Mar 272018

With California’s Sanctuary State in the Cross-hairs, you will be appalled to learn that Sheriff Stan Sniff has had a non-cooperation policy in force for years.

Check out a sampling of stories going on under the watch of Stan Sniff:

The first example I can think of was a 30’s male who had just been released from a 2 year sentence for sodomy and soliciting a minor (15yrs old) male juvenile. Was supposed to check in within 5 days of release. I finally tracked him down through an emergency contact and advised them that he would have to come in and register. By the time he had come in to register he was 9 days overdue. When I asked my supervision if we could have an investigator make the arrest for failure to register as a sex offender, I was met with resistance because we are “short staffed”. (some crap about wanting to give “every opportunity” to allow 290s to be in compliance.) This posture goes against the stated no tolerance policy and common sense. Once he did come in to register through my interview it came to light that he was here illegally. When I asked my supervision again about arrest (not for illegal status but for 290 violation with the added benefit of sending him back to jail to hopefully be deported this time, since apparently our jails don’t care…) I was told to contact border patrol and let them know of his address but not to identify myself as RSO since we are not supposed to work with federal authorities when it comes to illegal immigrants.

Got it? So the “No Tolerance” policy against sex offenders is pure BS. The station Captains are spouting the same budget excuse garbage the Sheriff is AND they are refusing to cooperate with federal authorities long before the unconstitutional sanctuary state law.

How about this one? A 30’s male who had been charged with sexual abuse against his 11 year old step daughter came in to register his new address in our jurisdiction from cat city. the ID he brought in was his green card that had expired. When I asked him if he knew he was in the country illegally he said he knew but also knew that unless he “did something really bad” he wouldn’t be deported. When I contacted his probation officer and told her this, she said that they had been told by their supervision that they cannot do anything about someones immigration status and that I should be careful because she had one of her probation co-workers disciplined for trying. I again asked my supervision about what can be done. I was told that since he has not violated any 290 statute just to register him because its not our problem.

If anyone has any question why Immigration is such a hot button issue, keep reading. Also take note of the social justice warrior probation officer referenced in the second anecdote.

A 60’s male who came in to register (for 314) new address from Washington state. Upon doing the usual inquiries I saw that he was charged with 2nd degree murder (upon further investigation he strangled a homosexual male who came on to him and solicited him for sex) in Washington and had done 18 years. He moved into our jurisdiction and at first could not provide any ID. I told him that I would need some sort of government ID to register him and he told me that he had registered in Washington for quite a while without one. I asked him why he didn’t have an ID and he would not answer, upon further digging and pressing he told me that he was brought to this country when he was 9-10 yrs old and was not part of DACA. He was confident that this wasn’t a problem. I again asked my supervision and they told me that he should go get a CAL-ID and then we can register him so at least we know where he is even if we cant deport him.

Why do we have laws if Sheriff Sniff won’t enforce them? Cops pulling guns on people, getting their jobs back after using excessive force, running red lights and getting sued, falsifying time cards, cheating, lying, stealing, having sex with informants, having sex on duty, drinking on duty, getting away with DUI’s, misappropriating government funds, falsifying paperwork, on and on and on.

All this and Sheriff Sniff’s donors are an all star team of the civil and penal code violations.

I may be from the simpler part of California, but even us Northerners know what corruption looks like: Stan Sniff. What a legacy this Sheriff has.

Mar 262018
  • Every campaign comes with astounding acts of cowardice. I only block people on facebook once they have made credible threats or on advice of my attorney. For example, I have not blocked Martin Tochtrop even though his fiancee’ threatened Chad Bianco’s family. (I blocked her only) However, Joe Narciso blocked me on facebook once I challenged him on the nature of his friend-of-stan-promotion to Sergeant.

Tochtrop was promoted to correctional Lieutenant after his incident of fraud.

Earlier today, I blew up Tony Pelato who is almost universally reviled in the rank-and-file. Like Pelato, Tochtrop and Narciso have a ton of baggage. Here on the rightondaily blog, we use several sources of info.

First is human intelligence – such as this gem from an anonymous inside source related to Martin “Marty” Tochtrop:

Shortly after the fraud incident you mentioned in current post, Marty was promoted to Correctional Lt.

(this sentence is deleted)
Marty was in a pers with Sgt. Dekker some years back they both got time off. Involved setting up an inmate who changed places with another inmate being released. They allowed this inmate to walk out the door then conducted a felony arrest, guns and all on the inmate. This happened at SWDC around 2012.
One of the keys to human intelligence is to know your source and keep documentation, and also follow up to verify what you are told. This way you never get sued successfully, only threatened by morons.
Human intelligence is often biased with people’s personal issues about the subject of their intelligence. In the case of the Stan Sniff saga, most all I have spoken to / emailed / messaged with have been up front with their agenda.
Using bad human intelligence will get you sued.
Second is public records: Martin Tochtrop had a monster BK in 2011. It featured a default and a trustee sale of his home in 2012. Tochtrop appears to have racked up $40K in credit card debt, had 4 cars and a boat at the time the wheels flew off of his life. This matters because it suggests a financial nexus for selling his soul to Stan Sniff. (aka, he needed the promotion to Correctional Lt.) Linked here is the facepage of the 59-page bankruptcy file on Mr. Tochtrop. If challenged, I will post the entire document.
It also suggests why Tochtrop got in trouble for fraud, submitting a plane ticket for a girlfriend’s for reimbursement from the county. He appears to have been in debt up to his eyeballs at the time.
Public records can tell us a lot. It also is a clear nexus for Joe Narciso to be so aggressive and open in his support for Stan Sniff. Narciso had 2 defaults of his own and appears to have lost his house in a foreclosure. This is again a clear nexus for why Narciso needed to ensure his financial security going forward.
If you use public records, you will never have to fear legal retaliation as defaults, foreclosures, trustee sales, and bankruptcies are public records. Having the actual report from the cheating scandal is why Jason Gore (promoted post scandal, soon to be a Sergeant) had to take the hit despite his freaked out communications demanding legal action. The information I have posted on a slew of Stan Sniff’s donors and endorsers is all public records. It does not take much effort to obtain this information, a little effort on Sheriff Sniff’s part would have saved him a lot of embarrassment. These mistakes happen when you are drunk on unchecked power.
Third – media search. Chances are anyone in law enforcement, politics or public office has a long history of articles in the media. It is always safe to post a media article with your clear opinion of it and let the readers decide what to think of it. This is how I started in on Stan Sniff, which led me to bona-fide inside sources with unbelievably real and incredible stories.
Fourth – Sign your name to what you write. This gives you far more credibility. Any coward can write an anonymous attack website. Part of the reason why the blogs about Sniff are so devastating is because people know it is me writing them and have been able to find years of articles on me and my whereabouts politically. This means they also know what I am capable of doing to them if I need to as well. There is also accountability. The downside, of course is that anonymous cowards have been attempting to hack my websites, threatening my wife, her co-workers, trolling, etc etc etc
Never, ever attack family. There are exceptions – one is when you are called out by someone who uses a picture of themselves with family members. (Such as Ray the Executioner Wood posting a photo of himself and his wife at Disneyland as some sort of lame response to Wood getting torched for crashing a Chad Bianco event) Re-posting said picture is fair game. A second is when a family member is in office themselves. (See also Ted and Beth Gaines for example) A third is when Husband and Wife are both public employees who both have separate work histories and screw ups that are germane to blasting Stan Sniff. (See also Ryan and Janelle Huizinga who have benefited from a promotion by Sniff). When Martin Tochtrop’s girlfriend (who is also an employee) threatened several people publicly, I blew her up.
Another example is that Dave “Kurly” Kurylowicz’ Husband is a close friend of Ryan Huizinga, that matters as it connects Huizinga to Kurly and shows the entanglements of team Sniff. Kurly is also Huizinga’s Captain.
You will note, however, that I never mentioned Ray Wood’s wife by name or Kurly’s husband by name. I have received several stories about the spouses and children of several members of Team Sniff from several people. This is where filtering comes in. I have not deployed this information yet. If you return to the beginning of this post where it says sentence deleted, there was a reference to Ray Wood’s wife that I deleted. This is another example of filtering.
Despite the fact that an enraged Kurly is now running an anonymous social media page dedicated to discrediting me – I have not responded in kind by posting information on his Husband – even as he is preparing to use standard left-wing social justice warrior tactics in an attempt to gain political advantage.
Despite the fact that a group of people that may include Tony Pelato, the Sgt. on “special assignment” and others known to me are actively attacking my wife, I have not retaliated in kind.
Campaigns are long slug-fests with a lot of twists and turns. I am grateful for all of the information I am accumulating and for all of the sources coming forward. The results have been devastating for Stan Sniff and his crew of sycophants. The information deployed could change as Sniff’s crew have given me license through their behavior to pretty much use everything I’ve learned with impunity. I am not sure if they thought that consequence through or not.
In the meantime, If anyone has any information about the corruption within the department, please contact me. You can remain anonymous. Our mission at Rightondaily is taking down the Sheriff and those aiding and abetting him. We will not be deterred from that mission.
P.S. Please note that the comments are not filtered, people can write what they want in them. Those may not necessarily reflect the opinion of this blogger. Thank you for reading today’s lesson on political blogging.
Mar 262018

The Month of March has meant a lot to rightondaily blog. It symbolizes the outcry against a corrupt sheriff and his cronies. It also represents exciting news on the personal level. It is clear that the rampant corruption in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is getting people’s attention as the local media in Riverside County is cowering and not covering anything related to this at all.

Secondly is the interest in the 2018 governor’s race, those blogs always get attention as well.

Each line is 20,000 hits. You will see 45,000 in Mid Feb (week of 2/19) that was then a record, but ended up being a harbinger of what was to come.

The week of 2/25 featured the first ever week over 60,000 hits, with a short-lived record day of 12,046.

The following week of 3/5 featured a record day of 13,430 hits with another short-lived weekly record of 69,752 hits.

The week of 3/12 was again just over 60,000 hits.

Then the week just concluded (3/19) featured three records: Wednesday 14,006 hits, Thursday 13,543 hits and the total week at 71,696 hits.

Thank you to all of you who are reading, thank you to all of you who are coming forward with information. This would not be working as well without you. Working together, we will get the messages out that rightondaily is carrying.

Mar 262018

There are a lot of rank and file that don’t like “Master Investigator” Tony Pelato. He has stood out in his fealty to the Sniff regime in defiance of his brethren in the Sheriff’s Association. Many confidential sources I have spoken with disdain this guy, and this post would have been dedicated to them alone until recent events changed that.

Tony Pelato is well known for being a self righteous pompous ass. IT is also my opinion that Mr. Pelato (and others) have been using anonymous profiles to attack my wife on Social Media whilst giving lectures about Christian behavior. Somehow that standard should be used to muzzle Right on Daily but should not be used on Stan Sniff or himself. (Irony: Sniff is reputed to be an atheist. Bianco is an Evangelical Christian as is Dave Brown. Pellato’s buddy Miguelito is nacho libre)

The thing that sticks out the most to me is that Tony Fellato was terminated for using excessive force and somehow got his job back many years ago. So we have established his base credentials to be a member of team Sniff.

Here at we have a lot of sources and commenters, one of whom is a huge fan of Tony Fellato.

Nacho Mamma, TonyPee’s a tool. Short man complex too. Used to jack suspects only when he had deputies bigger than him to back his stupid plays (in Pinocchio voice, “THIS IS MY HOUSE, YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?”). Failed to get hired by another agency but gets lucky and hires with our department only to get fired for some (alleged) use of force beef (in same Pinocchio voice, “THIS IS MY CITY AND YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHOR-AH-TAH!!”).

I’m sure he was all cozy with RSA back then, begging for someone to defend him so he could wear the big dog uniform again instead of a security uniform that actually fits his skill set.

Sneaky and would probably do anything he is asked without question or self reflection of the consequences and career he is about to ruin.

I thought the master investigator position was supposed to be filled with the best of the best. You know, the investigators who have that sixth sense, are mature, professional and will work just as hard to absolve a suspect as he would to find evidence of guilt.

Although there are some awesome master investigators on our department, the selection process needs to be revamped. Some applied several times before they got the title or lied and used other cases that ACTUAL POLICE completed for their presentations. I know of one such “master” who admitted to bullshitting the panel (it was his third try) to finally get ahead. He’s useless and a complete embarrassment to the master investigator program.

And take a look at the investigator who showboated on this victim…yes!! The Master Investigator who someday will be a real boy!!

TonyP hasn’t learned his lesson either. You know, the hard one where he was fired while assigned to Moreno Valley and had to fight for his job back?!?

I guess now that he is a “Master” and (from sources who see his activities) picks and chooses the cases he will work and take all the OT he wants, he no longer has to worry.

But he should worry because a weak, crooked, Training Day template cop cannot pretend to be real police for long. Sooner or later, the shroud comes off and he’s breaking bad.

I suppose the FB investigation has left him wrinkled and worn too. I know licking cranny holes to get ahead and smearing the reputations of department members (if they deserve to be fired, then so be it! We don’t need them and the world needs more bartenders anyway) to make himself look good…sort of like he did here when he completed this investigation and wound up on one of those true crime dramas (I wonder how many phone books he sat on before the camera lens could see him). “Web of Lies”

TonyP proved his unworthiness whilst at RSA as our treasurer—he couldn’t perform his duties without drama and attempts to smear Masson and others. (Sentence Deleted). Yet he tries soooooo hard to look bad ass!!

I should probably refer to him from now on as Tony Fellato as his patronage and service to the Second Floor borders on that. What is even more amazing is that Fellato used to be a Sheriff Stan-Hater until kneeling to the regime last year.

The Fellato file would not be complete without revelations about Mr. Fellato filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, then pivoting to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I guess he manages money like Stan Sniff too.

Man it sucks to be Tony Fellato.

Mar 252018

Kevin Vest first came on my radar when he showed up to a Chad Bianco for Sheriff event with his wife and Ray the Executioner Wood with his wife.

The story was hysterically funny as they both had to pass another location of the same restaurant and make a 40 minute drive from their homes in the Hemet area to get to the location.

This led to Vest taking to facebook to whine, and since then he has been a rightondaily Pinata. Dozens of people have come forward with stories about Kevin Vest and his ruthless, sometimes unethical behavior. This makes Vest another poster child for team Sniff.

More recently, Vest was outed as having sent Lt’s exam test questions to Aaron Kent – he of the $300K+ in overtime pay from 2013-2016.

Now Vest is crying in his beer because your intrepid blogger seems to be getting photos of Chad Bianco events in real time. (I take note that Vest and crew are NOT attending Hemet Dave events, either because Mr. Brown is not doing them or because they don’t view Hemet Dave as a threat)

The problem for Vest and Stan Sniff’s suck ups management team is that your intrepid blogger has multiple sources and singular focus.

Attached for your viewing pleasure is Mr. Vest’s threat:

No one should be surprised that a man who has ended so many people’s careers unjustly would no be whining and threatening people with a legitimate chance that he will lose his cushy $250K a year+ job. He claims to be an innocent player yet there he was at a Chad Bianco event about a month ago…

The people on the second floor deserve no quarter due to the way they have behaved and because of what they have done.

Please also note that Jim Flint is yet another fake profile that has been set up by Team Sniff, probably to repeat the same tactics they’ve been using as of late with… (as they polish their halos)