Apr 302018

Are you a candidate for office? Have you ever been talking to your consultant or just going through life wondering, is the Right On Daily Blog going to kick my Tail?

In order to qualify for the Right On Daily Blog, you, yes you have to screw up. So let us list some of that stuff in a manner even a candidate for office can understand.

  1. Register as a Republican specifically to run for or hold office.
  2. Raise taxes as part of a “deal” or raising taxes as anything other than a last resort
  3. Use your office to advance the careers of donors or loyalists over more qualified competitors
  4. Become vested in your office – as in deriving part (or all) of your identity from your campaign(s) for or office(s) held.
  5. Fail to pay your bills – (screwing campaign staff, tax liens, lawsuits, judgments, etc)
  6. Have Sex with Staff, Donors, Supporters that you are not in a committed (preferably married) relationship with.
  7. Campaigning as a Conservative with a personal history of porn, alcohol or drug abuse
  8. Abusing your position to cover up malfeasance and/or criminal activity
  9. Supporting two or more of the following: Gun Control, Drug Legalization, Soft on Crime Legislation (or initiatives), “Rights” Bills/Initiatives at the expense of Religious Freedom, Open Borders
  10. Engage in Emotional Manipulation / Cult Leader Type behavior as a campaign or governing practice
  11. Lying about your qualifications for office or accomplishments while in office – including attempting to take credit for other people’s successes
  12. (Bonus): You’re a democrat – in which case you deserve to have your tail kicked by the RightonDaily Blog.

IF you do any thing in the above list, you, yes you could get your tail kicked by the Right on Daily Blog.

This helpful primer of pitfalls will help any candidate understand why the Right On Daily Blog is whaling the tar out of them – because we care.

Stay Informed!

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  4 Responses to “Right On Daily Special Update: 11 Ways YOU Can Avoid Getting Your Tail Kicked by the RightonDaily Blog”

  1. Well Sir, I am not any of those. Yet my question to you on the “beer bong” post has disappeared. Wasn’t even acknowledged by you. Whoever Mr. Harrington is put in his two cents worth and his comments are also gone. I find it amusing that comments made by others and your tit for tat with one commenter over what kind of vehicle it is remains. I’m am not and do not defend or condone the choice made by whoever is in that unit. In fact I made a comment prior to addressing my question, indicating my disappointment and that has also been deleted. So what gives?? I now find that I am unable to comment on that post or any other on your blog page unless it is in this form. I simply asked you how you knew for certain that the person in the unit was assigned to the Palm Desert Station? At this point I no longer care if the photo is real or photo-shopped. All I am saying is before you make allegations, make sure your “information “ is factual. A picture of a male forearm sticking out a unit window could be ANYONE. You indicate it is an epic fail of the Palm Desert Station and Huskey. The fact is those music festivals positions attract deputies from the entire county and everyone working uses units provided by Palm Desert and Thermal stations. I get what you are trying to do with this blog. I am all for addressing corruption. Expose it, find a way to fix it, make things better. Good for you. Just be factual that’s all. When you stoop to the levels of the corrupt your position becomes no better. Thank you for your time.

    @Denise – I have had a problem on my FB page for about a Day. It appears yours was not the only one that disappeared. However, in the world of police everything is nit-picked for 1000000% accuracy. My goals are different than getting someone convicted in court. I will check to see where your account went as well

  2. Mr. Harrington? Michael Harrington??
    Is that the same shyster, ambulance chasing lawyer, who is running for a Rancho Mirage City Counsel Seat?
    Didn’t see the comment from him, but I can tell you, I have proof of his behavior….Shame on you Michael.

  3. Richard Head
    Is that the famous women insulter who is pissed off because a woman got promoted?

  4. Im behind you all. Ive seen a lot and even as a civilian bystander, I witnessed and share my of the same complaints about the current admin.

    There are so many valid complaints made here.

    But you loose ground if the argument becomes reduced to belittling a woman over her personal behavior. If its connected to corruption thats one thing. So far its just about affairs and it only serves the purpose of hurting or embarrassing people. I dont even talk to these people but ive met them and I dont want to appear to be part of spreading rumors about who slept with who. Or is there a photo of someone acting stupid 10 years ago.

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