Jun 272018

We’ve written extensively about Stan Sniff and crew hosing contract cities. We’ve detailed Palm Desert, Moreno Valley and Thermal Station in particular gaming their schedules to burn off un-used overtime hours so they don’t have to refund contract cities that money. It is a time honored tradition.

It is made even more absurd by the outrageous condition of equipment all over the Sheriff’s Department. The embedded photo is another rusted out car in service at Lake Elsinore Station.

So, the contract cities get a compounded rate increase of over 12% from FY 2017 – FY 2019 in exchange for stations mis-allocating man hours due to incompetence and cover-up (ahem) and rusty cars! What a deal!

It makes me wonder what is behind door #2.

Linked is another limp-wristed article from a local media source.

Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff announced today that the rates charged to 17 cities that contract with the county for law enforcement services will not jump as high as expected, despite mounting cost pressures.

According to a statement released by the sheriff’s executive staff, the anticipated rate adjustment is 6.65 percent, instead of the 8-10 percent increase that officials previously thought likely.

YIPEE. But wait – there’s more…

The rate was hiked last year by 5.14 percent, bringing the hourly cost of a patrol deputy to $168.45 per hour in the municipalities served by the sheriff’s department.

Only the city of Moreno Valley openly protested the upward revision to the rate schedule in 2017. In 2015, a 7 percent hike prompted an outcry from elected and non-elected officials from Indian Wells, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, Palm Desert and Temecula, who challenged the justification for such a significant adjustment. They protested that law enforcement expenses were draining their budgets and should be capped.

Those cities are right to be upset, but for the wrong reasons. Let’s start with the dilapidated equipment, managerial incompetence, book-cooking, overtime ripoffs, corruption and myriad cover-ups. The contract cities should file a class-action lawsuit against Stan Sniff for what he has done to them.

The article concludes with a bunch of Stan Sniff’s talking points and similar to the Desert Sun and Press-Enterprise makes no mention of Sniff’s challengers in the article. (The Sun and the P-E usually throw away one sentence after using a few paragrpahs of pablum talking points)

Perhaps this is why this blog is pushing 750,000 hits since the first of the year. People want to get news from somewhere. Leave it to this “Biased Blogger” to do the job of the so-called media for them.

Jun 262018

Screw the kids, I have an election to win. That is the theme of Stan Sniff’s regime in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. 

An inside source came forward with explosive info via text message. The screenshots are embedded here.

Read the embedded screenshots carefully. They illustrate several key points.

  1. Stan Sniff sent his best investigators all over the US to interview kids, at least those on the list. The goal was to suppress release of information and lawsuits
  2. This source confirmed what I knew about the case being put as Open/Suspended in order to prevent the file from being accessed VIA Freedom of Information Act.
  3. Kevin Duffy had a VHS tape in his desk (think 10-20 years prior to 2009) of him raping another kid. This is an inside detail only people with direct knowledge of the case would have. 
  4. Another source told me that sometime within +/- 24 hours surrounding the breaking of this case, the second floor had Captain Leonard Purvis retrieve any and all files from Hemet Station regarding this case and deliver them to the second floor.

Is the second floor destroying evidence as I type this blog? Where is the VHS Tape? What did they retrieve from the Hemet Station?

Many local media outlets are either in the bag for Stan Sniff or too cowardly to cover this story.

KSEQ and the Riverside Press-Enterprise should both hang their heads in shame as they have become accessories to re-victimizing the children affected by this monster. Those children were denied the help they needed because of the cover-up these two outlets are now aiding and abetting.

In case any of you have any doubt, please also look at these screenshots from 2012 that are still up on the internet. A lot of people know about this and have known about it for a long time.

Riverside Confidential will roll on.



Jun 262018

Coverups. Aaron Kent, Christian Dekker, Mismanagement, Lt. Rose, Lt. Bostrom, Kurly, Lyndon Ray Wood, Christopher Brandon Ford, Kevin Vest, Captain Tripod, cheating, overtime abuse, subjective terminations, sex abuse and the list goes on…

In Riverside County, the story of the founder of the Sheriff’s Activity League who was a serial child molester is exploding. An investigator came forward to the local media.

Sniff’s response was horrific politically.

The facts of the case are disturbing, former Master Investigator Kevin Duffy was molesting children in the Sheriff’s Activity League for years. It came apart on him in 2008 and the investigators were starting to piece together details of his double life. They had a total of 7 confirmed victims with as many as 250 more children defined as high risk.

With the walls closing in on him Kevin Duffy committed suicide. Note, if you watch the video, you learn that Duffy was not arrested and attempted suicide twice before actually killing himself. It is also clear that the second floor at the time was hoping he’d off himself ostensibly to be able to close the thing down and make it go away.

The details of this case are critical –See Stan Sniff’s response:

Sniff claims 2 confirmed victims, there were 7.

Sniff claims the case was closed properly, it was not. It currently shows as Open/Suspended which is why no one can do a “Freedom of Information Act” to get the file. THIS IS KEY

Sniff claims the case was closed properly, yet the investigators at the time were ORDERED to end the investigation. THIS IS ALSO KEY

Sniff’s response indicates he is quite upset about this revelation and it shows in the press release where he attacks the private investigator. The problem for Sniff is that the retired people and people on active duty that worked this case are still angry about being ordered off of it and still remember it. I’ve communicated with more than one person with direct knowledge of this case.

For 9 years Stan Sniff has been quiet about this case, but has been forced to double down on the cover-up. More will be revealed, including details of actual lawsuits that followed in 2009, including what county staff and admin staff did to try and keep the lid on it. (Yes, Sniff lied about that as well in his press release)

Stan Sniff has himself a major-league issue that he has made worse with a lie-infested 10PM press release.

Note: As of 6:00AM 6/26/2018, the Riverside Press-Enterprise has written nothing about this story, continuing their clear pattern of being in the bag for the corrupt Sheriff.

Jun 262018

… while Epps is out soaking the taxpayers at a weeklong trade show. Was Epps there repping a Body Armor company while being a Sgt. from the RSO? I also find no coincidence whatsoever that Epps has Lt. Worthless do this while he is out of the area. Bob Epps, for all his tough talk is a coward by virtue of his actions.

(Note Rafael Cuevas is in the “To” line of this email where he had Cuevas aid him in his apparent act of industrial espionage)

We introduced Lt. Kent Werges to the Right On Daily thunderdome on 6/13/2018. It looks like Werges is Bob Epps’ primary enabler from what I can tell. It is also my understanding that the retaliation against Deputy Cuevas is part of an ongoing purge of the Bomb Squad being perpetrated by Bob Epps in retaliation for your intrepid blogger finding out the details of the apparent multiple felonies that were committed by Epps. (In addition to his abusive behavior towards subordinates)

When Lt. Werges told Ralph Cuevas he was being kicked off the Bomb Squad, Lt Werges told Ralph Cuevas, “We are letting you know before you read it on Social Media“.

Then Werges asked Deputy Cuevas if he as a commenter on this blog by the name of Guy Fowkes. Werges was indirectly trying to see if Cuevas would admit to being a source for this blog. Similar to other strong-arm incidents we’ve heard of, there is a level of desperation in attempts to cut off the flow of information.

Lt. Werges turns out to be a bigger idiot (at least that is what I think of him and I am sure many readers agree with me), than I previously thought he was.

It is clear that Ralph Cuevas has a clear nexus for a lawsuit related to hostile work environment.

As a side note – The hackers attacking this blog and team Sniff are not going to stop us from getting the message out about life under Stan Sniff. Google Chrome and Safari will filter out the hack if you try multiple times to log in.

If you have any tips for Right on Daily – email me at aaronfpark71@yahoo.com you can remain anonymous

Jun 222018

Does anyone know? aaronfpark71@yahoo.com is my email address. YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS

Leonard Purvis is well-known for having a hair-trigger to fire people. I guess it only applies to certain people.

Leonard Purvis is the Captain of the Hemet Station and is one of Sheriff-Coroner Stan Sniff’s top butt monkeys. Pictured is Purvis performing Chauffeur duties on behalf of his master. Purvis is reputed to have lost a promotion due to exposure on this blog. As you recall, Leonard Purvis and Stan Sniff may well have worked together in a failed scheme to destroy the Banning PD to turn it in to a franchise of the Sheriff.

There is a Sergeant Frank Tiburzio who is known as Frank Perversio within the Hemet station. Apparently, Perversio is one of Purvis’ butt monkeys because he appears to be under the protection plan.

Perversio got rung up by an exasperated female employee at the Hemet Station after Perversio was seen changing in the parking lot, apparently showing off his junk (or other assets, who the hell knows in the RSO anymore as crap like this is a daily occurrence).

Lt. Zach Hall, recently transferred in to Hemet Station promptly wiped his derriere with the complaint and an emboldened Sgt. Perversio started retaliating against the female employees he has been leering at for years.

Sgt Frank Tiburzio is also a local realtor.

Zach Hall apparently, has a long storied career as a ladies man. A possible nexus for his transfer to Hemet is the well-known fact that his current girlfriend is a Corporal at the Lake Elsinore Station. It is also known that while there Hall reputedly had a tryist with the then Mayor of Lake Elsinore. (It is really difficult to keep up with this stuff) However the cover-ups are standard procedure in Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

So, Captain Leonard Purvis (also the LGBT Liason) has a personnel mess in his own station that is being covered up in real time by reputed man-whore Lt. Zach Hall. The beneficiary of the cover-up is of course Stan Sniff who can not handle the slightest revelations of truth and a Sergeant whose nickname is Perversio. This stuff writes itself.

Purvis, Hall and Perversio should all be fired and prosecuted along with the Sheriff. The constant revelations of misconduct are really getting old. (Sometimes it makes me want to fetch a beer bong, but I digress…)

This story, while infuriating is not a surprise to any seasoned observer of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. It is an election year so it makes perfect sense that anything remotely negative is going to be covered up. Hopefully, your intrepid blogger can bring some justice to the beleaguered female employees of Hemet Station.