Jan 232018

A consistent theme is the decimated morale within the ranks of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. Here is the latest evidence (as seen on our Facebook Page several hours ago):

Deputy Birchard arrested and booked in to jail for being under the influence of Narcotics. (alleged to be Meth) Birchard is part of a HUGE story we are working on related to incompetence and corruption. This is developing… #FIRESNIFF #FREERIVERSIDE #RIGHTONDAILY #WWEPD #WWSSD #DRAINTHESWAMP The morale of the Riverside Sheriff’s department is a disaster under Sniff.

The address on this report is the Riverside Sheriff Training Facility of all places (or near it).

Deputy Birchard’s name will come up again on this blog as we are continuing to work on a variety of leads related to something that if verified will be a major issue in the Riverside County Sheriff’s Race. Suffice to say, given that two deputies have been prosecuted for murder/manslaughter in the last 10 years and stuff like this happens with some frequency you have to ask yourself where the leadership is in the county.

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