Feb 102018

Some will debate if Ted Gaines actually knew about the behavior of the monster known as Steve Davey. However, once Ssssssteve Davey was placed on administrative leave in late 2015, there can be no doubt whatsoever that Ted Gaines knew.

After only a small amount of Ssssssteve Davey’s horrific record of sexual misconduct became known, Ted Gaines (and his wife Beth) paid Steve Davey a combined $259,000 in consulting fees after Davey was fired. The Gaines enabled the man to escape any consequences of his behavior.

This is the same Ted Gaines that has a long, storied history on un-christian behavior which has caused him to be the subject of 91(!) posts on Rightondaily. (This is #92)

In politics, and in life there is a frustrating dynamic (actually several) where people tune out critics of an incumbent because it is easier to avoid conflict rather than engage with the information. Perhaps in 2018, there will be an acknowledgement of the 1000 pound Gaines gorilla in the room, especially with the validation of one of the key charges we’ve leveled against the man two years ago.

Privately, people for years have sought me out to tell me stories about Ted Gaines being useless, not responding, only showing up to events when there is something in it for him and general overall dishonesty. His tacit acceptance and then paying Steve Davey $259K after his ouster shows his complicity in the monster’s behavior.

Most Gaines critics I spoke to had looks of resignation in their face because of the “third house” who fund incumbents like abuse victims always returning home to the abusive spouse. I also watched when they poured $2MM in to Beth Gaines to save her from a primary challenge in 2012 if nothing more than to protect the status quo.

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We are going to re-post a lot of the historical information on Ted Gaines in order to refresh your memory about his pattern as an officeholder in Placer County.

The bottom line – this culture existed in Ted Gaines’ office for years. There is no way possible he did not know long before Steve Davey was fired. This was written by a former staffer in 2014:

I always wanted to try to like Steve and Ted, and push aside those negative things people told me. The cumulative effect of things like Steve “ordering” me to move his ball closer to the pin so he could win a putter, and the two of them handicapping the date of the late Senator Cox’s demise with glee and laughter whilst in their capitol office was but one of many nails in the coffin that eventually convinced me that it is indeed true what people say about Steve Davey and Ted Gaines. And the stuff about Steve harassing fellow female employees is all too true. I saw it, many times. How’s about that for trusting in elected officials!

On 10-16-2017, I also went in to some graphic detail about what I knew related to the above issue. <<< Warning, this post is graphic.

More to come as we rehash the history of Ted Gaines here on the RightonDaily Blog.

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