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When we accuse someone of committing a felony, we understand that accusing someone of a felony can both be libel and a crime. This is why when we first learned of this story, we waited for documentation because the allegations we are going to level are specific and devastating. Like almost all stories of malfeasance within the Sheriff Sniff department, it was covered up as well.

Nothing illustrates the disaster of Stan Sniff’s Leadership better than Sgt. Bob Epps.

The RightonDaily Blog broke the cheating scandal three weeks before the Desert Sun, we broke the story on 1/29 about the next $300K given to Chad Bianco which arrived on 2/14/2018, we opened up the Banning PD scandal surrounding Leonard Purvis and have ripped the cover off of the CCW Favoritism scandal of the Sheriff. We’ve allowed RightonDaily to become the voice for honest law enforcement that want to clean up the department.

What you are going to learn about Sgt. Epps is that he is paid $250K a year by the taxpayers, he runs the Bomb Squad like it is his own department including forcing competent people out and getting subordinates to participate in actions that could very well be felonies.

Recently Epps was investigated by the Investigate to Terminate Department for a laundry list of issues and similar to other scandals within the department, it was covered up. Quoting my source:

Sgt Bob Epps has come under Personnel Investigation starting Nov 20th, 2017 for the following: hostile work environment, striking a subordinate on duty, falsifying a Form 11 for a training class (Request for County Funds over $25,000), receiving a kick back of $5,000 from same training class, gifting Dept of Homeland Security Grant Funded equipment to a private party  (a felony), he has also sent a Med Eng Bomb Suit valued at $30k, which was assigned to a team member, out of state for three weeks while a competing bomb suit company examined it and or copied it.

Let’s start with the fact that according to my sources all of the Bomb Suits are expired. It is alleged that Sgt. Bob Epps talked openly about investing in a company known as Dragon Skin Armor. One of the alleged felonies (or at a minimum industrial espionage) is that Epps had a Bomb Suit made by Med-Eng shipped (worth some $30K) to Dragon Skin’s Headquarters.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

The proof of that allegation is embedded in this post, the suit was sent to North American Development Group ostensibly so they could copy it. Why else would Epps have a subordinate send a Suit manufactured by Med-Eng sent to the Montana factory of a competitor? They (North American Development aka Dragon Skin Armor) were supposed to ship prototype to the RSO for testing and evaluation, then Epps was alleged to be investing in the company.

It is alleged that the bomb suits were not replaced and allowed to expire because Epps was lining up business for the company he talked openly about investing in (North American Development Group aka Dragon Skin Armor). They never ended up making a bomb suit.

This alone should have gotten Epps in serious legal trouble. But if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you will understand that EVERYTHING is covered up.

Next, A remote firing device was sent to the Riverside Sheriff’s Office Bomb squad by the Department of Homeland Security. This is a key detail.

Secondly as you will see from another embedded screenshot, the RFD device was sent to Texas A&M Engineering Extension. If true, and I believe it is by virtue of the evidence I have, this is a felony. You are not supposed to send / give DHS Grant-Funded equipment to a private party. This is exactly what Epps had done.

Similar to the expired bomb suits, note the comment in this screenshot… set #5 was sent to Texas A&M because it was a Military Model furnished by DHS and was not compatible with other sets. 

It should be noted that the equipment was not returned to the RSO until the PSB Officers investigating the above claims ordered him (Epps) to have it returned. It was returned in late January.

If these two issues are not bad enough, there is a third issue which is probably the easiest to understand.

Epps straight out lied to get a $40K government contract. At least this is what I believe and you can look at why I drew this conclusion as I lay out the evidence.

First off, the FBI teaches ECM training to law enforcement agencies for free according to my sources. Yet, Epps wrote up a sole-source contract to the County of Riverside that bears the signature of Chief Deputy John Anderson and Assistant Sheriff Lee Wagner.

EOD Concepts is owned by a mystery Deputy in LA County. Epps’ side company is Powder Train Solutions that did a similar class in LA County at the same time. They worked together and are alleged to given each other $5K out of each of the $40K contracts. Epps’ company got a contract in LA County to hire EWS and the mystery deputy in LA County got a contract in Riverside County to hire EWS. listing each other as the sole source vendors in each case.

The crime, if true, is that Epps and the Mystery Deputy from LA County stipulated that the England Based Firm called EWS was the only source for the class and that they (EOD Concepts and Powder Train Solutions) needed to be paid to bring EWS out to run the class. This is a form of Fraud and a material misrepresentation. I am not sure if the two men giving each other $5K out of the proceeds of the contracts is a crime, but it sure looks like a kickback.

In roughly 1000 words I’ve laid out a clear case that Sgt. Epps has likely committed at least one felony, maybe as many as five. I am not sure why the PSB department could not make the same determination unless their mission was to cover up this scam. I was also told by the same sources that Epps offered to share his bank records with PSB and they declined saying it was too much work.

As a bonus, Epps is abusive in the way he treats the members of his team. Similar to others I have written about (Like Sgt Dekker who used to solicit inmates at the Jail for dirt on other jail staff or Lt. Mark Investigate to Terminate Bostrom) Epps has a long trail of mistreating other employees of the RSO. Recently, he is alleged to have struck a member of his team while on a call. PSB did nothing. (Epps is pictured to the right)

County HR was never notified of the hostile work environment. Neither Epps nor any other member of the team was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation further reinforcing evidence of a cover up.

To Be Continued…

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  24 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Bomb Squad Bombshell Sgt. Epps Corruption Exposed With Documented Evidence of Several Potential Felonies”

  1. I hope someone from DHS is reading this, or maybe be sent this article. Clearly RSO will not do anything to correct this and if true, hold Epps accountable. A call to the correct federal agency requiring an audit is in order.

  2. Old Pop Your Heart Epps is a Sniff Guy? I would never have guessed that. My only real interaction with the man was at the Academy when I thought he was gonna rip off my face but he was playing a role. As a newer Deputy to RSO it’s sad to see all this is what’s been going on for years. Now I know why so many of my academy mates and Jail friends have left. Most of my shift are saying that if Sniff wins they are going to bolt. Even investigators are leaving and going to the DA. They have the best job in the department and even they want out lol.

  3. Epps, has another problem and that is fabricating statistics. He claims to be the bussiest EOD unit in the country? HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN, easy, you force your personnell to go to each station and generate a file for area checks all day long. Then show Admin how many incidents were generated and viola, you are so busy that you need more people and equipment. Admin never questions what types of incidents he claims, nor do they question the overtime he request to be at every incident, regardless if it is fireworks or a plastic bottle..

  4. All that corruption will change was BIANCO kicks the door open and let’s out the infestation. In regards to Ali, once he loses some weight, his magic carpet will be able to take off the ground so he can navigate himself back to IRRRRRAAAAANNN.!

  5. WOW RightOnDaily!! Un-bah-frackin-lievable!!

    Apparently, Bob Epps is also drunk on power and has learned quite sneakily how to benefit his bank account at the expense of national security. If the DA (at the very least) does not look into this, there is something very, very wrong in our county.

    Too bad his experience losing a friend didn’t provided the proper paradigm shift deaths brings, see story here:

    You would think after such a harrowing experience, he would walk the straight and narrow, do good by others, his co-workers, and subordinates, but it obviously left him bitter and corrupted his soul.

    And take a look at the investigator who showboated on this victim…yes!! The Master Investigator who someday will be a real boy!!

    TonyP hasn’t learned his lesson either. You know, the hard one where he was fired while assigned to Moreno Valley and had to fight for his job back?!?

    I guess now that he is a “Master” and (from sources who see his activities) picks and chooses the cases he will work and take all the OT he wants, he no longer has to worry.

    But he should worry because a weak, crooked, Training Day template cop cannot pretend to be real police for long. Sooner or later, the shroud comes off and he’s breaking bad.

    I suppose the FB investigation has left him wrinkled and worn too. I know licking cranny holes to get ahead and smearing the reputations of department members (if they deserve to be fired, then so be it! We don’t need them and the world needs more bartenders anyway) to make himself look good…sort of like he did here when he completed this investigation and wound up on one of those true crime dramas (I wonder how many phone books he sat on before the camera lens could see him). “Web of Lies”

    TonyP proved his unworthiness whilst at RSA as our treasurer—he couldn’t perform his duties without drama and attempts to smear Masson and others. This guy would probably traffic his crazy wife to get out of trouble. Yet he tries soooooo hard to look bad ass!!





  6. Google Tony Pelato and click on Images. Like his Facebook its pictures of him taking selfies in uniform getting paid Master Investigator pay to do jack shit. Snake in the fucking grass

  7. What I have a problem with is you get fired for beating a black man and calling him a nigger. The other detective referred to another department member as a nigger because he got promoted over you and you are involved in my case. Tony all of a sudden you have pictures of black folks on your page. Even Colin Kaepernick. I don’t know maybe Tony is genuine. My bail a half a million and I posted it twice because my case was rejected. Terry Jones a half a million dollar bail just like myself. Keep in mind we are both black. Same two detectives definitely a pattern. I am just scratching the surface I haven’t mentioned that other guy’s lies. Tony I am not sure why you stared me down when you saw me. That other guy had his tail tucked between his legs when he saw me. It was like he saw a ghost. In my case a black ghost. Probably 6’5”, 250 lbs, gun on your hip and bitched up when he saw me.

  8. Nacho Mamma, TonyPee’s a tool. Short man complex too. Used to jack suspects only when he had deputies bigger than him to back his stupid plays (in Pinocchio voice, “THIS IS MY HOUSE, YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?”). Failed to get hired by another agency but gets lucky and hires with our department only to get fired for some (alleged) use of force beef (in same Pinocchio voice, “THIS IS MY CITY AND YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHOR-AH-TAH!!”).

    I’m sure he was all cozy with RSA back then, begging for someone to defend him so he could wear the big dog uniform again instead of a security uniform that actually fits his skill set.

    Sneaky and would probably do anything he is asked without question or self reflection of the consequences and career he is about to ruin.

    I thought the master investigator position was supposed to be filled with the best of the best. You know, the investigators who have that sixth sense, are mature, professional and will work just as hard to absolve a suspect as he would to find evidence of guilt.

    Although there are some awesome master investigators on our department, the selection process needs to be revamped. Some applied several times before they got the title or lied and used other cases that ACTUAL POLICE completed for their presentations. I know of one such “master” who admitted to bullshitting the panel (it was his third try) to finally get ahead. He’s useless and a complete embarrassment to the master investigator program.

  9. The real sad thing about this story is that EVERYONE already knew about it but we all also know that some people are protected by the POS admin losers that Sniff promotes. Why does John Anderson’s name always come up related to stories on this site. John is a perfect example of the Stan Sniff regime. He is a great guy, and a worthless employee. Johns office from the time he was a Sgt. was known as the black hole. Lots of things went in there but everything somehow disappeared. He had those big ass stacks of work to do that eventually would end up in the shredder. If it was important, employees would have to reprint or reproduce the work. Completely worthless!!! thats why he was promoted to Captain and eventually Chief. Never a threat to Stanley and nothing but a yes man, never make a decision, and cover up all the bullshit. He covered up the Tow Truck scandal at MoVal, he made sure Thompson and Dennington were wrongfully terminated (by fabricating evidence, lying, etc.- with his cohort Ford). The list goes on an on!!!!

    Epps has tons of ethical problems in his career, this in only one. He is right up there on the Lt.’s list too. There is no other explanation for that, other than that is how you move up in the Stan Sniff, we don’t need no integrity, department of yes men. this yes man should have been fired!!!

  10. @ Dan Shay don’t forget the other John Anderson (Captain) who got caught with his pants down with his OA at Castellano. You know, the same OA who’s promotion he was caught trying to rig. Instead of being punished the good Sheriff in usual fashion allowed the man to retire.

  11. Shays – I just emailed you. Let’s talk soon.

  12. Common themes here.

    Stan…not in touch with his department so things like the Thermal Scandal and this Epps scandal have happened.

    No real discipline in the Thermal Scandal (only the captain got fanged but the rest go writtens because had more gotten fired….Stan would have had to step down….so it was a go soft cover-up).

    No discipline in all of the Epps malfeasance. Why cuz once again…it would show that Stan and Bill are asleep at the wheel. It would make them look bad if Epps got fired or prosecuted for his shenanigans.

    John Anderson – Should have never been promoted. He was the Thermal Chief when all of the Thermal shenanigans went down. Instead of being fired, he was allowed to get a fat cat retirement. He was inept from the rank of Lieutenant on.

    Lee Wagnerr – Same story. He was John Anderson’s boss. Should have been walked out as well over what happened at Thermal. Another fat cat retirement instead.

    Back to Stan. Who has a Sergeant making that much money? The SWAT guys can’t even get overtime and the bomb guy gets 24/7 oncall pay and makes MORE MONEY than a chief deputy??

    No wonder Stan can’t balance his check book. No wonder the rank and file are clean out of morale and have no respect left for Stan and the 2nd floor. Well, according to Stan, the rank and file is overpaid anyway. I wonder if Stan thinks Epps is overpaid??? Does it matter? Epps is laughing all the way to the bank because his is a millionaire due to Stan and the 2nd floor asleep at the wheel. Maybe……stan respects epps and lets him do whatever he wants because they are both cut from the same ethics cloth….leave your old lady for another one. Hmmmm?

  13. When years and years go by without the sheriff even stopping by a station there’s a problem. He’s literally absent from this department. He only shows up at DUI checkpoints the year before elections, late at night. He then has the audacity to take pictures at the checkpoints and then autograph them as if he’s a celebrity. He’s a complete failure and has run this department into the ground.

  14. The only time I saw Stan at my station was a couple months ago. You know, blaming the board of sups for his budget problems. Everyone in briefing spoke after, and we all thought the same thing, trying to gain support for his re-election. Then a couple weeks later and he sent good ole Ray Wood. That guy is a clown! Drawing lines on a white board about the budget. Again, trying to gain support for his boss. He even admitted the “second floor failed” by not getting their message out to the troops. This a*s hat had the audacity to call us family! Lol!!!! Get outta here. Deputies are jumping ship left and right, and anyone getting hired should have RSO pay them through the academy then LEAVE!

  15. Oh one more thing, how has Captain Burch not come up yet??? Elevator, anyone?

  16. We’re all ears. If Burch needs some love, we need to know.

  17. What Epps is doing is not only criminal, it’s also a huge conflict of interest. Unless you’ve got a golden asshole, you cannot work outside of the sheriff’s department PERIOD!! Sure, there are many “consultants” on the 2nd Floor, but if you’re assigned to a special team, (SEB, CHU, CATCH, etc.) you cannot go off, start your own company, consult with your own agency (or like Epp’s has with the LASD) OR take county equipment and use it for your own personal benefit, especially equipment obtained with federal grants.

    Amazing how it works for RSO golden boys (and girls). Start your own company, pad your pockets, and commit a little shenanigans for your benefit knowing you are untouchable. And when you’re called on it, the PERS is over in two seconds.

    It’s the same for Sniff’s marionettes. They were not respected as they went up the ranks (although Pecker Ray Wood was “loved” by many a female) and look at the crap they have puled over the years only to be rewarded with huge salaries and lottery pensions.

    I’d like to forward this story to as many news agencies as possible. Surely, one will bite and investigate this atrocity. Or perhaps there is a DHS tip line for fraud or crimes against this country is better suited for Epp’s behavior.



  18. I just learned more details about Epps. Going to follow up on him soon. There is soooooo much to this department it is almost impossible to keep up with.

  19. Aaron, can you please email me. I have some information I need to discuss with you in private.

  20. PERS is not complete. There may still be time to make this big enough the Sheriff is forced to do something about it. It appears Epps is so golden he wasn’t walked out or put on admin leave pending the outcome, even with clear proof he shouldn’t be trusted with a ham sandwich let alone millions of dollars in fancy toys. He gave away a fucking bomb detonator?
    Uh. Anyone afraid of 9-11 and terrorists?? Doesn’t he need federal clearance for some of this stuff. Seems smart

    DHS has an online fraud complaint form. It can even be anonymous not that at this stage the person reporting Epps cares about that. Somebody with details please do the right thing and dethrone this asshole. And maybe save some lives. He is a special kind of stupid. And he has bombs.

    Brothers, next time you go 10-8, give a friend a patrol car to play with/examine and see where that gets us. Fired. Fired is where it would get us. On admin leave at a minimum. Zero faith in this job anymore. Zero.

  21. @Fedup, what is the link for the form please?


    This one is the correct link.

  23. I don’t live in California, i was just sent the link and all I can say is this is fucking awesome!!! Bob Epps probably used his rank to try and get my friend fired because his psycho bitch girlfriend couldn’t handle some shade thrown on Facebook and this asshole thought she made a crank call to his boss. Well they left a name this time when they called your boss, didn’t they, cocksucker? You probably never gave her another thought but what you did to her almost killed her. I watched her completely fall apart because of you and that cunt. You sorry now? Is she? Maybe you don’t, but I know this is happening because you did that to her. Karma is about a bitch, isn’t she?

    I can’t even begin to tell you happy I am to see the tables turned you dick. You deserve all of it. Whoever sold you out is my fucking hero. Thank you!!!

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