Apr 292018

See how that works?

The Sheriff is a magician! Suddenly in April of an election year he figures out how to make some promotions that look good on camera and POOF! there is suddenly money to deal with a 5-6 year old, 2+ year long backlog of CCW applications (which can all still be denied, by the way).

Pictured is Sniff with a newly identified groupie on the left and two other employees of the second floor – Robyn Flores (promoted over other applicants with superior qualifications) and Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela. (Not in this picture, Lenny Purvis or Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood, Kevin Vest, Christopher Brandon Ford or the usual suspects sent out in to the wild to intimidate people or chaperone the Sheriff)

This is how they roll in Sniffyland.

But HEY! We need to raise rates by 10% for all those people getting fed-kicked out of the jail! 30,000 of them from 2012-mid 2015 (The last time period your intrepid blogger has numbers for).

Kinda like Contract Cities getting hosed, everyone gets a chance to get hosed by the Sheriff!

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This is a cut and paste from City News Service as this did not appear in the Desert Sun or the Riverside Press-Enterprise… (imagine that)

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA — The Board of Supervisors next week will consider whether to approve Sheriff Stan Sniff’s request to hike the jail access fee charged to cities and other entities that book arrestees for misdemeanor offenses into one of the county’s five detention facilities.

The sheriff is seeking a 10 percent increase in the booking fee, raising it from $514.58 to $561.61 per detainee, according to sheriff’s documents posted to the board’s policy agenda for Tuesday.

Officials noted that fees are not always applied thanks to state allocations under the Public Safety Realignment Act of 2011. The county received more than $3 million in the current fiscal year to cover some jail processing costs, netting a savings to municipalities, college and special districts that use the county jail system.

However, when those entities exceed predetermined booking levels, based on three-year rolling averages, they owe the county, according to the sheriff’s department.

“Applicable cost elements for the fee include all expenditures incurred during the booking … including but not limited to searching, wrist- banding, bathing, clothing, fingerprinting, document preparation, medical and mental health screening, warrant service, inventory of an arrestee’s property, laundry and storage of the arrestee’s clothing and inmate classification,” according to the sheriff’s department.

The county bills entities once a year for the aggregate amounts due.

Felony bookings, as well as misdemeanor bookings specifically related to domestic violence and traffic violations, are not factored into the fee schedule, saving entities even more money, officials said.

The fee has elicited criticism in the past. But it’s unknown whether anyone on Tuesday will be addressing the proposed increase.

Oh mama. Someone needs a reality check, bad.

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  3 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: After Miraculously Finding $10 Million to Cover Himself Politically – Seeks Fee Increases From the County: 10% Hike for all the Bookings Before They Get Fed-Kicked!”

  1. Some how, he is going to blame RSA members for this increase which is why 90plus percent of deputy sheriff’s will not be voting for him. That other 10 percent is too busy kissing up to him for their own personal gains.

  2. Aaron, They do need money. I guess you didn’t hear about the nurse being taken hostage a few weeks ago. Unattended inmate, escaped from where he had been placed. Made it tp the infirmary, where he took a nurse hostage.

    Not one word spoken or typed of this debacle.
    Probably because the Captain is a black female and the Lt. is a militant man hating white woman.

    Go figure! They protect the one’s who brung’em to the dance.

  3. Got names? Documentation? I will do a piece on it.

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