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There is a clear edict. Anyone that is in the Sheriff’s Office that supports Chad Bianco is to be identified, reported back to central command and then dealt with.

On Sunday 1/28/2018 in the mid afternoon, Chad Bianco had an event at Romano’s in the City of Riverside in the Canyon Crest Neighborhood.

Not coincidentally, Chief Deputy Ray Wood and Assistant Sheriff Kevin Vest decided to bring their wives to dinner at the very same restaurant at the very same time! (Imagine that)

It gets better, they both live in the Woodcrest neighborhood of Riverside. If you look on a map, Woodcrest is 25 Minutes away from Canyon Crest. Worse, there is a second location of Romano’s that Mr. Wood and Mr. Vest (with their wives in the car) would have had to pass in order to get to the location they went to. (UPDATE: We are now being told they may live even further away in Hemet – a 45 minute drive, with the Romano’s in Woodcrest still 20 minutes closer to Hemet than the one they went to)

This is a long-winded way of saying their choice of location for dinner was not an accident. Secondly, how many of you eat dinner at 2:30? Not very often, do you?

Pictured behind the middle-aged woman in the foreground is a young woman with a hat on offering Chad Bianco campaign swag to the aforementioned foursome, note that the restaurant is empty (except for the 50ish people that came to participate in supporting Chad Bianco in an adjacent room).

Conservative Shirts 1 -970×250

This activity should not surprise you as Captain Gregory Fellows was dispatched to monitor the Bianco event the previous week in Mead Valley. More of the same will continue, and perhaps the scrutiny will make the rats scurry back down their holes. These people know that their fealty to Sheriff Sniff has been a requirement of them keeping their high-six-figure salaries and benefits.

Embedded in this blog post is a late reported (note the date stamp by Riverside $9300 check from Mohammad Ali Mazarei (ahem) Riverside Travel Zone Center, Inc. DBA Arco Travel Zone Center Inc. You may recall that this is the same entity that got lit up for 15 counts of smog check fraud by the bureau of automotive repair.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair filed their complaint on 9-14-2017. This check was written on 10-5-2017 (according to this filing). Records and sources said that a criminal complaint by Mazarei against a former employee was made in October of 2017. Mazarei said publicly in writing he filed charges against a former employee, Walter Cole.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei can’t file charges. Only the DA can. The internal machinations of this case are the stuff of legend in insider circles, and it appears that there has been sudden insider interest in the case in the 13 days since our first expose on Mr. Mazarei / His Business appeared.

This check puts Mohammad Ali Mazarei / his buinesses over $50,000 in total donations to Sheriff Stan Sniff, with the latest installment coming right around the time that the Bureau of Automotive Repair complaint erupted. Now, this latest check certainly becomes a campaign issue for the Sheriff.

Similar to the two Riverside Sheriff Department senior officials driving some 25 miles across the City of Riverside to have a middle-of-the-day dinner at the same restaurant as Chad Bianco’s event, this latest certainly does not appear to be coincidental.

The Riverside Sheriff’s Association had a wholesale change in leadership with the retirement of their Past President. The new leadership are as committed to a change of Sheriff, if not more so than the prior. Due to the timing of the season and the fact that the Sheriff attempted to meddle in the transition, there was a delay in action. The breaking insider news which you are reading first on the Right on Daily Blog is that the “RSA” will be writing Chad Bianco for Sheriff another check for $300,000 and it will be done this week.

There is a full-scale insurrection going on all over the county. The rank-and-file resent the police state of Sheriff Sniff as evidenced by the above actions of upper management.

Perhaps this is why the latest batch of anti-Sniff memes are so explosive.

This stuff is happening organically as people are trying to find ways to cope with what they have been put through. With the RSA coming forward with another $300,000 to Chad Bianco, it should be a clear sign that the rank and file are having their voices heard. Soon the people of Riverside County will too.

Stan Sniff has no one to thank but himself for the mess he is in.

To Be Continued…



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  4 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Sniff Sends Top Brass to Bianco Event, Another Questionable $9300 Check, Insider Dirt and an the RSA Comes up Huge for Chad Bianco”

  1. This is a tactic of intimidation by the Sheriff’s Administration. Instead of providing a vision for the future, they opt to intimidate employees of all ranks into supporting the Sheriff. The opposite effect is occurring, employees are recognizing the lack of ethics, integrity and honestly and concern for employees…Thus, we are supporting Lt. Chad Bianco for Sheriff, he will return integrity, leadership and professionalism to the Department.

    Maybe this blog should post the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, one of the oaths law enforcement professionals swear to uphold.

    Please help with a badly needed change and cast a vote for Bianco for Sheriff…

  2. Insurrection is a good word to describe what is occurring throughout the Sheriff’s Department. The troops are fed up with having a sheriff who is a politician and thinks only of himself and his next campaign function. They are fed up with all of his politically motivated decisions and promotions and would like to see fairness and performance based results. The morale within the department is at an all time low, it is so low that the troops have resorted to making ugly videos and photo-shopping pictures to depict the current sheriff as Hitler. While some may find this offensive, this seems to be their only defense mechanism as they cope with the dangers they face on the job everyday and the fear they face within the current leadership of their own department. The vast majority of the troops would like Sniff to do the honorable thing and step down from the office he holds. Because he is an elected official, he can’t be fired and this reality causes the troops even more anxiety. If he could be fired, it appears the Board of Supervisors would have already terminated him. In this time of desperation, the troops have rallied around Chad Bianco and they completely support him to be their next Sheriff. A small non-publicized gathering of co-workers on a Sunday afternoon was interrupted by 2 of the current sheriff’s top brass in yet another attempt to bully and intimidate the department members with the fear of retaliation for exercising their first amendment rights. It’s important for the voters in this county to know why their law enforcement officers feel that desperate times call for desperate measures. Their message to the voting public is to please vote for Chad Bianco for Sheriff in June 2018.

    Bullying tactics are what he knows best.

  4. Peace Officers Bill of Rights

    3302. (a) Except as otherwise provided by law, or whenever on duty or in uniform, no public safety officer shall be
    prohibited from engaging, or be coerced or required to engage, in political activity.

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