Jun 292018

It is not just your intrepid blogger that knows Stan Sniff is seriously if not mortally wounded politically. 

His donors appear to be abandoning him. He raised a whopping $8K at his “Campaign Kickoff”.

Consistent with his taking money from a criminal defense attorney who is defending a cop-killer, whose surviving Husband is an RSO deputy, Sniff took $1k from the Zucker Law Firm.

The Zucker Law firm specializes in personal injury and wrongful death. Translation – this is the typical field of law that “Ambulance Chasers” indicate for their practices.

Of note – Mr. Zucker advertises that he represents a lot of law enforcement personnel. Given the issues that this blog has uncovered, I am not sure any RSO employees should feel comfortable if this guy is handling their case given that he just gave the Sheriff whose policies they are suffering under a large campaign check. It would appear that this is a conflict of interest if this firm is handling any worker’s comp, harassment or wrongful termination cases for individual RSO employees.

Both Zuckers clearly indicate their former employment with the Riverside DA.

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Not included in this blog is a $5K check from a Texas Investor.

Raising $8K at a campaign kickoff is pathetic for a County-Wide race in a large county. It is even worse when you account for $5k of the money being from Texas.

In case you doubt my analysis of Sniff’s fundraising failure, look around social media for photographs of it. That’s right, there aren’t any. Hard to photograph an event when no one is there.

Tick Tock Stanley. Tick Tock…

P.S. The name of his committee is “Friends of Stan Sniff”. Referring to the word Friends in the plural sense is false advertising, but I digress… false advertising in a campaign, who knew?

Update: The other Donor Listed? (Leeland, “Lee” Tainter)

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  8 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Fundraiser at El Felonasco Restaurant Flops, with $1K Coming From an Attorney that Represents Police Officers”

  1. Yup… It was a FLOP. Only a couple ( 4 ) of people showed up and towards the end they were literally offering free food to the pedestrians that were walk by the restaurant in order to use them a ” seat fillers.”

    I’m wondering why Ali’s name is not on the list for donating. ? Maybe he woke up from coma and realized he better start jumping over the Trump wall to Chad territory.

  2. “Mr. Leather” (Lee Tainter) makes the news again, but this time with his donation to Sniffles.

  3. Anyone see his pathetic video “we’re hiring” lol. That fake fucking smile at the end. Dude, retire and maybe one day, they’ll rename a toilet after you. Yeah, I’m going to take a shit on the sniffer. The best part, I know you second floor lackeys read this. I bet you’re so upset you can’t stop the leaks. By the way, how’d you save that money? Charged more OT to the contracts or by letting your seasoned deps leave like that douche woods told us in briefing? Or hell, both? How on gods green earth did you manage to piss off nearly all you employees other than your ass kissers? Better hurry up and promote Cornett the pitches are coming in hot n fast. The PD’s office is aware and read this.

  4. Lee gave $1,000 to Sniff, Nola must be beside herself with Lee throwing their money away. But the PD is not the only one looking at this site. You don’t think that LDF has this site on their “favorites.” But even if Cornett and Pelato do get promoted, they have a year to do on probation under the new contract, so they are still screwed. And let’s not forget the Detective Sergeant, whoever that nitwit was that supervised these fools, he is just as culpable. They all deserve to crash and burn. This is what the second floor gets when they promote blockheads beyond their capabilities to positions of authority and management. Instead of having a fundraiser to raise campaign funds, maybe Sniff should have held a fundraiser to generate defense money for his troops.

  5. Letter to Sheriff Sniff:

    Sheriff Sniff, congratulations!! You were a formidable opponent and you fought a good fight in a sometimes contentious election. You gave your opponents a run for their money. Those in your inner circle who tell you that you still have a chance at winning are deceiving you, and are also deceiving themselves. Short of a miracle, you have no way of turning this election around.

    In simple terms, your opponent, Chad Bianco, was the people’s choice. The majority of Department members also support him. They have lost confidence in your ability to lead and run this Department. They want and need a change of leadership.

    Only you can decide what your legacy will be. What will you be remembered for? I urge you to conceit defeat so that we can begin the healing process. This Department is in turmoil and there is still time for you to do something about it. Unless you want your reputation forever tarnished, you have to do what is best for the Department. Unless you declare defeat now, history will not be kind to you.

    You should allow Sheriff-Elect Bianco the opportunity to have a smooth and seamless transition. Your command staff must play a vital role and should not be allowed to put up any obstacles to a smooth change of command.

    You should be realistic and see that no amount of congratulations and pats on the back by your supporters can change the outcome. You alone are not to blame. Your command staff not only failed you, but failed the men and women of this Department. These men and women deserve better, and it is up to you to set the tone for the transition. You owe it to the public you serve, but more importantly, you owe it to your employees.

  6. El Chingon, aka Sniffcompoop, should have just invited the criminals he has let out of his jail, the non-citizens of this great country of ours he refuses to assist federal authorities to help them find their way back to their own countries, and the criminals he beds with to get elected.

    They would’ve come and enjoyed the free food and left without contributing anything (you know, like they do in real life). It’s what this current administration deserves since they act the same (you know, take and don’t contribute to the betterment of this department) way. It’s all been take what they can, enjoy the spoils and screw the rank and file.

    “If you lie with dogs, you’re gonna get fleas!”

    No offense to our great K9s.



  7. @RSOretired, your message here is well written and polite yet undeserving of Sniffles.

    He fought a dirty fight as always. His legacy of greed, corruption, malfeasance, abuse and cover-ups has been exposed and is forever set in stone.

    Thank God and ROD that his deputies and staff, who care, had a platform to tell their nightmare-ish stories. The voters had no idea of the degree of corruption and how Sniff et al lied and compromised people’s lives.

    Sniff’s only chance for a thimble full of redemption will be in how he handles the transition to Sheriff Chad Bianco.

    I don’t hold out much hope that the snake and his droppings will go quietly.

  8. Morale is so low in Moreno Valley, if it was any lower it would be below sea level. We lost the only good Lieutenant when he retired recently. And the troops are scared to see which village idiot the second floor is going to promote to take over his spot. Stan, you had your shot, and you blew it. Leave with what little dignity you and your minions can muster before a Grand Jury inquiry is initiated because do you really think your marionettes will take the fall for you. Leave before you end up like Carona and Baca.

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