Apr 272018

Did you know that Mohammad Ali Mazarei has been in court a lot? Case # RIC1713126 from 2017 is where Mohammad sued RIC1713126 Case Report – Riverside Civil & Small Claims someone (and went Pro-Per as he appears to be too cheap or broke to get an attorney) for Unlawful Detainer.

You can see several references to “Failure to Comply” and ultimately in less than 3 months Mohammad’s lawsuit was dismissed. (as in tossed out)

Whoops. Mohammad has a Tax Lien. A Smog Check Fraud Issue. Got sued by a bank for breech of contract. But he has had time to give the Sheriff, Stan Sniff $52,000+ over the years.

(BTW – is it Mohammad or is it Mohammd???)

For good measure Mohammad took a break from obsessing over your intrepid blogger and Sheriff Candidate Chad Bianco to sue the Perris Chamber of Commerce.


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Mohammad failed so badly in his lawsuit that the Judge threw it out WITH PREJUDICE.

With Prejudice means that the lawsuit was deemed frivolous and Mohammad is now on the hook for court costs and the legal fees of the Perris Chamber of Commerce who he sued.

You see – Mohammad Ali Mazarei sued the Perris Chamber of Commerce to get all of his donations to them from over the years back because of some sort of argument he had with them. The American legal system is (allegedly) designed to safeguard against lawsuits used as a vehicle to intimidate people. In this case, Mohammad paid the ultimate Civil Lawsuit price – stuck with a dismissal with prejudice.

Since Mohammad is concerned about my characterization of scary pictures of him, let me offer some unsolicited advice. (I’m known to do that from time to time, because I care…)

This picture of Mohammad is horrible, his house is a mess and he is missing the beanie and the plunger. That picture of the beanie and the plunger was a much better photo. I guess both Stanley and Mohammad are not looking so hot these days.

Allow me to suggest to Mohammad that he wear brighter colors as black does not go with his skin tone well. I think a Red Shirt or a Bright Blue Shirt (similar to Am/Pm colors) would work great for his next selfie.

Now have a look at my selfie. You can see that as I am white as a ghost and a lifelong #RAIDERZ4LIFE fan, that Black does indeed work well on your intrepid blogger.

Mohammad – you will notice that my house is clean and organized in the background. There even is a wreath in the background with some bright colors in it (similar to those I am suggesting you add to your wardrobe). Also notice that I am looking straight in to the camera. This relays the message that “I’m Coming for you”. You might even try a hat instead of the beanie, you might look good in an AM/PM hat or the hat of the sorry football team in San Diego.

Since I am in a giving mood to Mr. Mazarei, my buddy Moe, I’d like to suggest that Moe comment on this blog if he does not like what people are writing. Leave a valid email address and say “Hi everyone this is Moe from Perris here and you suck” or something like that. You see Moe, Chad Bianco, Dave Brown and Miguelito have never commented on this blog. The people leaving comments are Stan Sniff’s employees mostly. A couple of them are people interested in the Sheriff that are average citizens, join in the discussion.

The employees leaving comments have to do so under assumed names because the Sniffmeister likes to destroy the career of people that disagree with him. You know a few things about threatening people you don’t like, so you could imagine that most people would avoid it if they could. But despite our history, I am offering you, Moe a chance to let these guys have it. Come get some.

It may be therapeutic for you my friend, Moe, to come duke it out with some of the people commenting on this blog.

I’m here to help.





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  7 Responses to “Stan Sniff Major Donor ($52K+) Mohammad Ali Mazarei Update: Judge Threw the Book At Him For Suing the Perris Chamber of Commerce”

  1. Every time that Fat Man Moe sees his name in ROD he be like:

    Are you serious you fucking hippo? Not only do you scare people with your ugly ass face on social media but they have to know you live like a fucking tweeker in Good Hope? I bet your house smells like curry goats and onion. The US embassy in Benghazi looked better than that countertop after your cousins attacked. Slob.

    Dismissed with extreme prejudice? I’m no lawyer but it sounds like a judge saying” You sir are a fucking idiot stop wasting my time”. Remember Fat Moe some of us have stood in front of you and taken those bullshit reports you try and make. Perris deps think you are a fucking moron and only smile to your face cuz of who your sucking off. Remember that fucking report you made trying to force a dep to make an illegal arrest it would fucking suck if that ended up in ROD wouldn’t it. Be careful who you call a troll you aren’t as popular as you pretend fatty and for gods sake trim that mop under your nose.

    ROD I have stumbled across some video of Ali being cross examined in civil court this week. It can be found here:


    All you real police reading this shit stay salty AF and have a safe fucking weekend. To you fake ass police just going through the motions eat my ass with a spoon.

  2. This blog came to my attention after attending a recent fundraiser for a Republican canidate in a state race. I am going to go on a limb and comment on Ali. I know Ali and have been to fundraisers at his house and have ties to him through the Republican Party. Ali may certainly figure out who I am and will certainly be angry with me when he does but that is fine. Enough is enough.

    Ali is the classic definition of a bully. He uses his money and boisterous attitude to try and impart his will on other people. If you do not agree with him, he will shun you and belittle you in front of others. I have seen it myself. Ali knows that if Sniff loses his CCW will be lost so he has doubled down on Sniffs Campaign. Sniff knows that he is in trouble this time and this election is not a walk in the park like it has been in the past. Until recently, I was going to vote for Sniff but am now seccond guessing that decision largely in part because of this blog and Ali’s behavior. If Sheriff Sniff was smart, he would cut Ali loose and condemn his behavior.

    Ali, I know you read this blog and read these comments. You are your own worst enemy in the GOP and are becoming a liability to Stan. Do yourself and Stan a favor and stop it. You look silly.

  3. Hey Fat Moe if your cousins can do it maybe you should try.


  4. Ali needs to make a ritual of showering everyday. He has a very bad body odor, especial when he eats goat meat for some reason you can smell him a mile away.

    Yes, he has a beautiful home but a lousy housekeeper. Or may the housekeeper is too busy cooking his goat meat for dinner that the upkeeping of the home has become a last priority. Heck, I work full time, go to night school and my floors get mopped with bleach and pine sol that you can literally eat off my floor on a daily basis.

  5. Hey Ali- quit giving money to all of these organizations and see how important you are…it will be eye opening. Your money is the only reason people put up with you.

  6. @Cray Grunt: LMFAO! I’m peeing my pants over here with your You Tube links!

    What Ali isn’t getting is that kings eventually fall. He’s in new money and thinks buying a sheriff or bullying the city council is the way to earn respect. Anyone who name drops knows he isn’t important…he has to boost his status by doing that. Ali does this ALL OF THE TIME to deputies he doesn’t know.

    Wonder if he turns those disgusting lips on the new sheriff’s butt?

    It’ll be a good day when the 2nd Floor falls and true order is brought back to our department. No more donations from criminals, a leader who won’t make excuses, and the marionettes hanging by their pathetic strings wondering who will pull them.

    All I have to say is this: GET BEHIND BIANCO!! CAN YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELVES IF SNIFF WINS ANS YOU DID NOTHING? Put that yard sign up! Speak for yourselves and proudly endorse Bianco! DON’T BE SCARED!


  7. I’d like to buy The Grunt a beer and a cigar.

    Some of his one liners will go down in Law Enforcement history. LMAO!!

    May not make the Academy books but will forever live in the locker room or Choir practices.

    As for Fat Boy above I’d stop talking trash cause Allah won’t help you.

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