Apr 282018

This one depicts Stan Sniff and the new Public Information Officer Robyn Flores.

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  6 Responses to “Weekend Fun – Memes Coming in from the field”

  1. That says a lot. I cannot believe that is real!

  2. His new “ Conquista.”

  3. I bet Sniffy got a stiffy after scoring the “V” or “C” pill from Pecker Ray Wood. What a disgraceful photo and shameful to the #metoo movement. Could we wear a more revealing dress, Robs?

  4. @54percent – this is a meme but is so close to reality it is scary. The rumors about how the promotion happened are pretty interesting…

  5. Some Anonymous Deputy… Please briefly illustrate us on how the promotion happened.

    A want to advise all of Chad’s supporters, Chad’s campaign signs are being destroyed and stolen. This is happening in the area of Perris ( this is the same town where Ali has his gas station ) and Moreno Valley.

  6. To everyone on the thread – Flores is a donor to Sniff and there are a ton of photos of her at Sniff events. This particular Meme is photoshopped – but the fact that it looks real is a scary testament to the corruption of Stan Sniff and how obvious it is related to what one needs to do in order to get a larger paycheck within the current regime of Stan Sniff. Ouch.

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