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When we say Stan Sniff has been seriously wounded politically, we make this claim with evidence.

Witness LIUNA, a union that has normally given Sniff amounts of up to $10,000 at a time was only good for $1000.

These things aggregate and this is a clear indicator that the wheels may be coming off of the Sniff train with the donor community as well.

However, an even better indicator of how badly wounded Sniff is, was let out by the normally Pro-Sniff Riverside Press-Enterprise, who appear to have banished an editor to Rancho Cucamonga for having the audacity to report about Bianco being retaliated against. (Note, Miguel Garcia has not been retaliated against for his run against Stan Sniff giving further credence to my theory he was put on the ballot to be a foil by Sniff)

Witness this quote from their recent article:

Worried incumbents?

Another county office headed to a November general election is sheriff.

Incumbent Stan Sniff will face sheriff’s Lt. Chad Bianco after none of the four candidates on the primary ballot secured a majority.

There are troubling signs for Sniff as he heads into November. Bianco finished first in the primary, beating Sniff by more than 14,000 votes. Roughly two in three voters chose someone other than the incumbent sheriff, who also faced challenges from retired Hemet police chief Dave Brown and sheriff’s Deputy Miguel Garcia.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Stanley is on the left. Recent reports indicate Stanley is nearly completely Grey and has lost a loty of weight.

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Bianco, who four years ago lost to Sniff in a two-candidate race, has the backing of the union representing sheriff’s deputies.  And, after the primary, he also got Brown’s endorsement. Sniff has attacked Bianco as a union puppet, while Bianco said Sniff has mismanaged the Sheriff’s Department and allowed morale to plummet.

The P-E couldn’t help themselves with the union swipe and using an old photo of Sniff to make him look way better than he does currently though. However, that said – these comments in the article are a glaring admission of what everyone on the ground knows, Sniff is extremely vulnerable and has an uphill race in the fall.

The Sniff-Endorsing Desert Sun had their own spin. It kind of felt like literary Twister as I was reading the article

In the June primary election, Sniff’s opponent, Lt. Chad Bianco received over 14,000 more votes, or almost 5 percent, than Sniff.

Bianco rallied supporters by attacking the Sniff and accusing him of mismanaging the budget, antagonizing the Board of Supervisors and letting problems like the concealed-carry-weapons permit backlog fester.

“I think there’s been a lot of political comments made that were pandering and misunderstood how the budget works,” Sniff said of the criticisms leveled against him. “The elected constitutional officers have a responsibility to speak the truth to the board, as far as the ramifications of the decisions they’ve made. But once they’ve made a decision, I’ll execute it whether I like it or not.”

You will note that Sniff suddenly is talking cooperation with the Board of Supervisors and is attempting to tout his fiscal management. Nothing like getting hammered at the ballot box to learn some false humility to try and regroup. It is going to be a fun 4 1/2 months. See below for evidence of Sniff’s fiscal management:

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  9 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Local Media Makes Notable Shift in Their Coverage, Normally Reliable Donor Gives Sniff a Token Amount”

  1. I have news for you Stanley, elected constitutional officers have a responsibility to speak the truth to everyone, not only the Board. But you have fallen short of your responsibilities because you are a LIAR. You have lied to everyone and done whatever you wanted because you are an arrogant little SOB, but now after being punched in the face in the primary election, you are being forced to eat some humble pie. I hope you like how it tastes.

    The voters have spoken Stanley and it’s crystal clear that they want you removed from office. You can bet that any donors you once had will be avoiding your phone calls, because the smart money is on BIANCO.

  2. Stan and his band of marionettes speak the truth, that’s like asking the devil and his demons to behave. There is only one truth, Stan’s definition of it, and you either go along with Stan and his version or your out on your behind. Stan should take his executive staff to the PERS office in San Bernardino to show them where it’s at, he’s been there before. They will need their services come November.

  3. Unfortunately those photos only show part of the problem with the units. Another part of the problem is what the department pays for fleet services to actually service the vehicles. I recently found out we pay over $100 per oil change. That is a ridiculous amount for a freaking oil change. And even better than car wash stations at fleet are also charging to wash the car with water. I’ve brought it to the attention that I see no suds when the cars are being washed and they claim the nozzles are clogged. That is some BS to be. Basically our department is getting ripped off on oil changes and we are getting ripped off on car washes that basically spray water onto a car without taking the crap off of it. The units even new ones are starting to look bad. Money is being wasted everywhere and we are not fixing the problem.

  4. You only have to look at Stanleys facebook page to see what a full of shit politician he is. All of a sudden he is making informational videos. All of a sudden he wants to play nice with the BOS. All of a sudden he posts a picture of him wearing a damn T-Shirt under his class B. (Now we know you read the blog, thanks Stanley). All of a sudden he dresses in a class A to try and rid the gross image of him as a soup sandwich. All of a sudden he miraculously decreases the CCW wait time. All of a sudden that lying POS stops people from commenting on his page because he is in denial about everyone not wanting him around, and now he doesn’t have to delete people all day long.

    Stanley, you are exactly what everyone has said you are…. a POS politician. You only “care” about the department during election years. (this year its only after you got your ass handed to you at the polls). This entire election the department members have watched and listened to you lie through your teeth about everything.

    Three things must now happen: 1) The current department members see this for exactly what it is: Stanleys demise. They all need to finally step forward and be vocal about their support for Bianco. That includes the spineless POS admin staff that are all in panic mode right now. 2) Donors and politicians need to step up and support the obvious new Sheriff. Those two things will be the nails in coffin for Stanleys reign of terror. and finally…. 3). Stanley shows he actually does care about the department, not his own personal agenda of being sheriff, and slips away into retirement land. DO THE RIGHT THING STANLEY!

  5. Oooh Thomas! Church came early this week!!

    Everything you said is true! A sheriff has to show some political savvy but Sniffcompoop has lost his way and turned straight politician as soon as he took his seat at the throne. All the BS he has done since being there: brininging curmudgeons back from retirement to command BCTC and be part of the train wreck that is the 2nd Floor, ignoring his own troops and treating us with disdain and indifference (unless you’re a political donor) and punishing those who are against him (look at any instructor who is no longer allowed to teach because they pissed someone off), lying to the public about the boy molester from Hemet, and list goes on and on.

    The latest t-shirt poses are hilarious and it’s true they read this (latest evidence of Werges interrogating Cuevas about the identity of Fawkes). I’m sure they are all reeling over how their sand castle is crumbling around them.

    They cannot have the respect they need to support them because they’ve never had it for their troops. It’s all beeen about themselves and serving themselves and giving retired cronies a pension supplement. I wish someone would look into the “consulting” fees this department pays out to those who are given this extra paycheck for doing nothing.

    But I digress.



  6. Stanley is a child with dementia. Wearing a t-shirt under your Class B. That’s how you’re supposed to wear it. Does Stanley need a cookie for following the uniform standard? Get a life Stan, you’re on the way out. Leave will what little dignity you have. And take your trash with you. You can all go work at Ali’s gas station. Your groupies, I mean executive assistant can wave their assets around out by the pumps. They can offer other old perverts full service.

    November/ the Grimm Reaper can’t come fast enough. Either way is a win win. Stan say hi to Satan Sr. on your way home.

  7. @desertboyforlife

    Have you brought this to the attention of you supervisor?

    Isnt this a problem at a higher level of administration? Chief Deputy level?

  8. Are you kidding me Michael Harrington? What station do you work at where you have a supervisor that gives a shit? There is no supervisor in the department that will want to deal with that monster. Even a Chief. Who is going to stroll up to the second floor and bring that to the attention of the jackasses that make the decisions? I dare you to do that and see how long it takes for them to hand you your ass. Where have you been?

  9. Umm No station

    I just assumed this is covered at morning briefings

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