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The readers of this blog have become accustomed to the “what the heck is he going to write next” feelings that come. GOP registration is at 25.6% in California and falling despite Republican gains in most other areas in the USA. It seems that our leaders here are quite happy about it. With few exceptions there are no voter registration drives going on in the state, I’ve even had one sitting member of the legislature tell me that they conscientiously chose not to do it because they did not think it would work!

I’ve been clear for years that one of my primary issues are do-nothing Republicans that get in to office and do nothing. What I mean by doing nothing, is just fighting futile fights on the floor of the legislature, giving good speeches or making base-stirring social media posts. What I mean by doing nothing is not raising money, not recruiting candidates for local government, not engaging with local Republican groups to help them thrive – you know the team building that leaders do. Worse, like the above example are those that surrender rather than fight.

I joined the GOP in 1997 the first time I ever Registered to vote. Jeff Atteberry, the former Chairman of the GOP who was ousted by $100k of California Swamp money and a group of tea partiers working with the establishment, predicated on a lie. You’ve read that ad-nauseum. You’ve read me naming names of alleged Republican operatives and their misdeeds for years. Jeff Atteberry’s ouster as Placer GOP Chairman is a microcosm of the culture I believe has invaded the CAGOP at all levels. It is called “Controlled Failure” by several of my fellow bloggers.

I’ve learned that as of late, the local Tea Parties basically have figured out who their local Representatives are and what they are doing. Good for them. The Tea Party and the State of Jefferson Movement are fractured and as a result are largely ineffective to deal with the magnitude of control the Swamp has. It breaks my heart to see the State of Jefferson movement fractured as I see a bunch of good people that can’t seem to get along with each other. While I cringe over the elements that some Tea Parties attract and have mocked some of them over the years, at the end of the day most of these folks are well-meaning people that want a better America. They understand how they were being used as part of the controlled failure of the Doug LaMalfa / Jim Nielsen / David Reade machine in the North State.

They were deceived by the swamp, we’ve all been there.

I want a better America. I want a better California. I am still here. The rest of my family moved across the border to light-blue Nevada.

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Chad Mayes represents the worst of all worlds in politics. I’ve written about him ad-nauseum, but his fall from Assembly Leader to Assistant Republican Leader (that’s right folks, he lives on in leadership) is a laboratory for the incredible corruption that has infested government at all levels. It is the “art of the deal” on acid.

It seems daily that I am finding out new stories of scum descending to the drain of the political sewer.

Right now a US Senator Bob Menendez is on trial, yet you hear little of it. 4 Democrat State Senators were run out of office (3 to Jail/Prison) under cloud of scandal right here in California, several Democrats from the Philadelphia Area are in Prison or on their way. I have a list of a slew of democrats at all levels of government all over America getting hammered, of course scant coverage in the media whose blatant whoring to the cause of liberalism makes them believe they can get away with anything. (Heck, the mayor of DC got re-elected after being filmed smoking crack)

You’d think the Republicans would keep their noses down. Instead, it appears there is a culture where a “Republican” gets elected to office and goes to Sacramento to participate in their own special version of Ashley Madison. Recently, another blog outed a second sitting legislator having an affair. Lovely. I’ve been told of two more, including a former legislator who is seeking to get back in to office. Lovely.

I am waiting for a Republican in California to get caught with $80k in his refrigerator, they have to aim higher than just sleeping with another man’s wife, etc. I’ve basically seen it all, then I get reminded that I have not seen it all.

Here locally in Placer County, the current chairman, Dennis Revell is a good man. I like the guy on a personal level, but he was elected to office because of the swamp and the money they spent trying to take control of the Placer GOP. I’ve been writing about that off and on for several years. I am torn between my personal convictions which are in line with the Conservatives, my rational side that is looking at the poor behavior of the tea party (and the insanity or personal corruption of some), my activist side which resents the money spent, the manipulation, the control and of course who I know Dennis to be as a man. Dennis is getting little help from the electeds that helped install him as Placer GOP Chairman. I think Dennis Revell got screwed over. Were the Conservatives to oust him (which they have to votes to do at any time pretty much), they have no one who will step up to replace him.

Then I look statewide and see the same pattern everywhere in GOP Central Committees. In some counties, the Conservatives were exterminated (such as in Sacramento, which is controlled by political consultants who ran for Central Committee) and in others the manipulation and financial investment muddled the ranks to the point where most committees are dysfunctional, inept disasters.

It appears then, that the Swamp is happy. Most Republican Volunteer Groups are a shambles. The aforementioned Tea Party is fractured with bad actors trying to control parts of it. Many Central Committees can’t make quorum. Most all are broke. LA County’s executive director was effectively laid off. The State Party has been besieged for years.

This means that the Swamp can order their shivering denizens in the Assembly GOP to go up on a heinously bad bill with no effective opposition as their efforts pouring money in to the GOP to shrink and control it worked. (in their mind)

When the remnants of the Republican Party rose up against the rudderless leadership, the game became about one man’s bombastic ego and desperate need to prove how right he was and how wrong the rest of us were. What could have been a teachable moment for the GOP was once again wasted.

I’ve heard it called “Controlled Failure”. Controlled Failure is the base human nature of I don’t care what the results are as long as I am in charge, feeling relevant and feeding my personal vices. Controlled Failure is the top-down command and control structure that exists within the CAGOP as we know it.

I have become aware that the Swamp were working behind the scenes to try and stop resolutions calling on the tyrant Chad Mayes to resign. It is clear that the Swamp were rallying intransigent members of the CAGOP’s Board of Directors with talking points in a vain attempt to stop the GOP board from calling on Mayes to resign. I’ve learned from conversations that they have been attempting to meddle in every leadership decision at every level of the California Republican Party.

I am not 100% sure why the new Assembly GOP Leader Brian Dahle tapped Chad Mayes and four members of his crew to fill leadership slots. My best guess is that it appears that the Assembly GOP is so fractured and unclear in its’ thinking that Vince Fong, Jay Obernolte, the Tyrant or Mr. Dahle could not get to 13 votes themselves so a deal had to be made. I’ve attempted to reach out a few times to Dahle’s camp for comment and have not heard back yet.

It sure looks bad. It looks like more controlled failure. About the only way to fix it is to run a few of these people out of office, that seems to be the only thing they respond to…

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