Mar 292018

According to a confidential informant, Thermal Station is doing the same thing Captain Tripod did and Captain Jason Huskey is doing. (I will bet Kurly and Purvis are as well)

You know what is interesting about Palm Desert and their mismanagement of contract hours. Thermal just started the same thing about a week ago

Normally Coachella runs 3 deputies for all three watches. Well apparently they are way under [hours]

Well now they are forcing us by giving us yellow days for at least a forth body In Coachella and a sixth body in la quinta

Yellow days are mandatory overtime that the contract cities get stuck with the bill for.

The contract cities also pay for rusted out vehicles to patrol the streets, too. How nice.

We are short staffed as it is and they want to backfill hours and even mentioned in briefing that they will be forcing us to work it to catch up on hours

Baseline budgeting – a government practice where the next budget is based off the baseline set by the prior budget. It encourages fraud, abuse and waste because if they don’t use their budget then the next year’s budget gets cut. Apparently this overtime game is a system-wide practice.

I’m hearing Maybe Lt Manning will be promoted from within Thermal Station or captain Jimenez will come from the courts

It is our understanding that Lt. Manning is going to replace the retiring Roy Grace. Lt. Manning is reputed to be a raging jerk in the mold of Lt. Mark Bostrom. Anyone with information about Lt. Manning is encouraged to come forward. You can remain confidential.

The confidential informant continued:

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Coachella has had some shitty cars for years

Everyone on patrol is now sharing just two banks for the bwc in the report writing room so we usually have to take someone else’s bwc out to make room for our own . 
Bwc on the dang side cause no room
What would the ACLU do if they knew their vaunted BodyCameras were not being properly maintained or charged for use in the Thermal Station?
Riverside Confidential will continue…
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  1. It’s the do more with less management style. Hoard the money, pad the sheriff’s revolving fund, and spend, spend, spend so we can get the same reward next fiscal year. I swear if the public knew how wasteful this department was, we’d have less support than we do now.

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