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What If I told you that there is an unspoken rule in Riverside County that deputies are not supposed to pursue suspects on to local Indian reservations?

See the text message exchange between officers that were told to let a suspect get away. In this particular case the tribal security people managed to apprehend the suspect…

This is not an uncommon occurrence at all as I’ve been told several similar stories. Then there is this one in a local city, apparently letting bad guys get away is a county-wide problem on Sniff’s watch:

…I tackled an attempted murder suspect off a dirt bike that was running from xxx pd. They suspect just shot the homeowner 5 times and was still armed with his gun. I was told by a corporal not to respond when the allied agency asked for help. And when I found the suspect I was told not to pursue by a sgt. I am not that guy I went anyways and chased him and jumped out tackled him and retrieved the gun that was still in his back pocket. From the top down their all scared to be cops.

It is every man for himself in Riverside County. Remember, we’ve written about the spiraling crime rate, so these stories inform us as to why it is happening.

Then we have other issues, such as favoritism being displayed to towing companies. Remember, Towing companies can make lots of money off of law enforcement contracts.

Then we have the well-known case of a cheating scandal on advancement exams, Note, once again people worried about being identified. What is central in this cheating scandal is Jason Gxxx being promoted, as his wife is a $120k a year administrative assistant to the Sheriff. The correspondence I got continues:

(Source deleted) …150 deputies were caught up in it. Because of the scope of it, admin stopped the Investigators from identifying more and told them to only investigate the ten worst offenders. All offenders were given 16 hours of discipline including one who was caught outright lying, normally a firing offense. Included in this group was a Deputy named Jason Gxxx. Gxxx is married to (XX), Sniff’s $120k a year secretary. Not only was Gxxx allowed to stay on the promotion list, he was promoted to the very rank he cheated to get in November. The promotion list just came out for this last testing cycle, and Gxxx finished very high on the Sergeants list and will likely promote to that rank.
Are you getting a flavor for why the rank and file are acting like abuse victims? Here is a re-post of a comment (unedited) on a recent blog about intimidation and retaliation:
I’m currently a retired Investigator from the Sheriffs Department of 30 years. I helped Chad Bianco when he ran agains Sniff in 2014 and I was very vocal about it. I posted several comments supporting Bianco on my Facebook account and they were clearly monitored. I was told by supervisors and co-workers I was doing career suicide and I was blind. I thought nothing would happen to me, I had a great career and had never been disaplened in my 30 years. I was wrong, a few months after the election my Sgt and Lt came into my office and told me I was being transferred to the jail. The jail Investigator position was routinely used for newly promoted Inveatigators or if an employee was being punished. To my knowledge I have never seen a Investigator in good standings and with as much training in child crimes along with others be placed I tithe jail. All my training went to waist. Thousand of dollars of training went to waste to punish me and it was absolutely because I publicly helped Bianco with his campaign. I retired earlier then I was planning but I couldn’t take working for a Sheriff that was so vendictive and could care less about his employees.
All this and more than one deputy / county employee has told me about the Thermal Station caper where Several Thousand Cases were literally laying on tables and desks and had not been prosecuted, referred, re-investigated, etc. Many of the criminals got away with their crimes because the statute of limitations expired by the time people sent there TDY had been able to review them.
Last but not least is the case of Sgt/Lt/Captain Coby Wxxx. She is now severely disabled after an accident. She should have been medically retired where she’d have received really good compensation and lifetime benefits. Instead, she has been promoted twice while not being able to stand without a cane and can not fire a weapon unless seated. Think of this from the paradigm of law enforcement and the needs of a Captain to be reasonably mobile. Instead of paying two officers what she is being paid, there she sits growing her pension while unable to perform the usual duties of a captain. Worse, according to stories, she has been an instrument of Sheriff Sniff’s revenge against the disloyal. Again, this sort of personnel decision furthers the resentment and further decimates morale.
Don’t forget – there is a hiring freeze. This means the taxpayers are paying 150% of the normal hourly rate for hundreds if not thousands of hours of police work AND the cops themselves are routinely forced to work 16 hour shifts because of the extremely high rate of people calling in sick.
If anyone reading has any further information on these stories or similar stories please reach out to us, we are on facebook and YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS. Thank you… to be continued…
P.S. The sources for the information in this post are known to this blogger. They wished (for the most part) to remain anonymous. They are current and former employees of the Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County
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  11 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Stan Sniff Leadership Failure – What Sheriff Deputies are Saying About Stan Sniff, Subjective Promotions, Lack of Enforcement”

  1. Coby should / must have be made to Retire. Fair is fair, right of course it’s not.
    I was called into my Captains office at EOW and a PERS retirement form was handed to me “pre filled out”.i was told to sign it; I refused. I was ordered to sign it , again I refused. I was sent home and informed I was being retired.
    The head of County H.R. Signed in my place and here I sit absent the career I loved.
    I understand my back injury could have compromised my safety and others but does Sniffs Department?. As evidenced by this act; not anymore.
    Deputy T.Y. Tuttle.

  2. Capt. Colby was injured in an off-duty accident in Oregon. She was unable to physically perform the duties as a deputy, sergeant, and lieutenant. This true now as a captain and how does she hold subordinates accountable to by physically fit to address violent subjects. She received special treatment by the Sheriff. Other employees injured off-duty didn’t get such special treatment. I wonder if the deputy injured protecting people in Las Vegas will, but I doubt it.

  3. Why are you anonymous guys going after Coby? She’s had a lot of impact on RSO. The work she did with the blood hound program, i.e., buying her own dog, training it on her own time, and selling it to the department, was pretty spectacular and shows extraordinary commitment. And I’ll tell you all something about injuries…if you don’t want to be forced out, suck it up and take the pain, or fight back. A friend of mine got wounded by gunfire, and he fought and won…did a full career. You go filling out paperwork about how this hurts and that hurts, and how You were climbing over a wall when it happened, you’re asking for an early exit. Retire on your terms, not theirs.

  4. I think the point is that some did indeed try to fight being retired only to be threatened with losing what pension they had. The second point is that the Captain is clearly unable to do her job, regardless of service dogs, etc. The resentment within the ranks is palpable and made worse by the captain’s close relationship with the Sheriff. The favoritism and retaliation by the Sheriff is a common theme.

  5. Killin has to ask why “anonymous” guys are going after her, come on man get real. If Little Hitler and his loyal followers find out who is speaking out against any of his politically motivated decisions, he will seek revenge (everyone knows that). I think he’s missing the point, they aren’t going after Coby, they are speaking out against the jackass who promoted her. Everyone knows Coby was very close buddies with the former Undersheriff Colleen Walker, the same Undersheriff who’s husband was contracted by former Banning Chief of Police Leonard Purvis to make thousands of dollars conducting personnel investigations for Banning PD (remember that scandal? It was all over the news back then). That was before Purvis had a vote of no confidence by the troops and then filed a WC claim and a lawsuit against the city of Banning for severe anxiety and stress. Purvis’ emotional trauma was apparently miraculously healed by the $300K settlement, because Sniff hired him back to RSO a month after he resigned from Banning. These scandalous stories can go on and on, but getting back to Coby, I’m sure she’s a nice enough person and no one wishes getting paralyzed onto anyone but to promote her when she realistically cannot perform the duties of a front line supervisor is absurd and reeks of favoritism and special treatment. The most recent promotion of her to captain is completely politically motivated and nothing more than another feather in the politician’s hat. All of these politically motivated decisions Sniff makes cause dissension among the ranks and causes morale to crash dive. I’m sure Purvis will be promoted to chief very soon (what a surprise) and once again, Sniff will think it’s another political feather in his hat to promote his LGBTQ liaison (whatever!). The rest of his department is sick and tired of his political decisions and want him GONE!!!

  6. I expect that this captain’s experience, reputation, and education surpass those of anyone that is commenting in this thread. Here is the press release that outlines her experience in case anyone wants to judge her qualifications for themselves.


  7. Having quit RSD in 2002, I’m not in a position to comment on much of what you included in your reply, which I did appreciate. Please consider this: in the last ten years, how many candidates for captain or lieutenant have come up with an idea, spent their own money and time to refine that idea, and got the Department to buy into and implement that idea, i.e., the bloodhound program? That’s what gets people noticed and is the quality you’re looking for when selecting leaders either in law enforcement or in the military, and I’m intimately familiar with both. As for whether or not she can do the job, I’ll take Coby Webb on a cane as a back up anytime and anywhere. I was at Palm Desert Station when she came out of the jail, and trust me, she would have promoted even if Colleen Walker, who has been retired for quite some time now, had never came into the picture. In closing,

  8. John killin, you obviously don’t have a clue. Even when Coby was healthy, she was a hack. You tell people to “suck it up” borders asinine stupidity. She got special treatment because shes part of Stanleys puppet show of fags, hags & freaks on the 2nd floor.

  9. In your own words, you “quit RSD in 2002′” so all you have is an old memory of a deputy with a bloodhound. That’s nice, but you are 100% wrong when you make reference of her old buddy having nothing to do with her promotion, she had everything to do with it. By the way, when she was promoted from sergeant to lieutenant, she had to have two special canes (not one) to walk with and it was a 5 minute process just to get out of her vehicle to try and walk with those two devices supporting all of her body weight. There was absolutely no way she could possibly perform the duties expected of a front line supervisor in the field as she was a paraplegic. The entire department saw very clearly what was occurring when the second floor got involved in sensationalizing her misfortune and it was extremely obvious there was favoritism and special treatment when they bent over backward to make every accommodation they could for her, but would not do the same for others in similar circumstances. I obviously have your old memories you want to hang on to, so we will agree to disagree, but I can tell you with great confidence that the vast majority of the department also disagrees with you (everyone who has any knowledge of the events). As for Mr. Al Clear posting the embellished write up that Admin did for her and expecting people to believe their story makes someone qualified and experienced, just remember the current sheriff’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. The average citizen can be fooled by a politician’s words, but those who have actual knowledge of the truth cannot be fooled. Good day to you sir!

  10. Al Clear, Coby’s resume is nothing but basic. The Sheriff’s press release article is equivalent to some p.o.s. being killed and the family displays 10 year old photos of their “beloved saint” in a jr. highschool cap n gown graduation photo. She worked the normal type assignments that any other deputy works over their careers. The only expertise she can attest to is she was a bloodhound handler and that’s it. I’d give anything to see her squirm in an interrogation room with some hardcore murder suspect, trying to get a confession. Or, be involved in a gunfight with someone hellbent on killing you, or being on a tactical team entering a residence as the “pointman” at 3 a.m.?
    Absolutely a sham article by the sheriff and completely generated as a “look what I’m doing for women on the department” self-serving act. The 2nd floor leadership is pathetic.
    Stanley, who represents himself as James Bond and The Lone Ranger in posters on the walls of the 1st floor press room at admin. He should have a poster of him as Pee-Wee Herman. That would be most accurate.

  11. It is about favoritism, special treatment…NO other employee who was injured off-duty was given such special treatment. In stead, they were told you cannot execute the duties of a deputy sheriff, so we have to let you go…Again, lack of integrity and equal but fair treatment has been the issue over the past decade…

    When required, did the Captain C. complete the 24 hours, state mandated POST perishable skills training? As a sergeant it is required, lieutenants and captains are not required. However, we are all required to quality with our duty weapon quarterly. I hear there is video of Capt C. qualifying at the desert range while sitting in a chair. Also, all on the range reportedly ordered to leave. This state mandated training covers driving, defensive tactics and use of force in the simulator at the Ben Clark Training Center. I bet training records either don’t document her failing or it is not listed at all.

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