Mar 012018

The world of the Riverside Sherriff’s Office is quite small.

For example, Captain Dave Kurly Kurylowicz is married to a dude that is one of Ryan Huizinga’s best friends.

Side note – Pictured is Mohammad Ali Mazarei with a plunger at a Stan Sniff event. Apparently posing for a picture with a plunger in your hand is supposed to make the Sheriff look pro-gun or something. Personally, I think a 48 year old man with a plunger in their hand looks kind of ridiculous.

Back to Kurly. Kurly has been the subject of a lot of stuff I have received from anonymous sources, including his allegedly perjuring himself on the stand in a rather well-known bad faith / employment practices lawsuit from several years ago. (The Scott Teutscher case)

Kurly basically talked openly at the Moreno Valley station he is the Captain of regarding a “2nd Floor” (think Stan Butt-Monkies in management) directive that any time Chad Bianco (but not Dave Brown) has an event in the Moreno Valley Area that the Captains were supposed to Monitor it.

No one is going to Hemet Dave’s events. Maybe this is why the Captains are not being ordered to spy on Hemet Dave.

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There have been at least two recent events for Chad Bianco where there has been no member of Stan Sniff’s butt-monkey crew present.

Another anonymous source indicated to me that Captain Roy Grace, of the Thermal Station has acted on the order given from on high. As you recall, we received a screenshot implicating three members of senior management giving directives to the management of the Sheriff’s department to campaign on government time – in particular to identify service clubs and other groups to join in an attempt to boost the Sheriff.

Captain Roy Grace indicated to a candidate for local office that the Cochella Rotary was not open to him and was by invitation only – even though the Rotary Club meets in a public location. Ouch.

Pictured is Captain Jason Huskey at a Chad Bianco for Sheriff event a few weeks ago. He is with an unidentified Lt. who was just transferred to the station recently. Note, they are both in uniform, did the taxpayers finance their appearance?

Huskey’s station is a disaster – witness a couple of un-edited comments I’ve received from subordinates of Huskey about the conditions at the Palm Desert Station where Huskey is the Captain:

“Working with broken or obsolete equipment. Most of the PDPD cars have non working RADAR or License plate readers. Broken computers, printers, office chairs at the station and substations. Have to play musical chairs with computer equipment just to print out reports” “God only knows where the ones mark property of the City of Palm Desert went”

Station is understaffed to dangerous levels. Deputies are being denied vacation and personal time off because Palm Desert staffing is so low. Being forced to work mandatory overtime routinely.

Morale has gone to “Shit”. “Fuck this place”.

People are calling off sick because they know a certain Sgt will be covering their shift and he is creating a hostile work environment.

“ No fairness from admin” Deps have lost faith in leadership beginning with the Sheriff and Captain Huskey and believe the department is corrupt from the top down to mid management. No trust in leadership.

“I’m disgusted by the corrupt organization I work for”

“Lead the way you hypocritical expletive”

“Kind of hard to enjoy your job when your leadership is giving you job security from their own ineptitude”

It gets better, Jason Huskey is also an attorney. Captain Jason Huskey is a corporate lawyer for the Chandi Group.

Just who is the Chandi Group? They own a string of Am-Pm franchises in the desert of Riverside County. (I thought the whole thing was a desert, btw… but apparently this Northern California Boy needed geographic education) The Chandi Group has given Sheriff Sniff $42,500.

Between Mohammad Ali Mazarei (he of the gigantic AM/PM in Perris) and the Chandi Group, it looks like AM/PM would be the largest benefactor of the Sniff for Sheriff campaign were it not for a large developer friend of Sniff’s in for over $100k. Between Chandi and Mazarei, Sniff has hauled in north of $93,000, yet Mohammad Ali Mazarei is in a public meltdown over large donations to one of Sniff’s opponents.

Captain Huskey, Kurly and Grace join the ranks of team Sniff Members who are featured on Riverside Confidential, a public service of the Right on Daily Blog. #FIRESNIFF

To be continued…

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  12 Responses to “Riverside Confidential Special Update: Leaking like a sieve, information continues to flow in – Three More RSO Captains in the spotlight”

  1. Kurly is actually a good guy I will say there are some hard working honest department members but there are some dirty ones. Some of the dirty ones slipped through the cracks and got away with being dirty. There is a certain one that lied under oath during Harold Odom’s trial a former black deputy by the way. This detective actually had tobacco in his mouth in the courtroom as he was getting raked over the coals. I read the case file and transcripts and he is a liar. Some of the jurors even said after the acquittal the detective was lying. I am sure you thought you got away with it. You are part of the P.S.B dirtiness. You never know when your past will be brought to light. So how credible are you? I heard you recently got promoted. Nothing was done to compensate Odom after one of his own co workers lied to try to get him sent to prison. P.S.B running names in the ground.

  2. Anyone that perjured themselves on the stand and had to be saved by the judge is not “a good guy”. A man who went to PORAC and falsely introduced himself as the President of LEMU (he had ended his presidency a week prior) in a backdoor attempt to get them to endorse Sniff and not Bianco is not a “good guy”. A guy who toes the company line, spies on a Bianco event then blocks the door and causes a scene is not “a good guy”. Kury was at one time a decent enough guy but has since placed his soul at the altar of the Sniff God.

    Darkman, this mystery Investigator you have an axe to grind with sounds a lot like a former RSA Treasurer and Sniff ball licker. The Master Selfie taker in Elsinore needs to be worried… God forbid his turn is coming.

  3. Huskey is actually a corporate lawyer for a company that owns convenience stores in the same county he is employed as a Sheriff’s Captain? As a taxpayer, I call that a conflict of interest and it has the filthy stench of corruption. If the taxpayers are paying this guy big bucks to be a Sheriff’s Captain, he shouldn’t have enough time to also be a corporate attorney. Something tells me this company must be filtering money into Sniff’s campaign, otherwise he wouldn’t authorize Huskey’s outside employment (sounds like corruption to me). I just wonder how many “strings” he has pulled for this company he works for “on the side.”

    If what Dilly Dilly says is true about Kurly misrepresenting himself in a last ditch effort to get PORAC to endorse Satan, I mean Sniff, then that was also a dirty, underhanded move that would have been done right before he promoted to captain.

    As far as Horseface Grace goes, based on his campaign contributions he made right before he got promoted to captain, I’m sure he does whatever the fuhrer tells him to do. A bunch of bobble-heads and yes men and nothing more.

    A whole lot of disappointment going on within Sniff’s administration. It’s no wonder morale is at an all time low.

  4. @JAdams, it gets better. The Chandi group owns a bunch of AM/PM’s in the Coachella Valley, including one in Palm Desert (Cook Street and Gerald Ford) which of course is in the jurisdiction of Captain Huskey’s station. To say that Chandi owned Am/Pm’s Get “enhanced” services would be an understatement. Ever see forensics roll to a 488? They have to a Chandi call which somehow gets trumped up to a 211 while home invasions in Rancho Mirage are downplayed. Chandi himself is a pretty nice guy. He does a lot for the community but he is also a businessman and knows how to play ball. Sad to see his name associated with Sniff. BTW, Dilly Dilly is right, Kury did go to PORAC and misrepresent himself.

  5. Ali sure looks like a mental patient with his “Redneck Plunger” modified Nerf Gun. I hope he is pointing it at the chewing tobacco-lie-on-the-stand Master Investigator, AKA Tony P.

    But more on him later.

    Dilly is right. A person might be a “good guy” to some, but when you are promoted to a position that requires leading others…your reputation needs to be above par.

    This Chandi association reeks of backdoor deals, padding their off shore bank accounts, and sucking the bone marrow from Riverside County taxpayers (you and I included).

    The common denominator with Snuff’s administration and those he has promoted to positions of power is: THEY ARE ALL IN IT FOR THEMSELVES. THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO “PROTECT AND SERVE” which is what we are all sworn to do.

    They are so far removed and drunk on power they have failed to take care of their own: the men and women who put their boots on the ground and pound the pavement and jail hallways.

    They have entered these positions forgetting where they came from and trampled on the backs of hard workers to get ahead. Snuff’s marionettes have padded their wallets and acted so unprofessionally I cannot fathom how they look at themselves in the mirror.

    Snuff associates with thieves and criminals, minions who “disrupt and serve” at Der furors cray commands.



  6. Well he is part of it and I can say he didn’t do me dirty but he and his side kick did Terry Jones dirty another black deputy by the way. It is his side kick that I have a problem with I will give you a hint go back and look at the photo in the article posted in the Desert Sun a few weeks ago. I refuse to be quiet and I am not anti police. I am anti dirty police. I am just waiting to put everything out there. John Lenton is the one that lied under oath on Odom’s case. “Wade” are you mad bro? When you run someone’s name in the ground it comes back to bite you.

  7. It is obvious from the comments and the dirt coming from this blog… any department member who has endorsed the sheriff has a lot of lose if he doesn’t win. So many people are raping this county blind and need this corrupt Sheriff in office ignoring everything while he promotes HIMSELF 24/7! If you care about the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and your future as an employee stand up and back Bianco. The corruption needs to stop and it will stop with Chad Bianco as your Sheriff.

  8. Regardless, captains and above lost their integrity, objectivity, and professionalism. Their lack of leadership is evidente. You notice all captains and chiefs are all listed at campaign donors. You want to command you have to pay. You have violate an employees due process at the whim of Admin.

    Just my observations over the years.

  9. See due process I love it mine was violated.

  10. Kurly would not know the truth if it bit him in the ass. He has always had the reputation that he doesn’t quite remember the truth. When confronted he gets all offended and throws out the “I’m being attacked” card. The judge in the court case in question stopped the testimony and told him to get off the stand because he could not allow him to keep committing perjury. A yellow was filed for dishonesty with court minutes as proof. How did that not get sustained? The PERS was unfounded. Let me tell you how…. Kurly was part of the RSA Prison Guild that should have went to prison for money laundering. Stanley reportedly destroyed the evidence (by giving it back to McNamara) in return for money and an endorsement with the Board of Supervisors. Why else would the board of Supervisors appoint someone that had been FIRED from Law Enforcement. There is no way in hell that Kurly should be a captain. Before he was promoted everyone in Moreno Valley called him the “Hospitality Lt.” because he only came to work for a few hours a day to deliver fresh baked goodies. As soon as he gets a little stressed he ends up in the hospital.

    And now on to Huskey. Exactly when does he do lawyer work? What client will only do business at nights and on weekends? You expect anyone to believe that he is not conducting personal business on duty? Give me a break.

    Grace is no different. He forced all of his Lieutenants to sign the loyalty cards while they were on duty. Grace is at least competent and liked by the troops. Too bad he gave away his integrity right before he retired.

    With the other two it is plain as to why they are Captains: They are loyal to Stanley. Not to law enforcement, not to our code of ethics, not to our values statement, not to our Department. Just blind loyalty to an unethical narcissistic politician.

    I went to Bianco’s last meet and greet and met him for the first time. Its easy to see now why people like him. Straight shooter, no BS, and obviously cares about us. As far as Im concerned, RSA can keep giving money to his campaign. We need to make sure Stanley is eliminated from public service

  11. Dan Shays, do you have the court case number? Captain Kurylowicz is a very nice person but lacks integrity because he will do what Admin tells him for personal gain.

    Oh, when will LEMU publish the endorsement vote?

  12. RE: LEMU – word is that one or two of their leaders are up for promotion and thusly are afraid to publicize the endorsement of Chad Bianco. There were few, if any votes against said endorsement.

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