Jul 152017

As Thomas N Hudson’s life continues to spiral apart, his behavior is getting quite a bit more erratic. His rage and anger outbursts are already stuff of legend and are sometimes down right comical when coupled with his 5′-4.5″ 300 pound frame.

Lately, as he has been dragging his divorce proceeding in to its’ third year, the Board of Equalization just got gutted by the State Legislature over its’ rampant corruption. This means Mr. Hudson will likely find himself having to apply and interview for another government job at a lower salary.

Perhaps this contributed to his immature and boorish behavior on Wednesday Night where he single-handedly needed to extend a Placer GOP Meeting another 90 minutes. Despite being told that the County Facility was to be vacate by 9pm, Hudson held everyone hostage until 9:55PM.

At issue was an endorsement of the Neighborhood Legislature Initiative. Let’s have some more background so the readers of this blog get a more rounded picture of this situation.

At the recent CRA Convention, Mr. Hudson was leveraging the CRA and one such leverage play was related to the John Cox for Governor Campaign / Neighborhood Legislature Initiative.

Mr. Cox was set to be the dinner speaker at the CRA Convention until about 9 days out when Mr. Cox was supplanted by the deranged Tim Donnelly. The culprit behind the schedule change was none other than the CRA’s Pol-Pot bellied information minister.

Upon hearing he had been jilted by Tim Donnelly’s book tour, Mr. Cox cancelled. Mr. Hudson then made sure the Neighborhood Legislature was deferred to a later CRA Convention for consideration, again filibustering and using his knowledge of Robert’s Rules to control an outcome.

Yours truly called Mr. Hudson on his duplicity, soliciting donations from a Man he was trying to screw.

It is my opinion that the exposure of this is what was driving Hudson’s near psychotic anger on Wednesday night.

There is another piece of background. I’ve written a lot about the effort in 2012 to unseat the Conservatives with people “Republican Leadership” wanted on the Central Committee. Hudson was one targeted, but is now aligned with the Tea Partiers that once wanted to throw him in jail for money laundering. (Remember FBI day and the front page Bee Story quoting Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines accusing Tom Hudson of Felony Money Laundering?)

After that effort paid off in giving the “establishment” control of the Central Committee, Mr. Hudson, being the chameleon he is started aligning himself with some of the very people who believed he was stealing money from the Placer GOP via his Headquarters Partnership and other entities he creates to absorb taxes. (Hudson is a tax attorney by trade)

As part of an effort by the local partisan electeds to try to bring unity to the Committee in 2013, Tom McClintock’s Chief of Staff, Igor Birman wrote the current by-laws of the Placer GOP. Hudson lies when he claims that the by laws of 2017 have been the same for years, they have not. This is key. (BTW – Mr. Hudson has 100% command of the details at all times, when he says something inaccurate, it is deliberate. Remember, he is a lawyer and I have known him for 18 years)

Why is it key, it says 2/3 of the committee for an endorsement. It does not say 2/3 of those present. This means that in order to amend the by-laws, one will need 28 votes in order to do so. In order to endorse, one would need 28 votes.

This means that Mr. Hudson’s theatrics and attempts to confuse people with parliamentary tricks  on Wednesday, It is safe to say that the exposure of his duplicity is as much a factor in his efforts to strong-arm an endorsement of Mr. Cox’ initiative than anything else. The vote was 23-11, 5 votes short of the threshold. A subsequent motion made by Tom in an attempt to circumvent the by-laws failed 21-13 (it was a motion to “recognize” the endorsement).

All that said, if this is how Mr. Hudson supports a candidate or cause, I would pay him to oppose a candidate.

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