Apr 282018

For those of you reading this blog regularly, you’ve come to rely on us for the latest memes coming from the rank-and-file within the Sheriff’s Office.

I had been sent the photo of Stan with the mystery woman and the County CEO sometime ago and then a second photo surfaced recently.

Take note that similar to so many other photos, where is Stan Sniff’s hand in this one?

The second photo of the Sheriff – a reputed athiest – with a Sikh Turban on smacks of election year pandering to raise money and get votes.

Apparently, I was not alone in those thoughts as an unnamed deputy lit in to the Sheriff in a Meme that I will not repost on the blog as it is a pretty brutal.



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  One Response to “Weekend Fun – Groupie Alert!”

  1. More groupies can be found here:


    Too bad they are endorsing the wrong guy!!

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