Apr 272018

This is yet another sign that the political earth is moving under our feet… (BTW, Sniff announced the endorsement of former Sheriff Cois Byrd who is a current $60+ an hour TAP employee for a non-existent museum, more on that later)

The CCPOA has endorsed Stan Sniff twice in the past. Not now.

For Immediate Release April 27, 2018 Contact: Andre Levesque Phone: 916-626-6804

Chad Bianco Receives Endorsement of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association in the race for Riverside County Sheriff

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA — Riverside County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Chad Bianco recently announced the endorsement of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA).

“Chad Bianco has done a great job as Riverside County Sheriff’s Lieutenant and we have no doubts he will succeed as the Sheriff of Riverside County,” said Terry Hammon, CCPOA Chapter President. “We believe Chad Bianco is the best candidate for Riverside County Sheriff and he has our full support.”

Riverside County is home to three state prisons: Chuckawalla Valley State Prison and Ironwood State Prison in Blythe and the California Rehabilitation Center in Norco. Thousands of CCPOA members live and work throughout the county, protecting the public while serving as state correctional officers and parole agents.

The election for Sheriff will take place in conjunction with the June 5, 2018 statewide Primary Election.

Meantime Hemet Dave is getting 10 people at his events and search parties are being dispatched for Miguelito.

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  One Response to “The CCPOA Abandons Stan Sniff and Endorses Chad Bianco”

  1. BEST NEWS EVER! Of course, Bianco winning will top this!!

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