Apr 302018

Now Retired Captain Roy Grace was brought in to the Thermal Station along with Lt. Manning to clean it up. That was a mission doomed to fail from its’ outset. Given that Grace was a weak at best leader, it did indeed fail miserably.

Hopefully, there are no typos in this post that will distract from the real issues raised within it. I am not a cop and I am not trying to impress a superior or a Judge. Rather, I am a blogger reporting on corruption.

Stan Sniff himself in 2009 said the following:

“This is one of the few professions in which tenured employees can destroy their careers with but a single misstep in ethics and integrity. … Hear me clearly at the start of your careers. Violations of integrity and ethical standards are literally `death sentences’ to law enforcement careers.”

My how times have changed with Stan Sniff, look at 2018 now. Crooked donors, crooked employees, corruption…

After our original post about Terminated Captain Andrew Shouse, Now Captain Misty Reynolds and Sgt. Frank Schiavone, we’ve gotten a lot of follow up.

As expected there has been extensive information about the sexual foibles of the above three. It has become clear to this non-cop that there is a higher than usual amount of cheating and sexual philandering amongst law enforcement versus civilians due to a psychological phenomina of adrenaline and some sort of high that comes from the behavior. As a sober alcoholic, I get that dynamic really well – it does not however exempt me from the consequences of my (or their) actions.

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I find it quite interesting how selective the process is of who actually gets disciplined and who does not. Even though I believe Andrew Shouse to be corrupt and unhealthy, he does have a legitimate point when he claims he was scapegoated. Misty Reynolds was his Lt. at the Thermal Station when a lot of the rampant corruption was in play there. By accounts, she is in the middle of it, Shouse got fired, Reynolds went to the Ratt Squad and was then promoted.

I did not know this before my latest informants came forward, but Reynolds is latina. This adds yet another name to the list of people that appear to be promoted / protected due to the boxes they can check on their applications. Please also note that Reynolds is featured in the documents about the investigator cheating scandal. Was she also involved along with Undertaker Diyoyo and then Captain now Chief Christopher Brandon Ford in the cover-up?

Similar to past posts I have written about now retired Captain Roy Grace, once again he failed to lead and may well have covered up criminal activity.

Misty Reynolds and Frank Schiavone did have an affair while they were assigned as deputies to a team in Palm Desert. They were known to have sex on duty. As rumors began to arise, Misty went into attack mode and tried to stop the rumors by asking for a personnel investigation from her supervisor, who was then-Sgt Roy Grace. Grace is said to have spoken to Schiavone, who confirmed the affair. Consistent with his pattern, Now Captain Roy Grace killed any investigation right there, including consensual sex on duty and in department facilities.

Consistent with department cover-up patterns, Frank Schiavone was ultimately moved to another team, and that team was disbanded after Schiavone and other team members showed up to a training class after drinking.

This is known as “Beergate” in the rank and file and it appears no one was fired over this.

Misty Reynolds was promoted to Lt. after the Roy Grace coverup. However, because of the circumstances, she was promoted/transferred from the Palm Desert Station to Thermal Station, where her husband worked. So that meant he had to be transferred elsewhere. Her Husband was removed from his special assignment at Thermal and sent to the courts. Get it? Misty’s Husband got screwed over and he was the victim, not a participant in the affair. Another innocent getting hosed in the Stan Sniff era.

It gets better, after Mr. Reynolds was transferred, he was then supervised by Sgt. Schiavone after the affair was basically common knowledge.

Later, while assigned to PSB (aka the Ratt squad) as an investigator, it was rumored another affair occurred with at least one other PSB investigator. Good Lord this is impossible to keep track of.

Schiavone was at the Courts because he had an affair with the wife of a subordinate, who was also an employee at the Thermal Station. That husband employee was transferred to Palm Desert. The wife employee stayed at Thermal.

Later Schiavone was transferred out of the courts, and his drinking buddy Shouse ensured he went to the drug task force, which is a highly sought-after assignment, and also one that is very lucrative.

Misty was Shouse’s right hand. It was her team that caused the initial investigation into Shouse’s activities as a commander. Even though she was in charge of that team, everyone else was transferred to new assignments, etc, Shouse was fired, and Misty got yet another promotion. Did Reynolds turn on Shouse when she saw a chance to promote? (Even from 500 miles away that is clear)

It is widely believed she had affairs even while at Thermal. Somehow, she gets promoted after being a central part of the corruption at Thermal. She was widely believed to be the next choice to go back there as the commander. You can see that did indeed happen as of 4/23/2018 continuing Stan Sniff’s pattern of promoting the corrupt.

In the words of the informants, “But she is a Hispanic female, so under Sniff, that makes her untouchable.”

No one knows what was investigated about Shouse, Reynolds, and the Cochella Special Investigation team they created. It is clear from accounts that Shouse and Reynolds may well have been cooking the books in a worse manner than the overtime abuses we’ve been chronicling suggest. It has also become apparent that some of the book cooking may well have been improperly allocating resources from contract cities and covering up how the funds were allocated.

It clear even from 500 miles away, these two could not have done what they did without someone in the 2nd floor knowing about it, most likely Stan Sniff himself.

The picture of the rusted out patrol car is embedded again as a reminder of the disrepair at the thermal station which is on top of the history of corruption.

If Stan Sniff and his butt monkies in the Sheriff’s administration say they were unaware of all of this activity, It means they are lying about not knowing and/or they failed miserably in their responsibility to hold people accountable.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Andrew Shouse was rightly fired. However, he got screwed over by Stan Sniff and has a legitimate claim against the department because he was terminated and Misty Reynolds was promoted for the same exact behavior. Having Reynolds be the Station Commander of the Thermal Station is like giving Jesse James the Keys to the bank.

This is the kind of corruption that has beset the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and the story will be continued.

(Sniff has his hand on Misty in this photo. Next to Reynolds is, Sgt Brandi Swan, and Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela on the rightmost. This photo was taken at some sort of a Women’s event.)

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  13 Responses to “Stan Sniff Corruption Update: More on the rampant corruption at Thermal Station, Shouse Gets Fired, Misty Reynolds Gets Promoted WHY?”

  1. Does the RSO have Internal Affairs? Are they asleep. Renolds and Schiavone need to be relieved of duty.

  2. RSO’s PSB department (that is what they call internal affairs) is the most corrupt part of the department. They are deliberately selective about who gets popped. In fact, almost all the senior management have come from the PSB department. This department as a whole is overrun with corruption. No wonder why Reynolds is now a station commander, she appears to fit right in with the culture.

  3. Russians of the department. BOS need to take note.

  4. Schiavonne is a POS. Fucking people’s wives and girlfriends. His idiot live in girlfriend of 10 years was clueless. Now she ran to the west end Forensics to escape her embarrassment after finding out he was cheating on her with his CSO. Wonder if she knows about all the others yet. That is her karma and now he is getting his.

  5. Alright, haters. Let’s see where do I begin. Yes Misty Reynolds is a college educated Latina, which is likely why she got promoted. That’s great! Why hate?!! She’s incredibly corrupt. She’s got both bachelor and masters degrees, that some of our tax dollars likely paid for in a time honored tradition in the sniff regime. So what if she’s the head bitch in charge. She earned it! (Not sure exactly how) Working her ass all the way to the top. Her personal business is the stuff of legend. Mind your own bizz and take pride in having this “amazing” Woman “protecting” you and your families.

  6. Holy fucking shitballs what the fuck is going on in this department? I tell you what fuckers I’m ready to promote so if any of you female Sgts and up feel the need I am ready to put out. You can find me pants down in the third stall of my stations head ready to do what I fucking need to do to get stripes since being a fucking real police doesn’t seem to amount to shit with the South philly Pimp in control. Maybe this female Captain can become Sheriff and I can become her fucking “driver” since it seems to work for all the hookers the SPP takes photos with.

  7. 5150 Grunt..
    You are so right. Misty was at Internal Affairs as an investigator over 12 years ago. Brought to AIU (Administrative Affairs Unit) by then Sgt. Carl Carter (who was a corrupt Coachella Cop and brought over in the absorption). Misty’s reputation of being dept. slag is true. If you want Aaron I can send you a polaroid of her behavior in a Palm Desert police unit. It was a hot pic, back in the day. Seeing how she has used her lady bits to get promoted is actually disgusting. In fact I know a lot of hard charging females who’s career growth is stunted because they tell people “NO”. Shame on Sniff and his corruption.

    I am fucking retiring in a month. Wait till my house is sold and I’m out of the state. Then I will do a complete data dump. It includes doctored reports, email orders from command staff that are illegal, Lies by management to the BOS, and the citizens of Riverside County. Oh, I will include photographs, videos, depicting all sorts of misconduct and criminal activity….
    I have been waiting 15 years of my 30 year career to do it…..

    Stand By

  8. I will be here waiting with open arms for absolutely EVERYTHING you want to lay on me.

  9. @Richard Head fuck yeah! Burn this bitch to the ground and start the fuck over. Im sick as fuck of seeing stupid fucks getting promoted because they are given answers by some dumbfuck higher up. I hear deputies have their ass chapped cuz ROD hit this Captain in her clit because she is nice to people. Who fucking cares if she is a POS. You fucks are so starved for a admin type to be nice to you that you will accept her bullshit? Get some fucking self respect you pussies.

  10. I think Reynolds is going to prove her critics wrong. She is showing management skills and leadership at Thermal Station.

    I dont know what she did to some of you, though. So I have to stay out of those disputes. Not my business.

    But so far the allegations made against her on this blog are really trivial. She isnt the easiest the easiest person to deal with. And she seems to have pissed off some people, too.

    I think she deserved her promotions. Even though I know there are some allegations. I think she will be prove her leadership as time goes on now that she is commander of Thermal Station. Ive never met anyone in RSO yet that has such knowledge as her.

    She has done a few things recently that show real leadership. Surprised me. She hasnt been in command long and she is still a relatively young person too. Why not wait and see?

  11. @richard head – how does whatever happened “back in the day” have to do with today? Reynolds is doing a lot for the community as commander of Thermal Station. We need that , I live on the other side of our valley here but do a lot community work there. So I see the positive effects.

    @5150 grunt –
    Reynolds is very knowledgeable. No one gave her test answers. Her grasp of sheriff procedures is really impressive. Whats being posted by you isnt matching up with facts we in the public see.

    For both of you-
    I want to see our valley do well. I think she is contributing to helping our valley. I have no doubt she is capable off pissing off people , no one is perfect either. But I want to look at the big picture and whats best for the community. I dont want to see that jeopardized over past disputes or personal grievances.

    Unions have grievances procedures. Or if that doesnt apply maybe just tell the Captain what your issue is(?).

    Publicly dragging out dirt is just so damaging. Only hurts the community.

    Capt Reynolds attended my community events. Spoke to and inspired youth. Was always there for victims who came forward from the meetings. So thats my perspective.

    Chad Bianco came to my last event. Reynolds assigment didnt make it feasible. So Bianco stepped out.

    I actually see some similarities between Bianco and Reynolds desire to help youth and willingness to be innovative in police work. So Im not sure how Bianco supportes see her as
    the enemy.

    To me she just does her job.

  12. As a retired 34 year police lieutenant (not Riverside), I can tell you without a doubt law enforcement agencies are the worst when it comes to internal gossip. At the end of the day I have no issues with Captain Reynolds.

    If a requirement for the police academy was you couldn’t attend unless you were “perfect” and intended on remaining “perfect” your entire career, folks—– there would be no law enforcement agencies.

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