim.

    Always request copies of : Doctor’s First Reports, Initial, Progress and Discharge Reports. This also includes, QME and AME reports. Any x-rays and MRI’s a copy of the results should be requested on a DVD. Create your own medical file at home and document everything. Remember that if you need a walker, wheelchair, housekeeper, gardner, caregiver because your Worker’s Comp injury prevents you to function pre-injury status, always obtain a physician prescription requesting those services.

  6. We had a staff member that was injured in an on-duty traffic accident. Did Vest or the second floor care about the injured staff member, no they did not. The Deputy received minimal treatment and was eventually returned to work. The employee suffered complications from the minimal treatment offered by the county, and had to be transported by ambulance to get immediate medical treatment, and will probably have to medically retire now. So where is Vest, did he show any concern? Did Vest, or anyone else from the second floor visit the Deputy at the hospital? You know the answer. And to add insult to injury, they had a family member drive the injured employee to the station to sign the W/C paperwork. And yes we as staff do expect a lot from the second floor, as it is written in the New Testament, Gospel of Luke 12:48 “ for whosoever much is given, of him, much shall be required.”’ And right now, the second floor is not giving much in return for the command they were given.

  7. @ 2c50 – I know of two current cases where the Sgt in charge of the claimant is colluding with the Admin Sgt. It is disgusting.

  8. With staff members they like, they offer a settlement no questions asked, but with others, they fight the claim up to the day of trial. One staff member had a documented work related back injury, and they offered a low-ball amount that would be considered criminal by any standard for a back injury. Additionally. the staff member had medical notes from several doctors saying they needed back surgery, but the county said “we will accept the claim, but we won’t authorize the surgery because we don’t think you need it.” Another staff member has a documented work related heart issue, and even spent time in the hospital, but did they settle with that staff member, he’s still pursuing his claim. I just wonder how many W/C claims from previous executive staff members that were settled without the nonsense the rank and file have to go through.

  9. It all goes to wanting to do the right thing, but that’s not in the best interest with people
    In charge of Riverside County. With the current managers we have, all they care about his making themselves look good for the next promotion. And if that means screwing someone over, so be it. Maybe the likes of Kevin Vest, Kevin Smith, Mark Bostrom and Tim Elwell would have read Provers 3:7, they might have been good leaders. “be not wise in thine own eyes, and depart from evil.”

  10. You showed a name in the screen shot.

    Didnt she and a female Sgt rescue people at the Las Vegas shooting?

  11. Not sure if lard ass Coogan has the stamina needed to save anyone unless they had a cheesecake in their pocket. Harrington I know you from my time at the Indio courthouse and have to ask if you are so offended by this treatment and have such a desire to save us from the county’s corruption and obviously have seen it firsthand to the point that you always comment here why not go Pro Bono and help the injured deputies with a class action lawsuit against the county since that’s the only way it will get fixed and where the fuck is the RSA with this?

  12. Its a lot to look into.

    Ill post office my office numbers
    (760)347-4445 harringtonlaw@aol.com
    Im in Riverside too

  13. Someone should do a Public Records Request on the Worker’s Comp claims and settlements.

  14. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! Someone has written about the biggest injustice in Riverside County and its been going on for DECADES. The treatment of wounded workers by this county is a travesty! In law enforcement cops get broken. Its a brutal job that takes its toll on the body. You would think that the employer who spends a lot of money training the cop would want to protect their investment, fix the issue quickly, and get the cop back on the streets. This would certainly help the manpower issue facing this department.

    Instead, the county engages in stupid stalling tactics to avoid paying for medical procedures. In doing so it delays the cop quickly recovering. In some case that cop never recovers because the cop suffers nerve damage that could have been prevented if the county just acted ethically. The county will deny claims even for on-duty or presumptive injuries. They will drain the cops time banks and banking accounts to fight what it is their responsibility to fix. This forces the cop to hire ambulance chasing attorneys and drag the county to court. Why should it take a judge to fix what was caused by service to the county.

    How many deputies do we know that have lost their homes, careers, and financial security because of the county’s handling of these injuries. We have all heard the stories. Handoyo Triputra anyone? Here is the kicker. Sheriff Stan Sniff can ABSOLUTELY stop it. Every bit of it. It is within his power to overrule the county, accept the injury claims, and begin the healing process for his worst hurt deputies. Why doesn’t he do it? The treatment would come out of his budget. How many people could be fixed with the money that Sniff wastes by paying someone to make lame social media videos or giving his donors free rides in the helicopter? If you ever doubted that you are just a PCN number to this Sheriff doubt no longer. The man is a heartless piece of scum.

    Now flip to his opponent Chad Bianco. I have seen this man interact with his troops. I’ve heard him speak about how it angers him to see deputies leave the department in droves. The man cares and I highly doubt that he will allow this treatment to continue. There is change coming my friends. It will take Sheriff Bianco time but the days of oppression and tyranny are ending.

    Aaron Park, I have never met you. I know some dislike what you are doing and are solely focused on who is paying you. These are the people worried about ending up on this blog. Many supervisors are tip toeing around right now knowing they have skeletons in their closet. You have given RSO employees a voice and without a doubt you had a impact on the primary. Please don’t stop. Thank you for what you have risked and the sacrifices you and your wife have made for a group of people you have never met.

  15. “Its a lot to look into.
    Ill post office my office numbers
    (760)347-4445 harringtonlaw@aol.com
    Im in Riverside too”

    Let me translate for my blue line brothers and sisters:

    “It’s a lot of work and more than I can handle. I’d rather just kiss Capt. Reynolds ass on this blog than help you.”

    Cool story now go away dude. Thanks for nothing.

  16. @1john87, stay focused on who the problem is, Stanley and his butt monkeys. @Michael Harrington can’t fix this massive problem. He’s just one person like you, me, Aaron F. Park, or any other contributors. However, together we could post everyday about what we have witnessed from the other side of the line. Average citizens are reading this blog. We can strike a blow against these clowns. And there is nothing they could do about it. The dam has burst open and these scumbags are going to be washed right off their high horses. Brother I know you’re frustrated with all this crap. Remember, the night is darkest just before dawn. Well, we’re in the darkest hour and dawn is coming in November. Keep your head up and stay focused. May God keep all of you safe and free from harms way.

    John 15:13 Greater love has no man, then to lay his life down for his friends.

  17. I am a very prudent lawyer. I have to analyse it. But I am effective. As to being to much for one lawyer , others can be brought in. A class action suit isnt the issue ; its showing a pattern and practice that essential violates workers rights.

    There may be other ways to be effective. But how I am I assume nothing and first just get the facts.

    Ive taken on causes before. But getting work isnt why I post. People want to look for lawyers they know how. I dont put “attorney” on here under my name. Im actually really busy.

    Im very straight and blunt with my clients. I dont mince words. No need to translate. My pet peeve is lawyers who talk like sales people. Im too blunt with clients actually. I dont bullshit people. I tell my staff to expect that from me, too.

    Kiss Reynolds ass lol . I said I wouldnt comment on her anymore. I doubt anyone around Coachella city hall would say I kissed her ass. There was a lot of tension at city meetings. City officials gave me a lot of crap. She was stuck in the middle of the fray. No one got along. I tried but the city people really gave me a lot of shit. But she was honest to me and my group who asked about the police budget at the meetings . I dont think any Lt would be thrilled to deal with what she dealt with. I think most would just walk off and not respond. .

    The city lied about the budget. Reynolds didnt . She also gave honest answers to board members, at council meetings etc I was at the meetings I witnessed this. She also didnt ban me from rotary as reported. She didnt take my side either. She didnt do me any favors. But it was the city, not the sheriffs , that messed with me. I gave a link to a police report.

    So when I see inaccurate info about things that happened at that time, 2015-16, I felt I should speak up. To me its a matter of integrity to correct a false accusation. Especially when it was introduced on the blog in the context of what I was involved in. My name and experiences were brought up. Otherwise, I wouldnt of commented at all. The city officials still mess with me. 3 years later. Guess I really hit a nerve. This isnt a joke to me . The argument over the police budget and the city really affected me. You have no idea the crap ive taken. But it was from the city and their associates in politics. Not Thermal Station. The blog seemed to blame Thermal command for things the city did to me and others. Thats not accurate.

    I did disagree with the Sheriffs at Thermal over issues. It seems like change is needed on the 2nd floor.. Thats why I am interested in seeing Chad Bianco win. I I chose to tell Lt Reynolds or Capt Shouse. I gave them both my input. It seems to be policies that come from Sniff. As a citizen I feel its best to give me input directly to the point of contact at the station. I dont see it as my place to blast it out here on the internet. Its your forum for handling your issues. Not mine. But I think there could be more community input on here.

    Someone said about Reynolds cheating on a test. I dont think she needs to cheat. I have to have a good memory to do trial work. Im sure its true for police. Reynolds gives presentations to councils and its obvious she very knowledgeable . Her memory is exellent. This is just true. She corrected me a few times. Her memory and retention is amazing. Im
    just being honest. I dont think she has to cheat on a test.

    So why should I as a member of the public care if there is this or that story about her from back at Palm Desert station? Doesnt have anything to do with me.

    But whatever issues people have with her, go ahead , fight it out. I dont know what she did to anyone and its not my business. Maybe she did things and she has it coming now.

    In some ways Im sorry that my experiences in Coachella came up becuase I really didnt want to be commenting on any Sheriffs there. But when there inaccurate info its hard to not comment.

    Coachella officials are anti police. They scapegoat police. Youre just helping them when all the blame is put on Thermal command in a punlic blog.

  18. Everyone has to remember, anyone can paint a pretty picture, including Misty Reynolds. Just because she can do well giving a dog and pony show, that don’t mean she is “all that and a bag of chips.”’it takes a lot more than that to be a leader. And it was Chief Deputy Patty Knudsen that was sponsering Reynolds, which is how she got promoted. And with the City of Coachella, they have problems, which is how they lost their Police Department, and Council member Gilbert Ramirez was arrested for assaulting deputies when they tried to tow his vehicle. So now you know why they act the way they do toward the Sheriff’s Department.

  19. The abuses by so called WC is disgusting and has been ongoing for decades. We have all heard the stories, we have all known at least one person who has experienced this and in the back of my mind, I always thought there must be something to justify the denied claims, that is, until it happened to me.

    My case was clear cut, my case was legit, my had to be approved but was denied by the county. My WC attorney took my case, he told me and showed me the documents that shows out of every county, city Fire and LE agency in the state of California, Riverside County has the HIGHEST rate of denied claims in the entire state.

    Think about that one for a moment. Think about how many agencies we have in this state and our employer, denies the most claims statewide.

    My injury, a witnessed knee injury while training was denied for a full year until my attorney was met by county attorneys on the courthouse steps, minutes before seeing a judge, when the county accepted the claim.

    We all know about this, if it hasnt happened to you, we tend to be in denial and think, “It wont happen to me”. Then you live the nightmare as the claims person treats you like trash, like you are a criminal and rudely hangs up on you mid sentence after saying your claim is denied.

    You call your union (Association) only to hear them say, “We have nothing to help you, we know it happens, we just dont have any help for you, call CLEA if they pay you, you have to pay them back”.

    RSA and the county clearly have some type of relationship, because I hear it everytime, RSA cant help, I am almost out of my time banks and my credit cards are maxed out, yet NOTHING changes.

    We are truly just replaceable pieces in a giant machine, we mean NOTHING to the system, you are either productive or a liability. You are an X on a chart that is only productive when you cost them nothing, when you turn into WC on a manpower chart, you are a liability.

  20. I’m going on five years now fighting the county on workers comp, I had a stroke, ptsd, and upper/lower back problems. The doctors said no more police work for you and gave me a 100 percent disability. So the department makes up an allegation on a separate incident and fires me. Okay so now no medical insurance, work comp doesn’t cover any meds or treatment for injuries. Blew through one of my retirement accounts to cover expenses. Luckily I found a job that offers medical insurance. Good luck if you injured while working for Riverside County they don’t give a fuck about employees

  21. Workers Comp still has to cover the cost of treatment.

    You can add an allegation of retailatory firing into your WC case.

    Ask your WC attorney.

    *Media attention helps bring change.

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